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College basketball always offers some of the best moments in sports history – you love to watch the highlights and enjoy the atmosphere of it all. As a sports bettor, you want to feel a part of the action, and you can with some of the best college basketball betting systems.

A lot of people follow expert analysis, and that’s not a bad gambling method. However, building your own strategy for betting on college basketball can allow you to maximize your earnings.

With March Madness almost underway, now is the time to begin thinking of betting systems for college basketball. Where do you begin, exactly? Take this opportunity to research an approach that works well for you.

System #1 – Bet on One Team

You follow a specific college basketball team, and you root for them to win every game. You attend their games and follow all the major storylines throughout the season. Because you pay so much attention to the team, you also know their strengths and weaknesses.

When you can recognize the ebbs and flows of a certain college, you have a much better chance at predicting their wins and losses. NCAA betting systems commonly revolve around a single side – why bet on teams when you’re not exactly sure of how good they are? Use your knowledge of a specific program to make informed decisions about your betting methods.


When betting on your own team, always keep one thing in mind: don’t allow your bias to cloud your judgment.

You should always keep your eye on the prize and know when they’ve met their match. Try to be non-biased when betting on your favorite team and place wagers according to their quality of play.

System #2 – Focus on One Conference

Instead of having to stick with a single team for your NCAA basketball betting system, you can also focus on conference games. Whether it’s the ACC, SEC, or any other conference, you likely know about all the rivalries – especially the ones that are relevant to your favorite teams.

For Example

You live in Durham, and you’re a diehard Blue Devils fan. You look forward to games involving other ACC opponents, such as North Carolina, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and more.

You want to bet in favor of the Blue Devils, but you know that they’re likely going to struggle against a certain team. Don’t allow your fandom to get in the way of a wager that’ll win you money.

Also, because you live in Durham, you’re likely watching a lot of Duke games that involve other ACC teams. You’re getting a good look at the entire conference, and you know which teams are the most competitive. If you follow the trends of a specific conference, it’ll help guide your betting methods.

System #3 – Bet Against the Favorites

Every year, the entire college basketball landscape regularly experiences upsets – the no. 1 overall team simply can’t win every game. Keep in mind that these are college players and not NBAers; they’re much more likely to play basketball with some inconsistency. That means their performance will vary significantly from game to game.

When you look back at the history of March Madness, underdogs make it far into the tournament all the time. Reliable sports gambling and betting systems often demonstrate that even the best teams are prone to failure.

Here is an example: Back in 2018, The Virginia Cavaliers were a no. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, and they went up against the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (a no. 16 seed). No one ever thought it could happen, but Maryland-Baltimore County upset Virginia by a score of 74-54.

It was the first time a 16-seed was able to stun a 1-seed – and you can expect it to happen again. Surprises are bound to happen, so learn how to pick March Madness upsets, and you can profit from them. The same applies to the regular season of NCAA basketball too.

System #4 – Betting Unders When a Star Is Missing

Most college basketball teams are very inconsistent in terms of scoring. They often rely heavily on one or two very talented players to run their offense and produce buckets. Now that I think of it, the same happens in the NBA too!

The point here is that many college teams struggle big time without their stars.

Most people look to bet against them when that happens. That kind of makes sense, but the sportsbooks usually adjust the odds based on the list of injuries and suspensions.

They tend to make more mistakes with the totals lines, though. There might be good value in the under option when a key player is missing, especially if some of the following factors are true too.

  • Defensive-Minded Replacements – If the replacement of the starting player is an athlete with better defensive attributes, that could lead to fewer points for the opposition.
  • Facing a Slow-Paced Team – Many college teams prefer to play at a high tempo, but some prefer a more patient approach. That’s another reason to back the under.
  • Close Games – When the pressure is high, college players tend to miss a lot of free throws. That’s why close games often produce fewer points than expected in the closing minutes.

Pretty much any factor that could contribute to an under is welcomed here. Of course, you should try not to fall into the confirmation bias trap, so look for arguments for the over too.

System #5 – Bet Against the Public

The truth is that a lot of sports pundits and analysts get their predictions wrong – even the New York Jets will beat the New England Patriots every so often. Gambling against the public (and taking chances in general) has worked for a lot of power players in the U.S. and around the world. It’s a time-honored tradition that proves to be successful to this very day.

How often does the general public get it wrong? Very often, which is why you need to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises.

But how will you know when the time’s right to bet against the public and will it make sense?

Here’s a hint: Take a look at the sportsbooks and look for any lopsided odds. It seems strange that one college basketball team is receiving a lot of support to win the game. However, the sportsbooks and their oddsmakers know what they’re doing – they’re trying to fool the gambling public into leveling out the moneyline.

You shouldn’t take the bait – always make use of your best judgment when betting on college basketball games.

College Basketball Betting Systems Made Simple

Placing bets on the upcoming NCAA Basketball tournament can be fun and profitable – as long as you’re using a system that works.

Sports betting requires you to run the numbers while closely following various teams and conferences. Every sportsbook uses different formulas and methods to determine its odds. Your job is to recognize the patterns and capitalize on trends that no one else is noticing.

Finding the right sportsbook is an important part of the battle. You have a lot of different places where you can take your business, but you should stick to the best online betting sites.

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