New York Marathon 2022 Betting Preview

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The New York Marathon is back! Some of the world’s best long-distance runners will compete in the 26.2-mile race covering all of NYC’s five boroughs. Even if you’re not racing, it’s fun to cheer on the other competitors and watch the entire spectacle unfold.

For many athletes, the New York Marathon isn’t about winning. The competition offers runners the chance to test their endurance and conquer the challenges of long-distance running. Spectators, however, can participate by betting on the race and predicting this year’s winner.

My 2022 New York Marathon betting preview contains plenty of information on the race. I also offer a few betting tips that make it easier to determine your predictions. Hopefully, you can enjoy the competition and win some extra cash in the process!

New York Marathon 2022 Key Facts

  • Date: November 6
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Edition: 51st
  • Distance: 26.2 Miles
  • Event Type: Road

This year’s New York Marathon will take place on November 6, and it presents a traditional marathon distance (26.2 miles). The race begins in Staten Island before the course works its way through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx before ending in Central Park.

Futher Info:

The 2022 New York Marathon often features the most participants of any other long-distance race. More than 50,000 people are expected to compete, but only four athletes can win the elite races. This also is roughly 20,000 more competitors than last year.

The four categories include Elite Men, Elite Women, Men’s Wheelchair, and Women’s Wheelchair. Each winner from last year’s marathon is registered to compete again. It’s also widely known that the races feature the world’s best marathoners each year.

New York Marathon Betting Tips

The 2022 New York Marathon betting odds aren’t available at the moment. However, you can prepare yourself while waiting for the lines to be released.

The goal is to use all the information at your disposal to find a gambling angle. The following tips can help with that.

Focus on the Favorites

The New York Marathon attracts a lot of professional and amateur athletes. The field is large, and you simply can’t study every competitor and don’t have to. You should only focus on the favorites and the most notable contestants.

Pay attention to any runners that won or performed well in events leading up to the New York Marathon. These are the very best competitors that are currently dominating the sport. Recent form plays a big role when it comes to betting on major marathons.

Grab a Bonus

Make sure you’re taking advantage of any special rewards the bookies offer. This is an easy way to maximize your winnings when betting on the New York Marathon.

Simply depositing money into your online betting account allows you to redeem a welcome bonus in most cases.

The best New York Marathon betting sites also offer loyalty programs. This allows you to earn rewards over time when you gamble with the same website. There’s a lot of free money you could claim, so stay alert and make the most of the opportunities you have.

Follow the Weather Reports

Many betting markets focus on the time it takes for the winner and other competitors to complete the marathon. The weather can greatly affect the results and hinder the contestants significantly.

The 2022 New York Marathon takes place in November, which can be a cold and rainy month. In the past, we’ve seen different types of weather conditions. It can range from torrential rains to balmy, 70-degree days. We’ve even had snowstorms in the past!

Explore All Markets and Shop for the Best Lines

The best way to maximize your earnings is to carefully explore all gambling options. Bookies often release different props, including the winner’s finishing time and the number of contestants. You can also bet on the outright winners of the different disciplines.

Shopping around and comparing odds also allows you to get the most value from your bets. Keep in mind that bookies often offer prices that vary slightly from each other. Why not increase your profits and make the most of every opportunity to win money?

New York Marathon Stats and Records

The records and results from previous marathons can also help guide your New York Marathon betting picks. The past provides a baseline to help you predict the future more accurately.

Let me highlight some important stats and records from previous editions of the race.

Previous 10 Winners of Men’s Elite Race

2011Geoffrey MutaiKenya2:05:06
2013Geoffrey MutaiKenya2:08:24
2014Wilson KipsangKenya2:10:59
2015Stanley BiwottKenya2:10:34
2016Ghirmay GhebreslassieEritrea2:07:51
2017Geoffrey KamwororKenya2:10:53
2018Lelisa DesisaEthiopia2:05:59
2019Geoffrey KamwororKenya2:08:13
2020Kevin QuinnUnited Kingdom2:23:48
2021Albert KorirKenya2:08:22

Seven of the past ten winners of the men’s race were from Kenya. Furthermore, there have been nine repeat winners, with two of them occurring since 2011, even if the 2012 race was canceled.

Previous 10 Winners of Women’s Elite Race

2011Firehiwot DadoEthiopia2:23:15
2013Priscah JeptooKenya2:25:07
2014Mary KeitanyKenya2:25:07
2015Mary KeitanyKenya2:24:25
2016Mary KeitanyKenya2:24:26
2017Shalane FlanaganUnited States2:26:53
2018Mary KeitanyKenya2:22:48
2019Joyciline JepkosgeiKenya2:22:38
2020Stephanie BruceUnited States2:35:28
2021Peres JepchirchirKenya2:22:39

The women’s race in the New York Marathon follows a similar trend to the men’s. Outside of Kenya, you won’t find a lot of strong contenders. In fact, American Stephanie Bruce likely won in 2020 because the marathon featured roughly 20,000 fewer participants than usual because of the global health crisis.


Taking a closer look at the records and history of the marathon also indicates what could happen in 2022. I always advise that bettors follow the latest trends and recognize any patterns from previous races.

  • Fastest Men’s Time: 2:05:06 (Geoffrey Mutai, 2011)
  • Fastest Women’s Time: 2:22:31 (Margaret Okayo, 2003)
  • Most Victories by Nationality in the Men’s Race: Kenya (15)
  • Most Victories by Nationality in the Women’s Race: Kenya (11)
  • Most Individual Victories: 9 (Grete Waitz, Norway)

It’s virtually impossible now for male competitors to win more than two New York Marathons. The last athlete who won the race three times or more was Alberto Salazar back in 1982. He captured victories in the New York Marathon for three consecutive years (1980-82).

Where to Bet on the New York Marathon in 2022?

The 2022 New York Marathon odds are yet to be released, so you can’t place wagers on the event as of Monday, October 31. That’s to be expected because the bookies are very careful with such events.

Even the best online betting sites are patient and take their time to avoid major mistakes. Based on the past few years, the lines are usually available a day or two before the race.

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