2023 March Madness Free Squares Templates

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The best part about March Madness is watching the matches with friends, family, and co-workers. It’s a wild experience that can get even better if you enjoy a squares game on the side.

We can help by sharing our free printable March Madness squares templates. We’ve added seven different versions of the game, so you can pick a variant that’s suitable for your group. There’s even a squares template for two people!

You can find previews and printable versions of all squares below. There’s also a section with tips on the game.

Classic March Madness Squares 2023 Templates

It only feels appropriate to begin with the classic templates for 2023 March Madness squares. The first one has no numbers if that’s your preferred choice. You can use a draw to add random numbers to each square; I know that many people prefer to add that random element to the action.

You can see how the template looks below. If you like it, just use the download link to get the printable 2023 March Madness squares without numbers.

March Madness, Printable, Without Numbers

Some people prefer squares with numbers. That allows you to pick the ones you want. There’s some strategy involved, and superstition plays a role too. If that’s your choice, you can use the following March Madness squares sheet.

March Madness, Classic With Numbers

I have one final classic squares template, and this one is for the entire 2023 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament! The grid covers all rounds of the competition. It takes more time to complete, but you will be invested in all matches.

March Madness, Round PoolDownload This Template Here


More March Madness 2023 Squares

I’m sure that you are familiar with the March Madness squares template so far. Most people use them for their face-offs against friends and colleagues.

And yet, the classic squares sheets have certain disadvantages. That’s why I’ve added alternatives that you might like. Let’s check them out!

10-Line 2023 March Madness Squares

The 10-line March Madness squares template is a simple variation that many people will like. The grid looks a bit different than the classic one.

March Madness, 10 Line Squares

The trick here is that you only have one number instead of two. Add the combined points scored by both sides after each quarter to figure out the winning number.

For example, if the score is 18-14 after the first quarter, that’s a total of 32 points. It means two is the winning number.

You can use this variation for different groups. It works perfectly for ten people who pick one number each. If the number of contestants is lower, simply grab more than one number each.

25-Line March Madness 2023 Squares Sheet

Next in line is the 25-line squares template for March Madness. This version is suitable for only a few players. If you can’t gather a large group, you should certainly consider it.

The difference to the classic NCAA March Madness 2023 squares is that each player picks two numbers instead of one.

March Madness, 25 Tables

Everything else is the same, so you will easily enjoy it without additional instructions. And if you don’t know how to play March Madness squares, don’t worry. I provide clear instructions right after I’m done with the sheets.

50-Line March Madness Squares 2023

I admit I haven’t tried this one, but it follows the core March Madness squares rules. This time around, you pick two numbers for one of the teams and only one for the other. Here’s what it looks like.

March Madness, 50 Squares

It’s a mix between other variations, and it can work well if you have an unusual number of contestants.

March Madness Squares Template With Quarter Lines

I know that a lot of people love March Madness squares with quarters. This one is more dynamic and adds something extra to the whole experience. It’s probably my favorite option. Let’s take a look.

March Madness, Quarter Lines

The numbers of each player change after every single quarter in this one. The rest of the concept remains the same.

How to Play March Madness Squares?

Let’s take a look at the March Madness squares rules for the beginners among you. The first step of the game would be to distribute all squares. You pick or buy one depending on whether there are real money stakes involved.

Each square features a number between 0 and 9. There are two options here depending on whether the template includes numbers or not. You either choose which numbers you want, or the draw decides the fate of all contestants.

The squares are for a selected March Madness game. Once the clash starts, you check the score after each quarter. You need to have the matching number to the score of either team to win. Only the last digit of the score counts.

For example, if one side has scored 21 points after the first quarter, you need to have 1 for that team to win. That’s how a classic March Madness squares pool works. I’ve added instructions to all other versions above, so you can quickly understand the differences.

In case you add real stakes to the game, there are different ways to distribute the prize pool.

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The most common one is to award 20% of the money after each of the first three quarters, and the other 40% are left for the final score.

Squares are perfect for a game in the office or against friends and relatives. If you want more instructions on how to get that done, check our guide to March Madness pools. It features ideas for other similar games too.

2023 March Madness Squares Online

There are plenty of options if you want to play March Madness squares online. The classic game is offered by many apps and sites. I recommend checking our top March Madness sportsbooks online and this year’s list of the best contests for March Madness 2023.

Some of them are free to enter and have real prizes, so you can make some money without any investment. They are also great for March Madness betting because of the competitive odds and the juicy promotions at your disposal.