World Rowing Championships 2022 Betting Preview

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In this article, I take you through a World Rowing Championships preview and give you some tips and predictions on what to bet on.

As rowing fans will already know, this is the biggest event on the annual rowing calendar in non-Olympic years. That means there are plenty of opportunities to bet on the World Rowing Championships for real money.

I cover the World Rowing Championships format next before giving you some betting tips and historical data to think about.

World Rowing Championship Format and Disciplines

The 2022 World Rowing Championships will take place in Račice, Czech Republic. The rowing course was built in 1986 on a former sand quarry site.

As with the previous World Rowing Championships, the 2022 edition takes place at the end of the international rowing season. This year that will be between September 18-25.

Important:There are 14 Olympic boat classes – seven for men and seven for women. There are also six international boat classes for lightweight rowers, nine for Para-rowers, and five for Paralympic rowers.

World Rowing Championships 2022 Betting Tips

Here are five World Rowing Championships betting tips to help you decide what bets to place.

None of them are surefire, but they can help you make more informed decisions before you visit the top betting sites to place your wagers.

Pay Attention to the Contestant’s Recent Form

All seasoned sports bettors know that no matter the sport, form is important. Whether it’s a football team or a rowing athlete, recent trends matter.

The results can impact an athlete’s psychology massively, and going into a race with the momentum of several victories in a row can and does make a difference.

Look at recent races, find out which contestants are on winning streaks, and let that form part of your analysis when betting on the World Rowing Championships.

Look at Historical Stats and Records

While looking at recent form is useful, so is considering the historical stats. Are there athletes that tend to dominate every year?

Do certain countries tend to win in specific categories? Does the presence of one athlete or another affect the outcome?

You should ask these questions when conducting your World Rowing Championships betting research. While past results do not guarantee future performance, they can help you spot patterns, trends, and tendencies. I give you some historical stats to chew on later in the article.

Follow the Weather Reports

The weather on the day of the races can have a huge impact on the outcome.

Tip:Things like hydration and temperatures have a huge impact on how athletes perform. You can add to that wind, rain, and anything else that could influence the races.

Make sure to factor them in when assessing the World Rowing Championships betting odds.

Bet for Value – Don’t Just Guess

The most experienced sports bettors know to look for value in the betting markets, just like Warren Buffet does with stocks. You’re looking for odds that give you a slight edge over the bookmaker.

For example, if a betting site is giving a team +150 odds of winning when the odds should be +122, then the team’s implied probability of winning is greater than the bookmaker has priced it at. Looking for this value and betting on it is one betting strategy that works.

Make Long Shot Bets with Small Stakes

One of the best things about betting on sports is that it’s full of surprises. Small teams and underdog athletes that everybody has written off do win, and they become legendary in the process.

One sports betting strategy that sometimes works is to place small wagers on unlikely outcomes and wait for one to come good. The idea is that you’ll consistently lose small stakes that will hopefully be canceled out and then some by a huge win or two.

World Rowing Championships Stats and Records

Did you know: The record for the most gold medals won at the World Rowing Championships is held by Daniele Gilardoni. Between 1999 and 2011, he won 11 gold medals.

Here are some medal records and stats for the World Rowing Championships from its inception in 1969 through to 2019. In 2020 and 2021, the event was canceled due to the global public health crisis.

Please note that I have removed the records for East and West Germany and the Soviet Union. Since you can’t bet on countries that no longer exist, I didn’t think it would be of much use to include them. These records do not include para-rowing as related historical data is sparsely available.

As you can see, the USA is always a good bet in any race. However, Italy has the most gold medals at 85, with Germany trailing behind at 82, and Great Britain and the USA following with 66 and 65 gold medals, respectively.Futher Info:

Other countries with excellent traditions in rowing include Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Denmark, and France. Any of these teams are in with a chance of winning any given race.

Check out the full historical medal records here if you want even more details on the World Rowing Championships’ history.Betting on the 2022 World Rowing Championships OnlineThe best online betting sites often offer odds on events like the World Rowing Championships. I expect to see odds on it as the competition starts or shortly before that.

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Most Gold MedalsItaly85
Most Silver MedalsUSA73
Most Bronze MedalsUSA88
Most Medals (All)USA226
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