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Drake is a legendary hip-hop artist and he’s fast becoming a renowned roulette player thanks to his nail-biting streaming sessions. Viewers have figured out the Drake roulette strategy, and I’m going to unpack it for you here.

I’m telling you in advance that this is not a strategy so much as a belief in lucky numbers and the willingness to bet huge amounts of money. Nonetheless, the Drake roulette method deserves a closer look, and that’s what it’s going to get here.

What is the Drake Roulette Strategy?

Drake often streams his gaming sessions live and posts them on social media. Over time, people have begun to figure out something they call the Drake roulette system.

Honestly speaking, I hesitate to even call this a strategy at all. It’s more of a method Drake uses, and the main reason it works for him is that he has a massive bankroll and can absorb losses until he wins big.

Essentially, Drake’s roulette strategy involves making large bets on his favorite numbers. From watching his streams, it seems these are 11, 23, and 28. He also frequently makes roulette bets on 10, 17, and 22. As straight bets, these pay 35:1, which is the reason for famously massive wins.

Step-by-Step Drake Roulette Method

From observing how Drake plays roulette, I can recommend the following for those of you who want to follow him.

First, pick your lucky roulette numbers. As I said previously, for Drake, his favorite appears to be 11, but 23 and 28 are also frequent picks.

Second, decide how many you want to bet on. Remember, in roulette, you can make more than one bet. Don’t make the mistake of thinking making more bets increases your chances of winning consistently in the long run (this is an illusion), but some players do prefer to cover multiple numbers.

When you’re ready, bet big. You probably won’t be able to bet as big as Drake, but the idea is to make your wins as large as possible. I have to emphasize here that you should gamble responsibly. Drake is a famous rapper with millions rolling in – betting on his level is unwise for most of us.

Summing it up, your aim is to decide on one or more lucky numbers, drag your chips onto those numbers during the betting window, make slightly larger bets than usual, and hope Lady Luck shows up. The Drake roulette strategy really is that simple!

Does the Drake Roulette Strategy Work?

Honestly, it does not. In fact, I’ll do you one better – no roulette strategy works long-term. Roulette odds are baked in – European roulette wheels will make a 2.7% profit, and American games will earn the casino 5.25%, come what may.

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The Drake strategy for roulette can lead to big wins, and if you experience a few, you should quit while you’re ahead. Personally, I don’t like this method unless you’re a high roller. It encourages risky behavior and relies on superstitious beliefs like lucky numbers.

If you don’t consider yourself a high-stakes player, you could always try the Drake roulette method with smaller stakes. There’s no rule that says you have to play like he does, but there’s no doubt that the big bets are how he gets the sort of infamous wins he does.

Truthfully, there are much better strategies for playing live dealer roulette online, which brings me nicely to my next point.

Better Roulette Strategies

Here at LegitGamblingSites.com, we always tell you the truth about gambling strategies. As you can see, the Drake roulette method is fun, but it won’t guarantee you a profit, and it does involve taking big risks.

If big risk-reward propositions appeal to you, this one will do fine. However, you should consider some other better roulette strategies before you make your mind up.

  • The Martingale – This is one of the best-known and most popular roulette strategies. Theoretically, it guarantees a profit eventually if your bankroll can absorb the losses until it pays off. It’s simple, too: you double down on losses until you win. Read about the Martingale Strategy for roulette.
  • The Paroli – This is the opposite of the Martingale and is often called the Reverse Martingale. Rather than doubling down on losses, you double up on wins for three bets in a row before resetting the system. Read more about the Paroli system.
  • The D’Alembert – This one is named after a famous mathematician by the same name. It’s for those with a smaller risk tolerance and involves increasing and decreasing bets by one unit in specific situations. Learn more about the D’Alembert and other popular roulette strategies.

Straight up, I’d prefer to use any of these roulette systems over the Drake roulette strategy. Then again, I’m not a high roller, and I don’t believe in lucky numbers, so maybe The Drake will be better suited to you.

One thing that would improve your chances would be to pick a good casino for roulette. DuckyLuck is my favorite option because it offers excellent live roulette and digital variants, including European Roulette, as well as rewarding bonuses and rewards.

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