6 Tips That Can Help You Win Live Soccer Betting

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Soccer is one of the best sports for live betting. You get access to thousands of games each year, the number of markets at your disposal is excellent for most of them, and many sportsbooks online have promotions that can bring you extra value.

And yet, making money is harder than it looks. I have six tips for live soccer betting that can help you win. They apply to pretty much every market at your disposal, so make sure to read them carefully.

Prepare Before the Match

A lot of people believe that in-game betting means that you can simply tune in at the start of the game and watch the action before placing your wagers.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.


You need to do your homework if you want to win consistently. It’s important to know the context of the match very well, so you can evaluate the probabilities properly.

You should approach the games you’re about to target similarly to your usual pre-match betting. Here are several factors that you simply must address if you want to find good opportunities for in-play soccer betting.

  • Overall Team Strength – Which side in the upcoming match is better as a whole and why?
  • Strong and Weak Sides – Every soccer team has strong and weak sides. Try to identify them so you have the most plausible scenarios for the upcoming match figured out.
  • Motivation – What are the stakes of the clash? Are both sides desperate to win, or can one of them afford a draw?
  • Schedule – Is it possible that one of the teams carries fatigue from the tough schedule prior to the match that could impact the last 20 or 30 minutes? Are there important games soon after this one that might force the managers to rotate a lot and try to preserve energy?
  • Traditions – Is this a local derby that has the potential to go wild if an early goal is scored?

The fundamentals above cover most of the factors you need to explore, but there might be more to the match you want to bet on live. The idea is to be prepared once the game starts and easily spot potential trends.

Combine the Eye Test with Live Stats

The best part of live betting on soccer matches is that you can watch the action and then decide. The eye test could be invaluable for people who have enough experience in the sport and can sense the spirit of the game.

At the same time, you have access to all of the traditional tools that provide an objective view of what’s going on. You can follow the live stats offered by the soccer betting sites for the following numbers.

  • Possession
  • Goalscorers
  • Cards
  • Corners
  • Shots/Shots on Target

It’s pivotal to combine raw data with your own impressions for the best results. Ignoring any of the two is usually a mistake, and you might easily miss an important factor for your soccer live bets.

Observing the whole picture is the way to go, so make sure you’re getting all the angles.

Consider the Low-Scoring Nature of the Sport

Soccer is an extremely low-scoring sport. Most games are decided by one or two goals, so that opens the door to plenty of surprises. You often see teams that dominate the clash for a large period and get nothing in return.

Every shift in the momentum could lead to huge changes.

For Example

A team that was way better for 75 minutes could easily be only two goals up after missing a bunch of chances.

The opposition is still very much alive when that happens, unlike sports like basketball or football, where the better side will usually have a substantial lead that’s almost impossible to overturn at this point of the game.

You should always consider the nature of soccer when targeting live matches because it can lead to exciting opportunities to make money.

Don’t Bet After Major Events

Another important tip for live soccer betting is to stay patient after major events. They can completely change the momentum, so it’s better to observe what’s going on for a while before risking money.

Here are the most obvious examples of moments that might have a large impact on the match.

  • Goals – You never know how the two sides would react to a goal. It’s possible that the conceding team improves dramatically, but it’s not uncommon to see exactly the opposite effect.
  • Half-Time Break – The head coaches have 15 minutes to impact the match at the interval, and they often succeed. The expression “a game of two halves” exists for a reason.
  • Red Cards – When a team is reduced to ten players, the flow of the game usually changes completely.
  • Injuries – When there’s a long pause for treating an injured player, it’s possible that the game is different after that.
  • Missed Penalties – Another example of an event that could completely change the match.

When any of the above occurs, you should just sit there and watch for a while. Try to figure out how each team is reacting and where the game is going. Once you feel confident in your assessment, go on and place your wagers.

Watch Out for Impactful Subs

Some players are known for their impact as super subs in soccer. Olivier Giroud played that role for Chelsea and Arsenal recently, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is another excellent example from the past.

The Norwegian has a bunch of goals coming from the bench and has changed so many games. Here’s one of the most obvious examples.

It’s important to know which teams have such options waiting on the sidelines and try to anticipate when they will show up. If you ignore them when betting on soccer matches live, you will suffer the consequences.

Follow the Players’ Body Language

Most of the tips for live soccer betting up to this point are somewhat objective and easy to measure, but the last one is related to the mental state of both sides.


A group of players that have given up can’t do much, and the opposite is also true. If a certain team believes in success, anything is possible.

That’s why you should always try to observe the body language of the players on the pitch. Are they nervous, do they look tired, or are they full of energy and fighting for every single ball?

Their behavior can make the difference when it comes to predicting the score, so make sure to address it before you bet money.

Final Words

I hope that my six soccer betting tips can improve your long-term results. My final piece of advice would be to take a look at our list of top soccer betting sites.

They offer a large number of matches for live gambling, and the odds are among the highest in the entire industry. On top of that, you can enjoy plenty of bonuses and promotions that can bring you extra cash.

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