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If you’re a dedicated iPhone user (and what iPhone user isn’t loyal to the Apple brand?), and you’re looking for a mobile casino site, you probably have come across the term “iPhone casino” in your searches.

Don’t let that designation fool you, though. There aren’t any dedicated casinos that are solely for iPhone users. An iPhone casino is one that provides either an iOS app or mobile formatting for iPhones and iPads.

If you come across a website that’s being promoted as an iPhone casino site, it should offer Apple users a quality mobile platform with easy navigation, crisp and clear graphics, and the majority of gaming options appearing on iPhones and iPads.

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The iPhone and Android Comparison

With 99% of mobile users owning either an iOS or an Android phone, you’ve probably been involved in a discussion at some point of which one is superior. And the outcome is the same. For the most part, Android users are brand loyal, but Apple customers are even more so across the board.

Even though there are many more Android platform smartphones in consumers’ hands, Apple users tend to pay more for each device. The newest iPhones can be upwards of $700+, and many people upgrade their iPhone every time a new one hits the market. Does it make you wonder what we did with all of that money before electronics took over our lives?

As loyal users of each will tell you, there are benefits to their favorite platform that make one better than the other. But, as this is about iPhone casino sites, let’s take a look at iPhone features and how they relate to online betting.

Heightened Security

By the very nature of Android being an open source platform, it can be subject to more security vulnerabilities.

Important:Apple, on the other hand, retains its source code and keeps its cards closer to its vest, making it much more difficult to hack or release viruses.

What’s the number one thing you look for in an iPhone casino? We would hope that it’s safety and security. After all, you’re risking your hard-earned money and should at the very least expect to have a fair gaming experience and secure financial transactions.

If a casino is providing you with an app in the Apple store, you can be sure that it’s been subject to scrutiny and monitoring. Even if you’re not using an app and are just pulling up a site through the mobile browser, Apple does a better job of maintaining tighter security.

iPhone casino or iPad casino? It doesn’t matter!

With so many different Android devices, you would have to figure that not all things would be equal. You’ve got different manufacturers trying to provide a similar user interface, but it’s not going to be exact.

One website could look quite different on a Galaxy S5 than on a Kindle.

iOS apps, on the other hand, will maintain their appearance regardless of you using an iPhone or iPad. Apple strives for consistency, and since the iOS platform is only available on Apple devices, you can be sure that the company is very successful at achieving its goals.

Frames Per Second

You may come across the FPS acronym in your quest for an iPhone casino. It stands for “frames per second,” and it’s another reason why you may have a much better experience with an iOS device as opposed to an Android.

The faster the FPS, the better the interaction, as there is less lag time.

That’s something that’s important to online betting, as you want to keep up with the cards on the table and you don’t want to risk being cut off during a game.

Now, there is a back-up for that. Most of the time, the website will start you right back at the point where you were disconnected, even if you were in the middle of a game. It holds your bet and keeps the same hand or spin in place for you.

But with faster FPS comes a better overall experience and you’ll be less likely to have a disconnect or loading delay happen.

Apple devices are known for being on the highest end of FPS with 60 frames per second. Androids come in at a slower rate of 44 on average.

Is an iOS App Necessary?

Just as there are dedicated Android and Apple users, there are also those who are loyal to their apps. They wouldn’t even consider using a mobile browser, especially if an app is available.

Note:One thing you’ll want to note is that Apple only allows gambling apps in their store if the region is legally authorized to offer them. So, in an area like the United Kingdom, you’ll find that many of the top online casinos have started to develop their own apps, as Apple is more likely to approve them.

In areas where legal online gambling is not explicitly spelled out, you won’t come across real money casino apps in the Apple Store, but you may find some “Play for Fun” versions.

An app is not a necessity, though. These days, most online casinos will convert over to an excellent mobile platform. Additionally, the top software providers also are designing with mobile play in mind, so more and more games are continually being added to the “play on the go” list.

Just a few years ago, it was a huge benefit to have even 50% of the casino in the mobile format. But these days, you’ll come across some iPhone casinos that provide 100% of their gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Other Advantages to iPhone Casinos

We’ve established that Apple provides heightened security, a consistent appearance on both its phones and tablets, and a better FPS rate, but there are a few more benefits to using an iOS device for your online betting.

In many cases, developers tend to design iOS apps before they venture into the Google Play area, so you may have access to apps that Android users don’t have as yet.

The Google Play store was late to the party for gambling apps and just started approving them in 2017, which also put casinos behind in their plans to release those dedicated apps for their players.

The evolution of mobile gambling and apps has allowed players on the go the access to everything that full-site bettors use

They can register a new account, initiate banking transfers, opt-in to bonuses and promotions, use the live chat for customer service, and get in on live dealer table gaming anywhere that there’s a WiFi connection.

It can be a fun way to pass the time while traveling, spending time in a waiting room, or standing in a queue.

The Best Mobile Gambling Experience

You could have the latest iPhone and use one of the best iPhone casinos, but you still need a strong WiFi connection. A weak connection can make or break your entire experience.

Also, even though you can register and transfer money into and out of the casino, you may want to consider using your regular PC or laptop to get the ball rolling at first. It doesn’t matter what device you use to create your player account; your login will work regardless of your device. Once you get everything set up and funded, it’s a slam dunk to participate in the gaming. You’ll just log in and pick something to play.

Getting Started with an iPhone Casino

If a website does offer an iOS app, you’ll typically see a logo on the homepage, or there will be a dedicated menu item for “mobile gaming.” If there isn’t a link to the App Store, you can just search for the casino on your iPhone or iPad and download the app from there.

You may also find a QR code on the site that you can scan with your mobile device to save a bit of time.

Note:If there isn’t an app available, no worries, as you can just pull the site up in your mobile browser instead. You should still find a near identical version of the full website design and layout.

There’s nothing special that you have to do to use an iPhone casino. It’s just a different format of the PC or Mac version and offers you the convenience of making some bets no matter where you are.

iPhone Casino FAQs

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