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Do you want to make some money predicting the future of popular athletes? Player index and stock investing in sports allow you to do that! I explain what that is and how the different platforms work in this post.

I show you what fantasy player trading is, what athletes you can invest in, some tips for success, and some sites you can trade on. Let’s take a deep dive into player stock trading now.

What Is Player Stocks Investing?

Player stock investing takes the concept of trading stocks and shares in companies and applies it to professional athletes. The idea is to buy low, sell high, and make profits through the difference and/or by receiving dividends.

As with shares and stocks in companies, the prices of player stocks are driven by supply and demand, usually based on player performance. The idea is to buy stocks in athletes with potential before the crowd catches on and the demand picks up.

Some players day trade while others invest in player stocks with long-term goals in mind.

It’s your call how you approach it, and as they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. I’ll cover some tips and strategies in a later section.

Athletes From Which Leagues Are Available for Investing?

Player stock investing is a relatively new concept compared to other forms of online gambling. What players you can bet on will depend on which platform you choose. I’ve seen stocks available for players in the NBA, NFL, PGA, and UFC.

Here’s what to expect from the biggest leagues.

  • NBA – Imagine buying NBA player stocks in LeBron James or Kevin Durant when they were just coming up. Today, these are some of the most valuable player stocks online. Try to predict who is next to be great, and you could make a fortune.
  • NFL – Most player index-type platforms offer shares in NFL players. Do you want to buy blue chips like Aaron Donald or rookies with lots of potential like Chris Olave or Sauce Gardner? Trade football player stocks if you have an idea who the next hotshot might be.
  • PGA – I’ve noticed more and more platforms offering PGA player stocks. Since great golfers tend to have long, prosperous careers, buying a rookie golfer early and watching their stock rise could yield dividends for years to come.
  • UFC – The great thing about the fight game is that underdogs can come out of nowhere, topple the existing order, and shoot to superstardom. Thus, there’s lots of opportunity to trade UFC fighter stocks for quick profits. Imagine buying into Conor McGregor when he beat Poirier the first time!
  • EPL – The English Premier League got this concept of player stock investing started. One of the most famous player trading platforms was Football Index. Sadly, it collapsed in 2021. It will always be remembered as a pioneer in this type of trading, though.

Strategy for Player Index Investing

There’s no surefire player investing strategy, but there are some tips I’ve learned through experience that can help you.

Here’s what you should think about when forming your strategy.

Learn How Your Chosen Platform Works

Like online casinos, betting sites, and other online services, player investing platforms will have their own terms and conditions.

For Example

Some platforms will make you lock your investments for a fixed period of time, whereas others will allow you to trade as and when you wish.

Some still take commissions on trades, and others will not. You also need to look at the difference between the book price and the market price.

Predict the Hype

It can be profitable to invest in established players and reap dividends. However, as with company stocks, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Most players prefer to find up-and-comers before the market picks up on them, buy these stocks, and sell them when the athlete peaks. Athletes can also go on runs of epic performance, so try to gauge when someone’s prospects are looking up and capitalize on that.

Patience and Timing Are Critical

Yes, you have to act without hesitation when you see an opportunity, but patience and timing are also crucial. You have to wait for your rookies to mature into star players to reap the full rewards of owning stocks in them, and you also need to know when to get out.


A good stock trader knows that finding a company the market has undervalued is key, and selling when the market has driven the stock to unsustainable levels is smart. The same principles apply to player investing.

Sites and Apps for Player Investing

Because of how popular athlete investing and trading is, sites are popping up every other day. I’ve tried more than a few of them, and these are the best ones I have encountered so far. offers markets on NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB. It offers both daily and seasonal markets, meaning it’s suitable for both day traders and those who want to invest for the longer term.

This site offers a 5% deposit bonus up to $500 and a $5 free daily market credit when you sign up. It also has a useful research center with predictions, team dilution, and team confidence sections. is specifically for players in the state of New Jersey. As the site says: “download from anywhere, trade in NJ.”

Right now, you can trade on 300+ NFL players and 100+ college-level players. This site has guaranteed retirement payouts, which I haven’t seen at many other sites.

You can cash out any time on, and all new signups are entitled to a $500 bonus with your first deposit. Right now, the app is only available on iPhones, but it’s coming soon for Android devices.

Right now, offers stocks on NFL players. The countdown is on until its PGA IPO, and according to the website, NBA trading will be coming soon.

This site will stake all new traders up to $300. It also has no commission/rake, so your profits are yours to keep. It’s a top-rated player trading site.

The Future of Player Investing

I’ve always liked the concept of long-term investments in sports you follow, so I’m a big fan of player investing. The first attempts come with a lot of flaws, but the platforms are getting better and better.

I believe the future of player stocks is bright, and it will be a viable competition to classic sports betting sites.

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