Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker Comparison

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Let It Ride and 3-Card Poker are both popular games that you can play online and at land-based casinos. However, is one better than the other? How do you determine which one will better suit you? These are questions that I want to help answer in this article.

In my comparison, I analyze the rules and house edge of both games. I also cover other subtle factors while going over the pros and cons of Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker.

Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker Rules

When it comes to 3-Card Poker vs. Let It Ride, I first want to delve into the rules. Learning how to play both games will prove to be helpful in determining which one suits you best.

Here’s what you need to know about the two games.

Let It Ride Rules

Players are dealt three cards at the beginning of the game, all of which are face down. However, two additional cards are dealt, which are also face down (these are to be used as community cards). Each player also has to place three equal bets before they receive their cards.

Next, players will look at their cards before choosing to ask for their first bet back or “let it ride” (keep it in play). The dealer will then reveal one of the community cards, which players will use as the fourth card in their hand.

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Everyone now has to determine how the community card affects their hand before they choose to “let it ride” again or take back their second bet. The player must then put their hand underneath the remaining bets and not touch their cards again.

The dealer will then reveal the second card that’s upside down, and the players will expose their cards. All players with winning hands will receive payouts according to what they have. Anyone who fails to attain a pair of 10s or better will forfeit their bets.

Players are not competing against the dealer. The goal of the game is to obtain the best possible hand. The stronger it is, the higher the payouts.

3-Card Poker Rules

Players will first need to place an ante wager before receiving three cards face down (three cards are also placed face down in front of the dealer ). Another option is to place a “pair plus” side wager if any players feel confident that they’ll have at least a pair or better.

The player then looks at their hand and will decide whether or not to place another wager. However, the player could also fold their hand and forfeit their ante and/or pair plus wager.

The cards of the remaining contestants are then overturned to determine if any player has a better hand than the dealer.

If the dealer has a superior hand, they collect all wagers made during the game. Conversely, if the player has a superior hand, all ante and play wagers are paid at a ratio of 1:1.

3-Card Poker vs. Let It Ride House Edge

The house edge of every casino game also has significance, especially when it comes to Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker. This is the advantage that casinos have over the players, ensuring that they can operate at a profit.

The house in 3-Card Poker sits around roughly 2% if you optimize your strategy and avoid the most common 3-Card Poker mistakes. This percentage encompasses a full round of wagering that includes both ante and play bets.

The house edge increases to 2.32% when someone decides to make a pair plus wager. Player actions cannot affect this type of bet, which is why this particular figure will remain constant.


The house edge in Let It Ride can vary greatly depending on your strategy. The standard percentage is between 2-3% when you factor in the different paytables. However, this number will rise significantly if you don’t attempt to optimize your chances of winning.

Online versions of Let It Ride also feature progressive jackpots that you can win at any moment. The problem is that placing a side bet for the big prize usually comes with a large house edge.

Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker Game Flow

Let It Ride and 3-Card Poker are entirely different games in terms of the speed at which you play them. The strategies also vary significantly, and you’ll have to make adjustments accordingly.

Many people argue that 3-Card poker is a pretty boring game when compared to Let It Ride. I tend to agree with this sentiment because 3-Card Poker has a simplistic formula.

  • Place your ante bet
  • Look at your cards
  • Decide to fold or place a second bet
  • The dealer reveals their hand

If you have a really great hand in 3-Card Poker, you can earn a higher payout. However, the game boils down to “my three cards vs. the dealer’s three cards,” and the format can quickly become repetitive.


With Let It Ride, the style of play is a lot more dynamic and requires a great deal of strategy. You actually have to do a little more thinking to determine if your hand is worth pursuing. This involves a lot of risk assessment, which can make the game a lot more interesting.

Advantages of Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker

I want to take some time to discuss some of the advantages of Let It Ride that 3-Card doesn’t offer. There are a few major ones that you simply can’t ignore.

  • The Game is More Complex – If you prefer games with decisions, you should definitely pick Let It Ride. The game is more complex, which many people find more entertaining too.
  • Limiting Your Risk – The other nice thing about Let It Ride is that you can dial back your ante bets as more cards are revealed. You can limit your risk and be a lot more selective about the hands you want to play. Many professional players will hedge their bets necessary.
  • Progressive Jackpots – If you prefer casino games that come with the opportunity to win big at any given moment, Let It Ride’s progressive jackpot versions will be perfect for you.

Advantages of 3-Card Poker vs. Let It Ride

3-Card Poker also has its own advantages that appeal to a lot of players. Here’s what they include.

  • Lower House Edge – The main benefit of 3-Card poker is that the game offers you a low house edge.
  • Anyone Can Play It – The rules of 3-Card Poker are also easy to learn and understand. It only takes a matter of minutes before you’ll know all the basic principles of the game. Ultimately, 3-Card Poker is a lot easier to pick up and begin playing with real money.
  • Faster Pace – If you prefer shorter sessions, 3-Card Poker is better because you will play more hands.


The truth is that Let It Ride vs. 3-Card Poker is a tricky debate because they both have their pros and cons. If you still don’t know which one is better for you, there’s only one way to settle this question.

I suggest that you check out the top online casinos where you can try both games. Play a bit and see what appeals to you more.

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