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It’s a debate that has been around for a while: Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final – which one is bigger? The truth is that both of them are among the most popular annual sporting events that attract hundreds of millions of viewers every year.

The Super Bowl and the Champions League Final deal with two different sports that are popular in different regions. However, each event has a significant impact on the world, with fans cheering on their favorite teams to take home all the glory.

The Super Bowl serves as the final game of the NFL (National Football League) season in the U.S. The Champions League is a soccer tournament featuring the best UEFA teams (Union of European Football Associations).

I want to analyze and compare these two sporting events in greater detail. This includes Champions League Final vs. Super Bowl ratings as well as prize pools, respective betting markets, and the overall global impact.

Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final Viewership

The Champions League Final is certainly bigger in terms of viewership. In 2021, Champions League Final drew in 700 million global viewers compared to the 2022 Super Bowl’s 112.3 million total views.

The Super Bowl’s viewership has been steadily increasing over the past 30 years. The most-watched Super Bowl took place in 2015 when the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 28-24 (114.4 million views). ‘

When it comes to the Champions League, more and more people are tuning in every year, and the 2021 final certainly proved it. The game drew in more than 700 million viewers, which is a huge increase since 2015 when the Champions League Final generated 380 million viewers.

Keep in mind that these two events are both entertainment products. They generate plenty of media hype by appealing to younger and older audiences around the world.

Champions League Final vs. Super Bowl Prize Pools

The prize pools are also unique when you compare the Super Bowl vs. the Champions League Final. It’s the total amount of money distributed to winners of major sporting events, including football and soccer leagues.

In 2022, the Champions League prize pool is pretty spectacular for both teams that make it to the final. Even the teams that advance past the group stage will take home a good chunk of money. Here’s the prize pool for the finalists:

  • Champions League Winners: $22.69 million
  • Champions League Runner-Up: $17.59 million

In the NFL, the teams competing in the Super Bowl will also take home a cash bonus. Prizes are awarded on an individual basis, and not every player qualifies for the full bonus. Here’s a breakdown of the Super Bowl prize pool:

  • Super Bowl Winners: $150,000 per player
  • Super Bowl Losers: $75,000 per player

Cash bonuses for Super Bowl winners and losers recently increased in 2020. That number will only continue to go up as the NFL expands its influence and capitalizes on new markets around the world.

Every NFL team has an active roster of 53 players, and the average overall prize pool is usually around $12,000,000. NFL players also qualify for playoff bonuses they win in the games leading up to the Super Bowl.

When it comes to prize pools, comparing the Super Bowl vs Champions League Final shows that a lot of money is on the line. Earning extra financial rewards will certainly incentivize the players, which can also include valuable sponsorships.

Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final Team Value

Team values increase over time, especially when they’re competing in the Super Bowl or the Champions League Final. In the NFL, the average team is worth $3.5 billion. However, the Champions League team with the highest value is Manchester City at roughly $1.4 billion.

In the Champions League, there’s a greater disparity among team values, whereas every NFL team is worth over $2 billion. The Dallas Cowboys weighed in at $6.5 billion and they lead all NFL teams in total value.

NFL teams are simply worth a lot more money and they also increase in value every year by an average of 14%. Along with the Dallas Cowboys, the other most valuable teams include the New England Patriots ($5 billion), New York Giants ($4.85 billion), and Los Angeles Rams ($4.8 billion).

Player salaries also vary significantly in both the NFL and the Champions League. In the NFL, the average salary is roughly $2.7 million – and the Champions League players are also earning similar average salaries.

However, among the NFL’s highest-paid players is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The team guaranteed him $150 million dollars over three years. His annual salary is roughly $50 million per season.

Lionel Messi, who’s the highest-paid player in the Champions League, has an annual salary of $41 million. Many consider the 34-year-old Argentinian soccer player to be the GOAT – he’s accumulated numerous awards and individual honors during his illustrious career.

It goes without saying that NFL and Champions League players have the potential to earn a lot of guaranteed money. Also, in terms of average player salaries, both leagues are very similar to each other.

Champions League Final vs Super Bowl Tickets

Obtaining tickets to both the Super Bowl and the Champions League Final will cost you quite a bit of money. The prices will vary, of course – you’ll end up paying more depending on the venue and teams participating in the event.

The average price of a Super Bowl ticket is usually anywhere between $3,500 and $7,000, but single tickets can cost as much as $29,000. The prices also tend to decrease as it gets closer to game day. Here were the average ticket prices for Super Bowl LVI:

  • Face Value: $6,000
  • Resale Value: $9,600

The one exception seems to be the 2015 Super Bowl – ticket prices skyrocketed in value leading up to the event. It’s a major outlier when you consider some of the previous trends.

Ticket prices for the Champions League Final tend to experience similar fluctuations. However, they’re not nearly as costly as Super Bowl tickets. Here are the anticipated prices for the upcoming 2022 Champions League Final:

  • Category 1: $647
  • Category 2: $485
  • Category 3: $240
  • Category 4: $80

Premium and VIP ticket prices are only available upon request, and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis for the Champions League Final.

Attending the Super Bowl costs more than what you’ll pay to watch the Champions League Final in person. However, higher ticket prices often indicate that the event has a resale market that’s incredibly robust.

Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final Prestige

Both the Super Bowl and the Champions League Final are incredibly prestigious. Hundreds of millions of people are watching a single sporting event that epitomizes the culmination of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and resilience.

You’re also paying attention to the storylines leading up to the event, which makes the matchup even more special. You could be cheering for the underdogs to win or rooting for your favorite team to claim a championship for the very first time.

Let’s also not forget about the pageantry surrounding both the Super Bowl and the Champions League Final. These are two of the greatest shows on earth where the outcomes are completely unpredictable. Part of the fun is when you get to watch how everything plays out.

Winning either event will garner a lot of prestige and cultural recognition for the players. Think about it – everyone knows about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo. These are successful athletes who’re also household names around the world.

Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final Competitiveness

To reach the Super Bowl or the Champions League Final, you have to be the best of the best. The competition is extremely intense in both leagues. However, you can’t overlook the fact that certain teams have more championships than others.

Listed below are the NFL franchises that have won the most Super Bowls:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 6
  • New England Patriots: 6
  • Dallas Cowboys: 5
  • San Francisco 49ers: 5
  • New York Giants: 4
  • Green Bay Packers: 4

Numerous NFL franchises have yet to win or compete in a Super Bowl. In fact, both the Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have four Super Bowl appearances, but they’ve lost every game.

Organizational dysfunction is often cited as a reason why certain teams are incapable of winning a Super Bowl. However, lack of parity is an issue that certainly affects the NFL, which is why the league implemented a competition committee back in 1968.

The good news is that the Super Bowl usually features at least one new team every year, which means that the NFL overall is very competitive.

The Champions League has a similar issue – certain teams make it to the Finals a lot more often than others. The traditional superclubs in Europe continue to outperform the competition and will likely remain among the top contenders.

Recently, Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated the Champions League. In the past 13 years, the two Spanish soccer clubs have won seven combined championship titles. The competition is certainly lopsided, to say the least.

Super Bowl vs. Champions League Final Betting

Are you ready to begin betting on the NFL? I encourage you to check out some of the top Super Bowl betting sites. The game attracts millions of bettors every year who win plenty of money from their Super Bowl predictions.

You’re also not the only one who’s betting on the big game – an estimated $179 million was wagered on Super Bowl LVI at Nevada sportsbooks. Furthermore, similar to American football, the Champions League Final is also the focus of large-scale online gambling.

You should also check out the top soccer betting sites to place your wagers on the Champions League Final. You’ll be joining millions of other people when betting on your favorite European superclubs, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Liverpool.

Betting with real money online is a lot more fun and safe when you make use of reputable gambling sites. You can earn some extra money by taking advantage of excellent opportunities.

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