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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

5 Advanced Strategies Only for Winning Poker Players

You can find hundreds of articles aimed at beginning poker players. But you don’t find many written for players who have already figured out how to win. This is because there are many things losing players can learn to improve their results, but once you learn how to win there are only so many things […]

2019 British Open 3-Balls Gambling Odds and 72-Hole Head-to-Head Leans

Let’s face it – the British Open can be kind of a drag sometimes. The tournament tees off awfully early for viewers in the United States – especially for those on the West Coast like myself. The 36 or 54-hole leader is often someone casual state-side golf fans have never even heard of. Worse, the […]

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A Gambler’s Preview of L.A. Galaxy vs Los Angeles Football Club on Friday Night

We’re used to seeing success and failure come quickly for franchises in the NBA, NHL, and NFL. The St. Louis Rams won their only Super Bowl just a season after going 5-11. The Vegas Golden Knights nearly won the Stanley Cup as an expansion team and returned to the playoffs in 2019. In the promotion-and-relegation […]

Sports Betting in America: Ranking the Best Wee-Hours Gambling Action

Political and pop culture debates can be won and lost. It just takes a little time. For instance, liberals have persuaded many conservatives (in America, at least) that LGBTQ citizens should have the same rights as straight citizens. But it’s not as if anyone changed their minds in the heat of the moment. Gay marriage […]

AFCON 2019 Final: Senegal vs Algeria Moneyline and Fixture Analysis

Could the Africa Cup of Nations organizers be the smartest people in international soccer? We’re coming off a weekend – or a weekend 2 weeks ago – in which the entire Western Hemisphere was drenched in world football overload. The Women’s World Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup and CONBEMOL Copa América tournaments all ended on the […]

Use the Casino Profit Model to Trade Cryptocurrencies & Stocks Better

Trading stocks and cryptocurrencies is often compared to gambling. Stocks and crypto are both risky, meaning you take a gamble any time you buy them. The attractive thing about investing, though, is that you can actually gain an edge over fellow traders. You just need the right skills and mindset. Dealing in cryptocurrencies and stocks […]

5 Infamous Lottery Scams and Scandals

State lotteries around the country, as well as the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), go to great extents to ensure that their lotteries are fair and on the up-and-up. But no matter how much you plan, there’s always an unknown quantity that can throw everything into disarray. I remember as a kid growing up in Massachusetts, […]

7 Magic Poker Strategies for Beginners

It’s difficult to remember much about when I started playing poker because it’s been so many years ago. But I remember struggling for many years because I simply wasn’t very good. Eventually I improved through trial and error, and once I started reading about and studying the game, I was able to improve faster. While […]

2019-20 ACC Betting Preview: Does Clemson Deserve its Short Vegas Line to Repeat?

What exactly makes an NCAA football team “upset-proof?” Ask Dabo Swinney, the mastermind of the defending FBS champion Clemson Tigers. His squad’s run for the grail was almost derailed early in 2018-19 as Texas A&M threatened in the 4th quarter at College Station. Tense 4th quarters against the mid-card of the Power-5 just won’t do […]

2019 Open Championship: Futures Odds and Gambling Preview

After hitting a home run with my prediction that Tiger Woods would win The Masters, and warning bettors not to overlook Brooks Koepka before the 29-year-old phenom won the 2019 PGA Championship, I felt pretty confident in my futures wager on Rory McIlroy to win the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. But there was a […]

FIBA World Cup Basketball: Group A Through Group D Roster Analysis and Futures Odds

The 2019 FIBA World Cup is too massive an event for LegitGamblingSites.com’s sports blog to publish 1 gigantic catch-all preview and call it a day. NBA junkies will quickly catch onto the fact that Group A does not include Team USA and its roster of National Basketball Association studs – nor does Group B, Group […]

4 Times Las Vegas Was Stunned By International Soccer in 2018-19

I have wondered out loud (out-print?) on the blog why my hometown of San Diego does not have a Major League Soccer team. Ready for an outlandish theory? It’s a conspiracy on behalf of FIFA to keep the World Cup’s TV ratings somewhere between 60% and 200% across the metropolis for 3 weeks every 4 […]