Types of Online Casino Games

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Online casinos offer you a lot of different games to enjoy and try to win some money. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why you should consider playing on the internet in the first place.

The biggest caveat to online casino gambling is that you have thousands of different games that you could play. But how do you know and decide which ones are the most suitable for you? Finding the answer to this question can be a bit tricky.

I want to examine the different types of casino games online and help you determine which one will appeal to you the most. Searching for your favorite games will be a lot easier when you consider how they all vary significantly from one another.

I’ve split the games based on a few different factors, so you can easily understand the important traits of each option you have.

Skill vs. Luck Casino Games Online

Certain games, such as online roulette, baccarat, and craps, are entirely based on luck. You ultimately have no control over the outcome after you place your wager.

Many other casino games involve a certain degree of skill and experience. Some examples include blackjack, video poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Your actions are very important in terms of how the game plays out and your chances to win.

Let’s explore the most obvious examples of both groups. Online slots are entirely based on luck. You place your bets and start spinning. You don’t have a way to improve your odds, but you can’t make them worse either.

That makes slots simple to play and they usually come with a medium house edge. That’s often true for luck-based games. What’s also true is that you can get more bonuses and promotions playing them.

The opposite applies to blackjack and other skill games. If you pick the popular card game, your decisions will be vital for your chances. Making the right call reduces the house edge dramatically, and it can go down to less than a percentage in many blackjack versions.

The problem is that most people make mistakes. That’s the complicated nature of skill-based casino games, so make sure to consider it when making a decision.

Small vs. Big Payout Online Casino Games

The maximum return can vary with certain luck- and skill-based casino games. However, many online casino games offer both low and high payouts. It ultimately depends on the markets you decide to target.

Online casino games with higher variances will often offer higher payouts. The same principle applies to casino games with lower variances – i.e., they have lower payouts.

One game that helps illustrate this point is online baccarat. The game is very fun and often unpredictable, but the maximum payouts tend to be pretty low. You can get double your money on the main markets and 8x if you back the draw, but the house edge is way too high for this one.

It’s the same in blackjack where you can win up to a few times what you bet initially. On the bright side, you will often win if you pick online casino games with low volatility and low max returns.

On the other hand, online casino slots are the prime example of games that offer insane payouts. Variations of the game often feature a progressive jackpot, which grows up to millions you can win with a single spin.

Many online casino games, such as craps and roulette, allow you to earn a wide range of payout amounts. Roulette is an interesting example because payouts will vary significantly according to the type of bet you make.

Should you be targeting markets that offer high or low payout amounts? Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. Think about which games you’ll enjoy playing over time. How you manage your bankroll should also factor into your decision.

Low vs. High House Edge

We all know that gamblers rarely win in the casino because of the house edge. The gambling sites have the upper hand, but their exact advantage depends on the game you pick.

For example, the house edge when you play online slots can fluctuate between high and low. Some games come with a 10%+ advantage for the casino and others are much more favorable to the player.

People often flock to games that have a lower house edge because they can exert more control over the outcome of their bets and they have a better chance to win.

Remember, house edge affects the amount of money you end up winning. Games that require skill and consistency prevent casinos from becoming sole winners.

For example, online video poker is a game the where house edge is low, especially with veteran players. It can go down to 0.50% or below in some variations. This means that anyone who makes use of common-sense poker strategies can significantly improve their odds of winning.

Casino games that offer a low house edge seem like the obvious choice. However, you also have to consider the online casino promotions that can sway the odds in your favor. The gambling sites are way more generous when it comes to games with a higher house edge.

Popular vs. Obscure Casino Games

Certain casino games (and their variations) are a lot more popular more others. This is especially true when you consider some of the more obscure alternatives.

Many classic casino games, such as baccarat, slots, roulette, and blackjack, are widely available. You can play them virtually anywhere, making the games much more accessible to the average player.

However, the more obscure casino games are a little more difficult to find because many online venues don’t offer them. Some examples include Dreidal, Rodent Roullete, Kratzen, and Sic Bo.

If you decide to pick a game that’s not part of the mainstream, you should be prepared to dig deeper if you want to enjoy it online.

What Type of Casino Games Is the Best?

Ultimately, there’s no right answer to this question. I recommend that you go ahead and try all the different types of online casino games to determine which ones appeal to you the most.

The good news is that you can dabble in different games at the top online casinos. Take this opportunity to explore your options and learn about the bonuses/rewards available through online casino gambling. These sites are safe, plus they provide you with fast payouts and multiple banking options.

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