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Online Craps Guide

The game of craps dates back centuries, and over the years it’s become a vital part of any serious casino. This popularity has endured into the age of the Internet, and virtual gaming establishments include it alongside fellow classics such as baccarat and roulette.

If you’ve never played online craps, this article is meant to point you in the right direction. We’ll examine the best online casinos for craps, the basic rules of the game, the various betting options, and even look at the differences between online and land-based play. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll be ready to visit your favorite casino and start rolling those virtual bones.

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Craps Rules

Like the land-based version of the game, the objective of craps is to correctly predict the result of two rolled dice. This is done by making a wager, and players have a wide range of options to choose from.

The most important person at the virtual craps table is the shooter, and he’ll often be the only person playing. There are, however, multi-player craps tables meant to simulate the community experience of the games land-based counterpart.

In order to place a wager, click on the section of the betting layout that corresponds to your desired wager. This is in stark contrast to the land-based version, where a number of casino employees are tasked with managing dice and taking bets.

While the shooter can make other wagers, they must always have chips on either the Pass or Don’t Pass line. Once all wagers have been placed, the shooter clicks on a button to roll the dice. The outcome of the roll is determined by the random number generator, and the animated dice come to a rest with the proper pips displayed.

Depending on their initial roll and wager, the shooter either wins, loses, or establishes a point. If the latter happens, then the shooter attempts to roll the point again before a seven comes up on the dice.

Craps Wagers

While the basic rules of craps are simple, the selection of betting options can often be confusing to new players. For your convenience, they’re listed below. I suggest committing them to memory before making a visit to the virtual craps table.

  • Pass/Come – The most common wager in craps, this bet is assuming that the shooter will be successful. This wager can be won if the shooter gets a 7 or 11 on the come out roll, or if they manage to roll the point before a seven comes up. The house edge on this wager is 1.41%. This wager can also be made after the come-out roll, but then it’s known as the Come Bet.
  • Don’t Pass/Don’t Come – The bettor is wagering that the player will fail. The wager wins on an initial roll of 2 or 3, or if the shooter establishes a point and then has the misfortune to first roll a 7. The house edge is 1.36%. This wager can also be made after the come out roll, at which point it’s known as a Don’t Come Bet.
  • Place Bet – Pays if a specific number is rolled before a 7. Pays 9:5 odds if the wager is on a 4 or 10, 7:5 odds for a 5 or 9, and 7:6 odds for a 6 or 8. The lowest house edge is 1.5% for the 6 or 8.
  • Buy Bet – The player wins if their number comes up before a seven. Pays 2:1 odds on a 4 or 10, 3:2 odds on the 5 or 9, and 6:5 odds on the 6 or 8. The bettor must also pay a 5% commission to the house. The house edge is 4.76%.
  • Field – On the next roll, the bettor wins if a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, or 12 is rolled. The house edge is 2.77%.
  • Free Odds on Pass/Come Bet – After the shooter has established the point, the player can increase their pass line wager and get paid true odds. This bet carries no house edge, making it the best gambling option in any casino. A 4 or 10 pays 2:1, a 5 or 9 pays 3:2, and the 6 or 8 pays 6:5.
  • Free Odds on the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Bet – Works just like the previous wager, except the bettor is counting on the shooter to fail.
  • Any Craps – Pays 8:1 if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled.
  • Big Red – Pays 4:1 if a 7 is rolled.
  • Ace-Deuce – Pays 15:1 if the next roll of the dice results in a 2 and 1 being rolled.
  • Yo – Pays 15:1 if an 11 is rolled.
  • Aces – Pays 30:1 if a pair of 2s is rolled.
  • Boxcars – Pays 30:1 if a 12 is rolled.
  • Hi-Lo – Pays 15:1 if a 2 or 12 is rolled.
  • Horn – Player wins if a 2, 3, 11, or 12 is rolled. House edge is 5.56%.
  • World – Player wins on a roll of 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. House edge is 13.33%.
  • C&E – Half the player’s wager is on craps (2, 3, or 12) and the other half on Yo (11). House edge is 11.11%.
  • Hardway – The player wins if the shooter rolls doubles to achieve a certain number. Payouts include the following: 10:1 for a 6 or 8, and 8:1 for a 4 or 10.

Casino Bonuses for Craps

While you can find craps at any online casino, you’ll have a hard time locating a site that involves the game in bonus payments or wagering requirements. That’s because a handful of craps wagers have the lowest house edge in the casino, which is exactly what the house wants to steer you away from. If you receive a sign-up bonus, you should expect to play slots in order to meet the playthrough requirements.

Differences with Land-based Craps

The basic elements of craps are the same, regardless of whether you play at a land-based or online casino. This applies to the rules, wagers, and odds.

The biggest difference is the atmosphere, since craps is meant to be a community game. You won’t have anyone cheering for you online, although some players enjoy the lack of noise.

Another major difference applies to rolling the dice. Real-life players often try to employ dice control, which is a technique where the dice are set in the shooter’s hand to achieve a certain result. They are then thrown with just enough force to gently touch the back wall without bouncing off and getting randomized. Some experts swear by this technique, although the virtual nature of online craps makes it impossible.