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Club 8 Casino operates as a social casino and doesn’t allow you the chance to play for real money. In other words, you can play for fun without having to worry about putting any of your own cash on the line. I’m going to tell you if this site is worth your time or if it’s one you should give a pass in my Club 8 Casino review.

Most of the sites that we review here are known as real money gambling websites. In other words, you put real money on the line by funding a gambling account. And, if you win the games, you can win real money in return and withdraw it for whatever purposes you might have.

But Club 8 Casino doesn’t give you those options. Instead, it’s a social casino with no real money options. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful for the following reasons:

  • You might be new to the world of online casinos and want to try it out without any of the risk involved.
  • You might already play at real money gambling sites and want to try out games you haven’t played before to see if they might be worth playing for actual cash.
  • You might want to try out some new strategies for the games you do play for real money, either at online casinos or brick-and-mortar casinos, and can thus do so at a site like Club 8 Casino without no fear of losing.
  • You might just want to have a way to kill some time playing fun casino games for free.

Club 8 Casino works if you fall into any of these categories. But it’s important to realize that the site has positives and negatives as would any real money sites. There are other social casinos you can use, so it’s job to tell you how Club 8 Casino stands up to the competition.

Let’s take a deeper dive then into this Club 8 Casino review. I’m going to take you through all the important categories that are important to online casinos. Then I’ll tell you if Club 8 Casino is worth your time and energy.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid Game Variety
  • Fewer Play Interruptions
  • No Losses


  • No Endless Play
  • Social Media Lacking
  • No Winnings


  • Solid Game Variety: The game selection at the site is quite impressive. That’s especially true when it comes to the slots and video poker choices on the site. You definitely won’t suffer from boredom caused by lack of variety at Club 8 Casino.
  • Fewer Play Interruptions: It’s pretty easy to get the credits needed to play as long as you stick with it. If you stay active on the site and use some of the promotions they periodically offer, you should be able to play every day without having to buy more credits too often. But that’s an option as well, and the prices are reasonable for what you get in return.
  • No Losses: There’s no risk involved. You never have to worry about gambling responsibly or taking a big loss from a rough session. It’s all for free and all for fun, which is one of the main lures of any social casino.


  • No Endless Play: Unlike some sites and apps, you don’t have a limitless ability to play at Club 8 Casino. As I said above, it’s not too hard to get a hold of credits as long as you stick with it. But if you don’t want to worry about any of that, there are other outlets where you can play online casino games night and day without having to replenish your imaginary bankroll.
  • Social Media Lacking: The Facebook account associated with Club 8 Casino is updated on a fairly regular basis. But it’s been quite some time since they’ve done anything on their Twitter feed. For those who like their social media info from that particular outlet, you’ll be missing out on what’s new at Club 8 Casino.
  • No Winnings: You cannot win money at this site. Obviously, that’s a drawback that associated with any type of social casino. But even when you know that, it can still be a bit of a bummer when you win a big virtual jackpot and then realize that you’re not going to be getting a hold of those winnings because they’re all hypothetical.

Club 8 Casino User Interface

Club 8 Casino appoints everything on the website very well. Instead of separating their casino section from the sections for the more technical aspects of the site, they pretty much throw everything in their top menu. You can find links at the top of the main page for VIP, slots, table games, promotions and leaderboards.

Note Box Icon

If you’re new to social casinos, the leaderboards are a big component when you’re playing for free. Since you’re not going to win money for your efforts, you can at least garner the status of being one of the top players. I found that Club 8 Casino did a nice job of keeping these leaderboards updated from day to day.

As you move to the bottom of the page, Club 8 Casino gives you what I like to call the “medicine” of the site, aspects like terms and conditions and responsible gambling. These parts of the site might not be exciting, but they do show you that this is a legitimate website. And that should give you peace of mind when playing there.

Club 8 Casino Mobile Casino

The mobile setup for Club 8 Casino also makes playing the games pretty easy and self-explanatory. In this case, the screen is set up so that you’ll see a dropdown menu on the upper right side of the screen with all the necessary links. Included among these are a “Buy credits” option, which will give you more options than just the introductory package, where the credits can run out pretty quick.

In terms of Club 8 Casino mobile action, you can play in one of two ways. They do feature apps on the Android and iOS stores if you want to download. Or you can use the instant play feature and just bring the site up on your phone via your internet browser.

That all depends on your preferences. Some like the easy access of the app. Personally, I have way too many apps on my phone already, so I like the idea that I can just fire it up through my browser and not take up any more space on my phone.

Club 8 Casino Variety of Games

In terms of Club 8 Casino game selection, you have to realize that there will be some limitations that are par for the course with all social casinos. You won’t get any live dealer action, since hiring employees to do that for them (not to mention the technology necessary) would blow out the site’s budget quickly. Remember that they’re not getting any money from player bets.

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In addition, Club 8 Casino doesn’t feature any poker as in the kind you see on TV, such as tournaments or cash games. There are a few poker titles included, but those are games you play against the house. Again, it’s not that unusual for a social casino to do without that option.

Instead, Club 8 Casino focuses on automated slots and table game action. These games utilize random number generator software to create the outcomes. Having played Club 8 Casino extensively, I found results to be fair and in line with what you could expect, in terms of hypothetical returns, from real money online casinos.


I found nearly 400 titles available in the main slots section of Club 8 Casino. That doesn’t take into account the VIP section, where the variety stretches out even wider. If you’re the type that likes to sample a little bit of everything, this is a great spot for you to be.

One thing I liked is that they have a lot of slingo titles available. For those who don’t know what that is, you might be able to tell by the name that it’s a slot game that includes elements of bingo. It’s more popular in Europe, so it’s nice to know that American players can take a crack at it here.

Beyond that, you should have no problem finding different themes to try. Graphics are sharp, and the game play is reliable. Here are some of the top slots titles at Club 8 Casino:

  • Just Jewels Deluxe
  • Prized Panda
  • Bang Bang
  • Wish Upon A Star
  • From Dusk Till Dawn 10
  • Strike It Gold
  • Rome: The Golden Age
  • Kim’s Journey
  • Starry Night
  • Book of Slingo

Table Games

Club 8, Poker, Blackjack

Club 8 Casino doesn’t go too deep with their table games menu, but that’s not a big issue with me. They only include one baccarat game, which is somewhat understandable at a social casino. That’s a game where player input is minimal, so at a casino where fun is the intent, there’s no sense in going overboard with it.

The blackjack selection is basic, with just a couple choices. As I mentioned before, there are a couple options for against-the-house poker. Perhaps the best part of the table games menu is the roulette menu is the inclusion of French Roulette, which isn’t easy to find at real money casinos, largely because the RTP is so beneficial compared to other roulette formats.

Take a look at some of the table game offerings from Club 8 Casino:

  • Grand Hold’em
  • Lux Blackjack
  • Lux Roulette
  • Blackjack Xchange
  • Baccarat
  • Casino Hold’em
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Pro Blackjack
  • Roulette Advanced

Video Poker

I love video poker, so I tend to notice the choices in this category right off the bat when judging an online casino. Video poker players get used to seeing the same variations of video poker at real money websites. What I like about Club 8 Casino is that it gives you some video poker titles that are a bit off the beaten path.

Admittedly, the RTP isn’t as high for these unique titles as you can find for the best pay tables of tried-and-true games like Loose Deuces or Jacks or Better. But since you’re not playing for real money anyway, that’s not as much of a concern. It’s just cool to try and strategize for games with unique bonus rounds or pay tables.

These are the top video poker titles you can find at Club 8 Casino:

  • Jester Poker
  • Regal Poker
  • Power Grid Poker
  • Bing-O Poker Deuces Wild
  • Jacks or Better
  • Jacks or Better Double Up
  • Buy The Hand Double Double Bonus
  • Double Double Regal Poker
  • Deuces Wild

Club 8 Casino Bonuses

Daily Login Bonus, Club 8

When you’re dealing with social casinos, the bonuses are a little bit different that they are with real money sites. You’re never getting money to bet from the sites. Instead, you’re receiving credits that will allow you to play for a longer stretch before having to replenish them.

But the structure is somewhat similar. You’re either getting something just for signing up and playing (similar to a welcome bonus), or you’re getting a little bit extra for what you’re paying into the site (in this case, to buy credits.)

Here are some of the promotions available from Club 8 Casino:

  • 5,000 credits just for signing up
  • 10% from purchases yields rewards points
  • Twice the bonus credits on first purchase
  • Up to 250,000 credits for good performance on leaderboard
  • Daily login bonus can be used up to 4,400 credits

In addition to that, you can earn more credits with higher purchase prices. It’s kind of like getting involved in a membership for something, where you get a better deal if you buy for the year instead of buying month-by-month. The same principle applies at Club 8 Casino, with the best possible deal being 7 million credits in your account for a purchase price of $999.99.

I understand if that seems like a lot of scratch for a site where you’re not going to be winning anything. But the bottom line is that, if you do use this site on a daily basis, you will find yourself hitting credit limits. A purchase like gives you a lot of leeway.

Club 8 Casino Banking

A social casino like Club 8 Casino won’t generally have nearly as many banking options as a typical online casino, simply because there won’t be any withdrawals. For that reason, you’re limited to just the following when it comes to deposits at Club 8 Casino:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GAN

When you use these options to purchase credits, those credits will appear in your account instantaneously. Any time you’re dealing with credit cards, you have to watch out for interest fees, especially if you don’t pay off the amount you’ve deposited at the end of the month.

Club 8 Casino Safety and Security

Again, it’s a little bit of a different ball game when you’re talking about safety on a social casino. You don’t have to worry about any money in a gambling account being protected. And the amount of personal information you have to surrender at Club 8 Casino is minimal as well.

In other words, by its very nature, Club 8 Casino is going to be safe for players. Beyond that, it’s a properly implemented website, meaning that you won’t have any concerns about viruses or anything like that when you log on to play. I’ve also seen no reports about deposits made for credits being improperly handled, so if you choose to go that route, you should be fine.

Club 8 Casino Customer Service

In terms of being able to contact Club 8 Casino, you only have one option, which is email. The response time is solid, but not what you would expect if phone or chat possibilities were available. Luckily, without money on the line, your communications won’t be as urgent.

Once I did get in touch, the email responses I received from Club 8 Casino were thorough and helpful. If you don’t want to deal with that, you can always use the FAQ section of the site. It can help with the most basic questions about how the site works.


Social casinos aren’t as prevalent as they once were, especially considering that laws regarding real money online casinos have loosened. That’s why it’s nice to have a site like Club 8 Casino that’s been doing it for a while. They started business in 2014 and have been going strong since then.

Game variety is the selling point for Club 8 Casino. The purchase price for credits can be a bit cumbersome, but the promos on the site (and also look for them on their Facebook page) can ease that burden a bit. I enjoyed playing at his site, and I think you will too.

Club 8 Casino FAQ

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