Tired of Downloading Software? Try a No Download Casino Instead

Downloading casino software is such a chore.

First, you got to make sure your computer’s compatible with the casino’s software. This usually rules out Mac and Linux users from being able to play.

Then you got to wait until all the files download to your computer. This can take a long time between the volume and size of the files, or if you have a spotty internet connection.

And then you need to install the software.

But you’re still not done yet.

Once you have casino installed, you need to open it and create your account. Then make a deposit.

You got to do all of this before you get to play.

Okay, I’ll be honest – the inconvenience of downloading software is truly a first-world problem. It’s easy; you click a few buttons; then you wait.

But there is a faster alternative. An alternative that doesn’t use up any of your computer’s precious resources.

Want to know what it is? No download casinos.

Most casinos have them (in addition to their downloads). Both US and non-US players have access to them. And they let you bypass the download altogether.

There are many reasons why you should consider going down the ‘no download’ route. We’ll go over these in just a second.

But if you already know about no download casinos – you don’t need us to convince you of how great they are – and just want to find the best casino to join, then scope out our recommended no download casinos in the list below.

For everyone else the following guide will be a primer to no download casinos.

What’s a No Download Casino?

Simple –

A no download casino is an online version of the downloadable software. But instead of installing and playing it from your computer, you play from your browser instead.

Chances are you’ve heard of or at least seen this option before. But it might’ve been under a different name. No download casinos are also called: browser, instant play, Java, Flash and HTML5 casinos.

Each name represents a different technology or programming language used to create or run the games. But they all do the same thing.

They let you play casino games from your browser window. No download required.

Why Do Casinos Offer a No Download Option?

We’re not sure.

What we do know is that it allows online casinos to serve more players. Because most casinos’ software is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

But according to our research a bit more than 12% of computer users use Mac or Linux. A no download options gives them a chance to gamble online, too.

And, it’s more convenient than the alternatives.

Back before there were no download casinos, Mac and Linux players used to have to find other ways of playing online casino games.

One option is to install and use an emulator. This enabled them to run Windows-based software on their Mac operating system. It’s still an option you can use today. Some players do.

Another option is to setup a dual boot system. This allows you to choose which operating system – Windows, Mac or Linux – you want to use at startup.

Now, it’s not that these options don’t work. They do. But neither one are as convenient as a no download casino unless you need/want them for programs other than online casinos.

Otherwise a no download casino is the better choice.

How to Get Started

Getting started is simple. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Choose a casino. You can pick one from our list above. Another option is to read our reviews.

But don’t worry about finding a casino with a no download casino. Most do. So focus on finding a trustworthy casino with the games, banking options and promotions you’re interested in instead.

  1. Get signed up. Each casino’s different. But most will have a ‘join now’ or ‘signup now’ button somewhere near the top of their website. Click that and fill out their form.
  2. Confirm your account and log-in. Most casinos send out a confirmation email to make sure you are you. Click the link in the email they sent. Then log-in to your account. The log-in button or field is usually in the same area as the ‘join now’ button.
  3. Make a deposit. You’ll have access to all the same banking options and limits.
  4. Play. Browse the casino and find a game you want to play. Then open it.

That’s all there is to it. No download casinos are similar to downloadable casinos other than you’re doing everything from your browser.

Which brings me to my last point – everything you need or want to access, be it banking options, promotions, games, support, history, etc. – will be available from this area, the casino’s backend.

And that’s all there is to it.

No Download Pros and Cons

We’re fans of no download casinos. But we understand our readers might want a non-biased perspective of no download casinos so they can decide if it’s right for them.

So, with that in mind, here are the major pros/cons to instant play casinos.


Pro: You’re more vulnerable to catching computer viruses when you download software. No download casinos reduce the chances of you catching a virus.

Pro: No download casinos are excellent for older computers that would otherwise struggle if it had to run resource-intensive casino software.

Pro: HTML5 is often used for modern no download casinos. This programming language is mobile-compatible. You can also create games with it, which may eliminate the need for additional scripts or programs. This reduces the chances of viruses, bugs/glitches, compatibility issues, and more.

Pro: Software and games are automatically updated instead of having to update downloadable software (and wait for it to be done before you can play).

Pro: You have faster access to games through a no download casinos than you do waiting for casino software to download or launch.

Pro: You can have accounts to 50 online casinos (though we don’t recommend you have that many) and won’t have to worry about bogging your computer down with 50 casinos’ worth of files.

Pro: Log into any download casino from any computer that is compatible and has internet access.

Pro: No download games (at least those on Flash) do not leave any footprints like downloads and installations do. So long as you clear your history once your session’s over, no one will know you gambled online.

Pro: Since software isn’t using up your computer’s resources and you’re playing from your browser, the casino’s games and software may run smoother and without lag or delays.

Pro: No download casinos are a great way to check out a casino before committing and downloading their software. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to worry about uninstalling anything. Simply withdraw your money and ask to close your account.

Pro: Newer technology, like HTML5, is mobile compatible. Not only is it mobile compatible, but because it’s not a native app like so many casinos use, it’s compatible with more devices. This means even the black sheep, like Windows and BlackBerry users, will be able to play.


Con: Some no download casinos – especially older ones on Real Time Gaming software – have fewer games (around 30%) than their downloads. The good news is the missing games are usually lesser known variants and slots (which they have more than enough of as is).

Con: You might have to think about privacy a bit more. If you decide to play from multiple computers, but don’t want other people to know what you’re doing, you need to remember to delete your history, cookies, files, etc., each time you log off.

Con: If you decide to play on a public computer, you need to be careful of using your debit/credit card in public or not to save your login details. The last thing you want is someone to come in behind you, log into your account and steal your information/money.

Con: Though newer casinos’ no download games will look and play as good as their download, older casinos might not. You might need to get the download to have the best experience.

Con: Many (of the older) casinos use Java and Flash for their games. These may not be compatible with many devices, especially older generation mobile phones and tablets.

Con: You may need to download/install Adobe Flash or Java before running the casino’s games. And unless you know whether you have them or not, or know how to find out, you’ll have to wait until you log in and launch a game.

Con: We’ve seen reports that Adobe Flash is going to be replaced. There’s no telling how that will affect online casinos who use it, or who has it installed on their computers.

Con: It’s possible both your browser and computer have Flash installed, which can cause them fight with each other and crash. This might be a pain to deal with, let alone troubleshoot if you’re not tech savvy.

Con: Oracle is ending support of its Java plugins. This means the way these games are going to work at online casinos will likely change in the next year or two.

8 Facts About No Download Casinos

Here are 8 facts about no download casinos. These answer the most common questions we receive about no download casinos.

  1. If you’re reading this right now, your computer is more than likely strong enough to handle a no download casino.
  2. No download casinos ARE NOT just for Macs, Linux or mobile users. Any device compatible with Java, Flash, HTML5, etc. will be able to play on a no download casino.
  3. You will get all the same bonuses, promotions and VIP offers players who download the software get.
  4. There are instant play casinos who accept US players. A couple that come to mind include Bovada, Ignition and 5Dimes.
  5. Instant play casinos are just as safe and secure as downloadable software. They use the same encryption software the downloads (and your banks) use.

Note: Though you do want to be careful if you’re playing on free wi-fi connections. Fraudsters like to hack unsecure connections and steal people’s credit card and personal information.

  1. If you already have an account, you can use the same log-in details to access the no download casino.
  2. You can play no download games for free. In some cases – like with Bovada and Ignition Casino – you don’t even have to create an account first. Just choose ‘practice mode’ and start playing.
  3. You can play all the same types of games the download offers. This includes slots, keno, blackjack, table games, video poker and live dealer games.


No download casinos are a great alternative to downloadable casinos. And in the future, they might be your only option.

We’re okay with that. No download casinos are convenient, secure and, in newer or updated casinos, the games look and play just as good as they do in the casino’s download.

And, they’re the same as downloadable casinos in nearly every way. You get the same banking options, games and perks that download customers do.

For that reason, we recommend you check out a no download casino today. You’re sure to like them as much as we do.

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