Are Online Scratch Cards Rigged?

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It’s a question that many people ask themselves – are online scratch cards rigged? The short answer is no, they’re not rigged. However, many people understandably have their doubts, and I want to provide some clarification on the matter.

Scratch cards are a game of luck – your odds of winning big are unquestionably low. Even if you come across an article online that offers you tricks and tips on scratch cards, you can’t really beat the house in the long.

That makes a lot of people skeptical, especially towards online casinos and the scratchers they offer. That’s perfectly fine and that’s how one should be when it comes to risking real money.

I address your concern in this post that goes through the main factors that determine whether online scratch cards are rigged or fair.

Random Number Generators for Scratchers

Every studio that provides games for online casinos utilizes Random Number Generators (RNGs) when creating and selling scratch cards. This particular mechanism ensures that scratchers are fair for everyone.

RNGs are pretty self-explanatory – they consist of a computational process that produces random sets of numbers. They should never indicate any discernable or predictable patterns, which would undermine their purpose.

Casinos make use of RNGs for several reasons, but ultimately, they help legitimize the process. The idea is that neither the casino nor the players can take advantage of fixed patterns because the outcomes of the games are truly based on chance.

Online Casino Licensing

We determined that the technology behind online scratch cards is fair, but are we sure the casinos are using it? That’s a legit question that I want to explore next.

Online casino licensing is what legally validates all gambling services offered by the operators. Furthermore, gambling commissions have the authority to approve or revoke an online casino’s license.

Operators must follow the laws and regulations that govern online gambling. This also applies to online scratchers, which are only available on platforms that offer legal gambling services.

Gambling commissions also frequently make assessments to detect any potential violations. The goal is to enforce the law and levy penalties against operators who’re possibly deceiving their clients.

If a gambling authority determines that an operator is rigging online scratch cards, they can shut down the entire operation. Ultimately, online casinos are held accountable for their actions. Selling fraudulent scratchers can result in an operator losing its license which is obviously a big deal.

You should also have trust in the regulators. They ensure that you have access to fair and reputable online gambling services. If you’re still wondering if scratchers online are fixed, just know that the regulators pay close attention to everything and they have access to the source code.

Developers of Online Scratch Cards

Are online scratch cards rigged? The answer to this question also deals with the developers who provide the infrastructure for it. You can even play online scratchers on most mobile phones.

Think about it – these developers are running legitimate businesses and serving millions of clients. Their reputation is what allows them to continue operating, which is why they prioritize fairness.

New operators are entering the market every year, and developers are keen to capitalize on the opportunities. They also understand that simply having a digital option will only attract more people to play scratchers and similar games.

Also, with upgraded technology emerging every year, developers don’t have any reason to rig the system. Instead, they can improve their product and make it accessible to more people online.

While online gambling has seen operators and developers that try to cheat for immediate gains, most of them go for the long term and rely on a fair product to make money.

Keeping online scratch cards random is a great business even if you don’t cheat, as you can see in the next section.

House Edge

All legitimate online casinos (and the traditional brick-and-mortar venues) make their money through built-in mathematical advantages. Also known as “house edge,” casino games are structured in ways where you lose a percentage of every wager in the long term.

House edge ensures that the casinos are pocketing more money than they lose. It’s another reason why operators don’t have to rig online scratch cards – they have a profitable business plan in place. On top of that, the house edge in scratchers is often among the highest in the industry.

Essentially, the game is already “rigged” in the casino’s favor by default. Certain players will win, some of them might even win big. However, the house will make sure that the gambling operator is ahead after a large number of wagers.

If you build a sustainable business and people keep coming to play your online scratch cards, you will make a ton of money in the long run. Arguably, much more than making a quick buck through cheating.

People Often Win Prizes

Skeptics of online scratch cards tend to believe that no one ever wins any money. However, this is far from the truth – even with cheap online scratchers you potentially can win five-figure prizes.

Online scratchers are exactly what you’d expect them to be. You have varying odds of winning a prize, and the goal is to continue wagering until you get lucky and secure a big return.

How’s this any different from other games offered by the casinos? You’re testing your luck and playing the odds. You can’t argue that online scratchers are rigged when the concept is similar to many popular casino games.

Of course, the odds of winning the jackpot are low. However, online casinos will clearly state the rules of the game, which includes the odds of winning the top prize. This way, you know exactly what to expect when purchasing an online scratch card.


I hope that you now have an answer to the big question – are online scratchers rigged? Most internet casinos are running fair games because cheating is hard and not very rewarding compared to what you can make from a legit business.

Of course, there might be exceptions and not all online casinos are fair. That’s why I recommend checking our list of top scratch card casinos online. Our team made sure to only include legitimate gambling sites that offer high-quality games and juicy promotions that increase your chances to make some money from scratchers.

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