2023 Ice Hockey World Championship Odds and Predictions

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One of the most prestigious international hockey tournaments is almost here! The best countries from all over the globe will try to make history in the IIHF World Championship 2023, which will take part in Finland and Latvia. It should be a cracking competition for all hockey fans and bettors.

To help that second group, I offer my IIHF World Championship 2023 predictions In this article. I analyze the top contenders and provide you with a preview of the preliminary group stage so you know what to expect early on.

Before we get there, let’s begin with the IIHF World Championship odds for this year.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 Betting Odds

  • Canada; +250
  • Finland; +250
  • Sweden; +450
  • United States; +700
  • Czech Republic; +750
  • Switzerland; +1200

The Canadian men’s national team has historically dominated the IIHF Championship, and IIHF 2023 betting odds again favor the team. Finland, the other co-favorite, is the reigning champion after winning the gold medal in 2022.

Sweden and the United States are also strong contenders in the tournament. The Swedish team won the gold medal as recently as 2018. The Americans are seeking their first championship in 63 years.

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IIHF 2023 Group A Preview and Predictions

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Austria
  • Hungary

Before you bet on the IIHF World Championship, make sure you look at the teams competing in both groups. It’s obvious that Finland and Sweden are the main favorites here. However, Group A also has a few other notable teams who could surprise everyone.

You should pay close attention to Germany and the Czech Republic. These two countries are always up there in big tournaments. The Czech Republic captured a bronze medal last year, and the team is trending in the right direction.

I expect Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Germany to advance. The other countries at the bottom simply can’t compete with the top four teams. Denmark is the best sleeper in this group, but they’re not in a great position to advance.

IIHF 2023 Group B Preview and Predictions

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Kazakhstan
  • Slovenia

Make sure you also consider targeting a few teams from Group B with your Ice Hockey World Championship predictions. Canada and the United States are the two juggernauts in this group. However, Switzerland is also a worthy contender.

The Swiss national team is a lot better than what the IIHF World Championship betting odds are showing. They recently finished runner-up in the Euro Hockey Tour 2023, narrowly losing to Sweden in the final standings.

Latvia is the most notable sleeper in this group. They’ll have the home-field advantage during the group stage (Group B teams will compete at the Arena Riga). Latvia is another team on the rise, but qualifying for the playoff round won’t be easy.

Canada, the United States, Switzerland, and Latvia are the four teams that will qualify out of Group B. I like Latvia because the location of the tournament ultimately matters. They should receive plenty of crowd support.

Top Favorites for IIHF World Championship 2023

Now I want to turn my attention to the main favorites. You should study the top teams before submitting your IIHF World Championship predictions for 2023. Your job is to find the contender that offers the best combination of quality and odds.

The best hockey betting sites often update the odds as the tournament approaches. This happens for different reasons. Teams can make roster adjustments, and players can suffer injuries. Make sure that you’re looking at every factor that can affect the outcome of the tournament.

With that in mind, here’s what the top teams have to offer.


Canada typically has a pretty stellar team entering the IIHF World Championship every year. In fact, two of the past three tournament MVP awards have gone to Canadians. They’re always competitive and have a strong chance of claiming the gold medal in 2023.

There’s no better team than Canada when it comes to winning the IIHF World Championship. The country has captured 27 gold medals, which is the most of any team. Canada is also known for bouncing back from bad performances in the tournament.

Overall, I think Canada is in a great position to win the championship. The national team has an amazing coaching staff, and the roster will feature a ton of talented players. Getting past the Canadians won’t be easy for anyone.


Finland is the defending IIHF world champion. The Finnish national team defeated Canada in the final last year to claim the gold medal. It was just the fourth time that Finland won the tournament in the country’s history.

It’s worth mentioning that Finland has won two world championships in the past four years. This team is getting dangerously good, and they don’t appear to be slowing down. Finland is now a threat to winning almost any international tournament.

This team’s home advantage and depth make the defending champs very dangerous. The country produces talented players every year, so you can always expect a strong performance from Finland, especially on home soil.

United States

Will 2023 be the year in which the United States finally returns to glory? Every year they tend to underperform in this tournament. The problem is that IIHF Championship takes place during the NHL postseason.

The best U.S. hockey players tend to favor the Stanley Cup over any other competition. The only available American players are usually the ones who don’t make the playoffs. Patrick Kane, however, won MVP for the tournament as recently as 2018.

Does the U.S. have enough depth to bring home a gold medal? I’m not so sure about that. The team overall is really good, but Canada and Sweden are loaded with talent.

This feels like another year in which the Americans fall short simply because the country’s top players prioritize the NHL.


Here’s another team you should consider targeting with one of your 2023 IIHF betting picks. Sweden has 11 gold medals in the tournament, having won as recently as 2018. However, the team has also underperformed in recent years despite having good players.

Sweden also has the benefit of playing close to home this year. Many supporters will be in the crowd and cheering on the Swedish team. Fans from Scandinavian countries will likely support their teams in huge numbers.

In terms of overall talent, Sweden is also a true contender. The team will feature great players at forward and on the defensive end. Sweden’s William Nylander also won the tournament MVP as recently as 2017.

IIHF World Championship 2023 Prediction and Betting Pick

Ultimately, I think Canada has the best shot at claiming victory. They won a silver medal last season, and the team this year will be just as good, if not better. They will be eager to return to the top of the hockey world, so that’s the smart choice.

I’m picking the Canadian squad to win the tournament in my IIHF World Championship 2023 prediction. The country captured a gold medal as recently as 2021 and has 52 total medals in the tournament’s history.

It’s time to add another title to the list, and the odds of +250 are more than enough for me.

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