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Craps Dice

Craps is a casino game that’s popularly portrayed in many movies and television shows. You’ve probably seen the scenes with a crowded table, a shooter (the person rolling the dice) repeating their lucky routine again and again, and spectators erupting with each subsequent successful turn.

It’s a dice game where players bet on the outcome of the rolls, with some wagers counting for only a single turn and others lasting until the shooter rolls a seven, or “craps out.” Craps looks much more complicated and confusing than it really is, which stops lots of people from learning this thrilling game.

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Due to the intimidation caused by blindly approaching a craps table in a brick-and-mortar betting establishment, it’s an ideal game to learn by playing on the web. That way, you can become familiarized with the different wagers, how a round of betting goes, and the strategies that you prefer.

But before you dive in, you’ll want to find the perfect site on which to learn. Internet gaming can be a scary place for the inexperienced, with many scammers and poorly run websites costing novice gamblers greatly. This website exists to stop that from happening to you. In fact, the casinos provided above are where you will find the best real money craps online.

Why These Sites Are the Best

There are lots of ingredients that must be present in any real money online gambling sites that qualify as one of the “best.” Our experts dedicate countless hours to researching and reviewing online casinos, gathering as much data is necessary to determine whether they can be trusted and if they’ll provide our readers with the best gambling experience possible. While we won’t bore you with every single variable here today, the following sections give a brief overview of some of our highest-priority qualities.


Any time money is changing hands over the internet, there’s the need to be a bit more careful and guarded that you aren’t giving the wrong people your info or being scammed. This becomes an increasingly vital mindset as it pertains to online casino sites because an industry that generates tens of billions of dollars per year is going to attract lots of thieves.

Our team of experts spends countless hours reviewing and rating gaming operations to provide our readers with the best real money craps online, in addition to many other games and betting activities. If a casino has earned a spot in our recommendations, it’s been thoroughly vetted for legitimacy and safety, and you should have no fear.

Banking Methods

Everybody’s financial situation is different, with varying types of bank accounts, credit cards, e-wallets, and forms of currency. To complicate matters further, different regions have laws and regulations that occasionally make specific methods unavailable or inconvenient in specific areas. That’s why our team of experts considers providing a wide range of banking options a crucial variable in our overall ranking.

The best real money craps online can be found in casinos that cater to the grand majority of potential players by accommodating many forms of payment. That way, whether you want to utilize your credit card or are forced to fund your account using a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to get around local gaming laws, you’ll still have a place to play.

Customer Service

If you’ve ever waited on hold for an hour, grown frustrated trying to navigate a company’s phone menu, or had an issue outright ignored by a company, you can probably appreciate the significance of high-quality customer service. The best online real money craps websites usually have an entire section of their page dedicated to resolving customers’ problems and a team to respond to trouble quickly.

Our experts look for sites with an informative frequently asked questions area as well as easy-to-find contact methods. These businesses typically have an email address, phone number, and instant chat box for patrons to use for all of their questions or problems. Before signing up, contact the websites that you’re interested in and test their responsiveness so that you know you’ll be taken care of should anything come up in the future.

How to Play Real Money Craps

  • When the black “OFF” chip is resting on the “don’t come bar,” the game is not in play, and you may place your bets
  • Next, the shooter must place a wager on either the pass line or don’t pass. Most players at the table will bet the pass line, as you’re gambling on the shooter winning, which makes craps such a communal game
  • The stickman will push five dice towards the shooter, from which they’ll select two to roll
  • The dice should be lobbed into the air and must hit the opposite end of the table but stay in the boundary to count
  • The shooter’s first roll is called the “come out roll.” This is the first of two phases of the game
    • The first bet is always the pass line bet
    • This initial roll will determine whether the pass line or don’t pass bets (we’ll describe these in more detail in the section below) win. If the come out roll lands on a number other than the pass line or don’t pass values, that new number is the “point.” Now, the shooter keeps rolling until either the point or seven hits. The point wins the pass line bet; the seven craps out
  • If the shooter fails to make the point and craps out, the dice then go to the next shooter. This will be the person directly to the left of the previous shooter, so the thrower rotates clockwise
  • After the point on the pass line has been determined, players may also make come bets, which are similar to the pass line
  • The game continues alternating between the come out roll and the point round
  • Between dice rolls, the dealers make payouts to players with winning wagers on the table, collect losing chips, and take new bets up until the shooter has the dice in their hand
  • In addition to pass line, don’t pass, and come bets, there are numerous other choices and proposition bets you may make between rolls. These will be described in more detail in the following section

Bets and Odds for Real Money Craps Online

When you’re first getting started, craps can seem like a very confusing game. There are tons of numbers and words on the table which represent a litany of different wagers. Some of these bets will be on a single roll of the dice, while others will stay alive until the shooter rolls a seven and craps out.

In this section, we’ll break down the three different types of wagers, which are:

  • Line Bets
  • Multiple Roll Bets
  • Single Roll Bets

We’ll break down the different variations of each of those three wager types, as well as share the odds of each roll occurring and what they pay out.

Line Bets

When a new shooter steps up to roll, they must bet on either the pass line, don’t pass, or both. In some cases, all players at the table will be required to make one of these initial gambles, though that’s relatively uncommon.

Pass Line

Payout: 1:1

The pass line is the main wager made during a craps game. It’s a bet on the shooter to win. If their come out roll lands on 7 or 11, the pass line immediately wins. However, should the dice fall on 2, 3, or 12, the wager is lost.

If any number other than the ones listed above lands, that value now becomes the point. Now, the shooter continues rolling, hoping to hit the point number before throwing a seven, which results in crapping out.

Don’t Pass

Payout: 1:1

You may also bet against the shooter by laying your chips on the don’t pass bet. In this scenario, you’re hoping the come out roll lands on 2 or 3 to win. If a 7 or 11 is rolled on the come out, the don’t pass wager loses. Depending on the casino, the 12 will result in a push, though some locations push on 2 instead, with 12 producing a win.

If the come out roll lands on a different number, that figure is now the point. For the don’t come bet, you need a 7 to land before the point value is rolled again to win. If the point is rolled first, the bet loses.

Pass Odds

Payouts: Point # 4 or 10 – 2 to 1
Point # 5 or 9 – 3 to 2
Point # 6 or 8 – 6 to 5

After a point is established, the majority of casinos allow participants who bet the pass line to take odds by placing additional chips behind the pass line. The point number will determine the size of the odds bets allowed. Where the pass line bet pays even money, these additional chips will pay out at the rate listed above.

Don’t Pass Odds

Payouts: Point # 4 or 10 – 1 to 2
Point # 5 or 9 – 2 to 3
Point # 6 or 8 – 5 to 6

If you played the don’t pass wager instead of the pass line, you still make take out odds once the point is set. Similar to the pass odds, the size of this wager is determined by the table, which will have something like 5x odds written on the board. With the don’t pass odds, you’re betting additional money on the shooter landing on seven before the point.

Come Bet

Payouts: 1:1 if settled on the initial roll
Point # 4 or 10 – 2 to 1
Point # 5 or 9 – 3 to 2
Point # 6 or 8 – 6 to 5

Following the establishment of the point, and on any turn other than the come out roll, a player may establish their own come bet, which works similarly to the pass line wager, only to an individual bettor. When you place the come bet, the shooter’s next toss will determine the point for this wager. Like the pass line bet before, once the point value is set for the come bet, you make bet odds.

Even after the pass line bet is resolved, as long as it is won, the come bet stays on the table until either the point is hit or the shooter craps out. If the pass line point is hit, thus starting a new game, the come bet odds will not be in play for the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a seven on the come out, the bets on the come bet point are lost, but the come odds are returned.

Don’t Come Bet

Payouts: 1:1 if settled on the initial roll
Point # 4 or 10 – 1 to 2
Point # 5 or 9 – 2 to 3
Point # 6 or 8 – 5 to 6

The don’t come bet is the same as the don’t pass, only played after the come out roll is complete and a point is set. When the player bets the don’t come, and the shooter’s next roll is a 2 or 3, the wager wins. If they throw a 7 or 11, the don’t come is lost. However, if another number lands, that is the don’t come point, and your chips are moved to that number on the table. Now, you want a seven to land before that point to win the don’t come bet.

Multiple Roll Bets


Payouts: # 4 or 10 – 9 to 5
# 5 or 9 – 7 to 5
# 6 or 8 – 7 to 6

You may also place odds on any point number by directly placing your chips on or near the number on the table and telling the dealer that you want “ten on six” or “fifty on nine,” for example. The wager will stay alive until the shooter rolls a 7. Every time the dice land on the number, the bet pays out once again, and the staking amount may be removed or altered any time between rolls.


Payouts: # 4 or 10 – 2 to 1
# 5 or 9 – 3 to 2
# 6 or 8 – 6 to 5

A buy bet is similar to a place bet, in that you’re gambling on the number you choose landing before the shooter craps out. The difference is that they’re paid at true odds rather than the reduced odds attached to the place bet. In exchange, the casino takes a 5% commission out of either the stake itself or the winnings, depending on the establishment.


Payouts: # 4 or 10 – 1 to 2
# 5 or 9 – 2 to 3
# 6 or 8 – 5 to 6

A lay bet is just the opposite of the buy bet. In this case, you’re wagering on the seven landing before whichever number you choose to lay. This wager is also paid out at true odds, minus the commission which goes to the house.

Hard Way

Payouts: # 6 or 8 – 9 to 1
# 4 or 10 – 7 to 1

Hard way bets can only be made on four even numbers: 4, 6, 8, and 10. To win this wager, the quantity selected must land as a pair. For example, “4 the hard way” would be if two 2s landed. “10 the hard way” is when two fives are rolled. These bets stay in action until a seven or any roll totaling the number that was chosen lands the easy way. So, if you bet “4 the hard way,” and a 3-1 combo is tossed, the bet is lost just as it would be if the shooter crapped out.

Big 6

Payout: 1:1 even money

The big 6 bet is merely a wager predicting a 6 will land before the 7 is rolled. Unlike the place bets, which pay out at 7/6 for a 6 landing, the big 6 can be purchased at the table minimum.

Big 8

Payout: 1:1 even money

The big 8 bet is a wager predicting the 8 will land before a 7 is thrown. While the place bets pay out at 7/6 for an 8, the big 8 can be purchased at the table minimum.

Single-Roll Bets

Single-roll wagers, also known as service bets, are located at the center of the craps table. It’s a gamble that only lasts for a single roll but pays out much higher odds. These bets can often be purchased for less than the table minimum, usually at the price of $1.

Snake Eyes

Payout: 30 to 1

The shooter must roll a 2.


Payout: 15 to 1

The shooter must roll a 3.


Payout: 15 to 1

The shooter must roll an 11.


Payout: 30 to 1

The shooter must roll a 12.


Payout: 15 to 1

The shooter must roll either a 2 or 12.


Payout: 7 to 1

The shooter must roll either a 2, 3, or 12.

C & E

Payout: #’s 2, 3, or 12 – 3 to 1

# 11 – 7 to 1

This is a combination of the “three-way” wager and the “yo” bet, so you need the shooter to roll a 2, 3, 11, or 12.

Any Seven

Payout: 4 to 1

A gamble that the next roll will be a 7. Often considered bad luck to bet.


Payout: #’s 3 or 11 – 3.75 to 1

#’s 2 or 12 – 7.5 to 1

A horn bet is essentially four separate wagers in one, with a betting unit placed on each of the four numbers. If a 2 or 12 is thrown, the win pays 30 to 1, minus the other three wagers. If the shooter tosses a 3 or an 11, the player is paid out 15 to 1 odds, minus the three losing numbers.


Payout: #’s 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 – 1 to 1

#’s 2 or 12 – 2 to 1

Betting the field lets you place one wager on all of these numbers for a single roll: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Depending on which lands, the Payout is different. This is a single-roll wager, so if anything other than the numbers in the field is rolled, the bet is lost.

Legality of Real Money Craps Online

If you’re interested in playing the best real money craps online but concerned about whether this activity is legal in your region, we’ve got you covered. Gambling laws change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so knowing what’s allowed can often be confusing. To learn if craps and other casino table games are permitted in your location, follow the link to our page dedicated to gambling laws.

Other Real Money Casino Games

Craps may look intimidating to the uninitiated at first, but once you’ve played a few rounds, it’s a relatively straightforward and exciting game. The classic dice game is broken up into two phases, come out rolls and point rolls, and once you get the hang of the rhythm of the betting, it can be quite fun and profitable. Just one hot shooter can put quite a bit of money in the pockets of everyone at the table!

If you’re interested in other casino games as well, we’ve written similar articles on all of the classics from blackjack to roulette and even slot machines. We’ll help you familiarize yourself with the rules and odds of the different activities, plus teach you some of the winningest strategies. To learn more, check out the link to our real money casinos page below.