2022 Rio Major Betting Odds and Predictions

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This is the first-ever CSGO Major in Brazil, ladies and gents! The hardworking folks over at IEM have a massive task on their hands. Everything needs to be perfect for this Major; Brazilian fans deserve it.

The stage is almost all set for the excitement that begins on October 31. CSGO Rio Major 2022 odds have been available for quite a while, and they take center stage in my preview.

I’m here to inform you about the top teams and the latest lines and share with you my 2022 Rio Major predictions and betting picks.

IEM Rio Major Betting Odds for 2022

Even though there’s still more than a week before the first Challengers Stage matches, there are already lots of Rio Major betting odds to choose from.

They cover various futures, like the tournament winner, for example. Let’s check them out.

Outright Winner Odds

The best CSGO betting sites have three clear favorites for the title, according to the latest Rio Major 2022 betting odds. FaZe Clan, NaVi, and Vitality are expected to fight for the top spot, and it’s hard to argue with that.And yet, at least three or four other squads have the potential to give them a fight. I share my thoughts on all contenders later on, but let’s explore the format first.CSGO IEM Rio Major 2022 Format and Key FactsThe 2022 IEM Rio Major is scheduled to begin on the last day of October. More precisely, October 31 is the start date for the first Challengers Stage matches, and the Grand Final is scheduled for November 13.Futher Info:

The tournament format is pretty simple to wrap your head around. It’s basically the same as previous CSGO Major iterations. It consists of three separate stages, with sixteen teams playing in the first, then additional eight teams waiting for the top half in the second stage.

  • Challengers Stage: The opening phase is in the Swiss system with sixteen participants. The best eight teams continue to the Legends Stage. All matches are in the best-of-one format, except for eliminations that are in the best-of-three.
  • Legends Stage: The top eight squads from The Challengers Stage are joined by the eight leading CSGO teams. They play again in the Swiss System until eight teams qualify for the next stage.
  • Champions Stage: This is where things go from awesome to absolutely dashing! The tournament switches from the Swiss system to a ruthless single-elimination bracket packed with bo3 matches until a champion is declared.

Here’s a list of the teams that start from the Challengers Stage.Challengers Stage Teams

  • BIG
  • Bad News Eagles
  • Mouz
  • 9Z Team
  • Team GamerLegion
  • Outsiders
  • 00 Nation
  • OG
  • Vitality
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Cloud9
  • Fnatic
  • IHC Esports
  • Imperial Esports
  • Grayhound Gaming

The following squads will join for the Legends Stage.Legend Stage Teams

  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Spirit
  • Team Liquid
  • ENCE
  • Sprout
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Heroic

The squads above will fight for $1,250,000 in the prize pool. That’s the first time we see this exact amount for a Major. Inflation has hit the pro CSGO scene too, it seems.You can watch IEM Rio Major live on the Twitch ESL CSGO channel. There will be lots of additional streams in different languages, so pick your poison wisely.Rio Major 2022 FavoritesYou know what the schedule and the format look like, so it’s time to focus on the biggest favorites for the Rio Major 2022 trophy.Here are the squads most capable of a strong run in the tournament.

  • FaZe Clan:The list of achievements in 2022 is impressive. Winning the Katowice Masters, PGL Major Antwerp, and the Masters Cologne clearly shows that FaZe Clan is one of the best teams in the world this year.
  • NaVi:The quality of this team is undisputed, even if the results in 2022 have been inconsistent. If NaVi and s1mple are close to their best, they can go all the way in Rio.
  • Vitality: The French squad just won the ESL Pro League Season 16, so the confidence will be high for the Rio Major 2022.
  • Cloud9: After recruiting new players, Cloud9 is aiming at the top. The victory at the Dallas Masters shows the squad is ready to fight for the biggest CSGO honors.
  • Heroic: I’m not sure that Heroic is ready to win this one, even if the latest Rio Major 2022 betting odds suggest the team is among the favorites. The squad is just too inconsistent against elite opposition.

The rest of the field is at least a step behind the top contenders, so I don’t expect wonders from them. Maybe FURIA can upset the odds if the Brazilian crowd lifts the team, but it’s unlikely.2022 Rio Major Prediction and Betting PickI usually don’t like backing the main favorites in CSGO Majors, but this is one of the exceptions. FaZe Clan has been the most consistent squad in the world in 2022, and I expect another good performance in Brazil.The odds are also decent, so this is my recommended betting pick for the Rio Major 2022.

FaZe Clan

The plan was to stop here, but I actually have another suggestion for you.Rio Major HLTV Team MVP Odds and Betting PickThere’s a bet that focuses on individual players’ performance rather than the performance of entire teams. For the biggest CSGO events, HLTV.org gives out MVP awards for the best player. Typically, this reward goes to either S1mple, dev1ce, or ZywOo.Note:

Since dev1ce is currently out of the equation (but not for long, it seems), the race boils down to the eternal rivalry between S1mple and ZywOo.

While the two of them are still the favorites coming into the Rio spectacle, the likes of Ax1Le and YEKINDAR are coming up in the world of CSGO and could easily steal the show… assuming their team wins the title, that is.Here are the top ten favorites for taking IEM RIO Major’s HLTV MVP award.Even if we’re directly comparing the stats of both these guys, it still remains a dead race. There’s no way we can figure out who’s going to be better in Rio… at least not until we see them in action in the Legends Stage.Unfortunately, it will be too late to invest in these Rio Major betting odds then, as they’ll only be available up until the first Challengers Stage matches.If you’re looking for high-risk, high-reward bets, backing broky makes a lot of sense, especially if my prediction for FaZe Clan to win comes true.


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PlayerMVP odds
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