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Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. Millions of people watch it and gamble with real money. The bookies offer plenty of markets and some don’t get enough attention. I believe that the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) option is one of the most underrated among them.

This type of wager is pretty simple – you can either bet “yes” or “no” on if both teams will score a goal or not. For example, if you bet in favor of both teams to score in a matchup and it happens, you win the bet. However, if only one or both teams fail to score, you lose.

Building a both teams to score betting strategy is the complicated part. I provide my tips on how to do that in this post. Let’s check them out.

Start with the Data

You should begin preparing your both teams to score predictions by analyzing the data. This encompasses the statistics of the game that paint a broader picture of the teams’ and players’ performances.

Start with a long period of time to get a general understanding of how good the two sides are on both ends of the pitch. Here are some of the stats that can help.

  • Average goals scored per game
  • Average goals conceded per game
  • Average chances created per game
  • Average chances allowed per game

Look at a larger set of data first, ideally, at least a few months back from the same season. When you’re done with that, focus on the latest trend.

How did the teams perform in the past few games? Are they scoring/conceding more than they usually do? Answering these questions on top of analyzing the broad picture is an excellent starting point for both teams to score betting.

Compare Styles

Your both teams to score betting strategy should also account for how two different sides will fare against each other in a matchup. Every squad has strong and weak sides, so the games are often decided by them.

Some soccer clubs thrive on offense, and others on defense. Some teams are incredibly well-rounded and excel in every facet of the game. Others are simply not very good and are lucky to win a couple of games here and there. Try to learn the identities of the teams and their preferred setups.

When a side that’s very good at scoring on the counter faces an opponent that likes to defend deep, that might be a problem. It’s only one scenario that could affect BTTS betting, and there are many more that could come up when you compare the styles.

Look at Conversion Rates

For the uninitiated, conversion rates don’t really mean anything. However, the truth is that they provide a lot of insight into every team, especially when it comes to scoring goals. Conversion rates certainly influence my BTTS betting system in a big way.

So, what are conversion rates? They represent the percentage of shots that are goals scored by the players. Most teams convert around 10% of their shota on average, which means they usually score a goal once every 10 attempts.

Even an open game could finish with only one team scoring if both sides are bad at converting their chances. On the contrary, efficient teams might be able to cover the market with very few opportunities.

Consider the Context of the Game

You should always pay attention to the storylines surrounding any given soccer matchup. Is it a championship game in a knockout competition? Or, is it a league matchup that’s much less important? Try to determine the context of the game, which should help you understand how the teams will perform.

Games that have bigger consequences will certainly motivate teams to play their absolute best. If a team makes a crucial mistake and falls behind, they have to overcome the pressure and find a way to get back into the game.

You also have to consider both teams in terms of their confidence and ambitions. Do they have what it takes to win the game? Does this game have any importance in terms of potentially playing for a trophy? Is this a local derby that often goes wild?

Make sure to cover all the angles if you want to bet on the both teams to score market.

Explore the Schedule

Top soccer clubs typically play two games every week which can be exhausting for the players. Coaches are always cognizant of the fact that fatigue can set in, prompting them to rotate their squad.

When I explore the schedule, I always look at the upcoming matchups and the games that have passed immediately before the I’m targeting.

That helps me determine whether the coaches will rest certain players and field a weaker starting lineup. You will improve your both teams to score betting strategy by learning how to predict such situations.

Be Careful About Injuries and Suspensions

You also need to remain aware of injuries, suspensions, and teams that are experiencing roster deficiencies. If a team loses their star player, they’re likely going to struggle and not perform as well without them.

Missing a few players can change the entire complexity of the team as well. Coaches will have to modify their strategy and understand how to utilize healthy players in terms of their strengths. Teams will also lose cohesion because the replacements often don’t have a lot of match practice.

Single Out Certain Games

Try to find the games that you believe will be easy to make your betting picks. Here’s an example: two teams that are going head-to-head both specialize in defense and struggle on offense. Here, it makes more sense to bet “no” on BTTS markets.

Of course, you should never forget to check the odds. The bookmakers usually know what to expect, so don’t go after short prices unless you believe they provide good value.

I also advise that you pay attention to matchups with lopsided odds for one of the sides to win. If the team is an overwhelming favorite, there’s a good chance they’ll score multiple goals early and bring the spirit of the opposition down.

Top Sites for Both Teams to Score Betting

Are you ready to begin betting on soccer matches with real money? Both teams to score wagers are certainly a good option and the top soccer betting sites offer them for many popular competitions.

Use my both teams to score betting tips to improve your strategy. Make sure to claim any bonuses and promotions at your disposal to additionally enhance your chance to win.

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