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Can you win at American roulette? Not in the long run, but you can increase your odds of winning by following a few simple rules. I can help you optimize your American roulette betting strategy, which will make a difference in both your returns and experience.

In this post, I share my best advice on US roulette gambling based on how the game works, other variations, and more.

Avoid American Roulette

Although you found this article trying to learn how to gain an edge playing American roulette, the best advice I can give is to avoid it altogether. The truth is that many other versions of roulette offer you better odds of winning.

Here’s a comparison of the house edge for the most popular versions of roulette:

  • American Roulette: 5.26%
  • French Roulette: 1.35-2.7%
  • European Roulette: 2.7%

The reason why American roulette has such an unfavorable house edge are the two zeros. Other common variations have only one and there’s even a version without a zero available on the internet.

You should be looking to target these games instead of American roulette because your returns will be much better. Check out the best roulette variations online for more helpful information on the topic.

If you insist on working on a system for American roulette or you are forced to play that game, the following tips can help you improve your experience.

Obtain Bonuses and Other Perks

One of the biggest benefits of American roulette is that you can claim bonuses and take advantage of the promotions. The casinos are always encouraging the players to hit the tables because of the high house edge.

You can find excellent online bonuses and other perks. With certain online casinos, you can rack up rewards when you continue playing American roulette. This allows you to earn extra cash that reduces the house edge significantly.

It’s usually not enough to completely eliminate it, but your long-term results will be much better if you always play with an active promotion.

Manage Your Bankroll Well

Rookie gamblers often overlook the importance of managing their bankrolls – it ensures that you can prevent yourself from making reckless actions while gambling with real money. You have to understand that losing streaks can happen at any time.

The best thing you can do is recognize when luck isn’t on your side and accept your losses. This way, you’ll avoid losing a catastrophic amount of money. Overconfidence can certainly sabotage any attempts you make at winning big when playing American roulette.

I recommend that you set a budget if you want to improve your strategy for American roulette. In order to enjoy your experience and make the most of your gambling session, you’ll need to take bankroll management into consideration.

Be Reasonable with Martingale

Veteran roulette players know all about their betting strategies. The Martingale system can be effective and bring you success sporadically, but I advise that you don’t rely on it too seriously.

What is the Martingale betting system? Here’s how it works: you double down on losing bets to nullify the loss entirely. Executing the Martingale system is fairly simple and it doesn’t require a lot of forethought.

The basic underlying principle here is that you keep doubling down until you recover all of your money. However, the system is only perfect if you have an endless bankroll and no limits. No situation such as this actually exists, and you’ll need to be careful with your bets.

The stakes could grow really fast and you might be forced to place everything you have to recover. Or you might hit the limit of the casino which means you won’t be able to execute the last steps of the system.

Adjust Your Expectations

When it comes to many popular casino games, you have to set realistic expectations. You’re likely going to lose money – especially when you play American roulette. You shouldn’t get upset over a game where the house edge is simply insurmountable.

Most people who play American roulette know that they’re going to lose money. They also understand that they’re at a disadvantage and are mostly playing for fun. Having these expectations will make it easier to deal with losing.

Practice American Roulette for Free

You can always play free versions of American roulette that are available online. You’ll learn a lot about how the game works by simply familiarizing yourself with the roulette wheel, table structure, and more.

The simplest and easiest way to improve your American roulette betting system is to play the free version as often as possible. As the old saying goes – practice makes perfect.

Play American Roulette Online

If you find my American roulette tips and tricks to be helpful, I recommend that you play the online version. The game is super exciting when you properly manage your bankroll and set realistic expectations on how much money you’ll win.

I advise that you explore the top online casinos for roulette before you begin gambling with real money. Playing American roulette online offers many perks, which include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Loyalty programs
  • Wagers with low stakes
  • Faster pace when playing

Online American roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s hard to win with the odds stacked against you, but it’s still an entertaining experience.

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