Provably Fair Slots: How They Work, Insanely High RTP, and More

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Online game developers go bigger and bolder with their slots every year. Nowadays, games feature countless ways to win, massive payouts, and lifelike graphics.

Provably fair slots, on the other hand, don’t really stick out in comparison. Nevertheless, these unique online slots do have special qualities that make them worthwhile.

For starters, they offer some of the highest payout percentages in gaming. This is important information for every slots player. You can keep reading to find out why this is the case along with the benefits and drawbacks of provably fair slot machines.

Basics of Provably Fair Slots

Game developers supply online slots to traditional gaming sites. The developer is tasked with ensuring that the RTP and pay table are exactly as stated.

These same game providers often obtain third-party testing to ensure that their stats are valid. A game-testing lab, such as eCOGRA, can go through the programming of an online slot with 96.5% RTP and ensure that it offers 96.5% payback.

Unfortunately, you never get a chance to verify the game stats or results yourself. You simply have to trust the testing lab and what the developer displays.

Game testers rely on their credentials to maintain legitimacy. Therefore, iTech Labs or eCOGRA aren’t going to throw everything away because a developer offers them a few bucks to lie about game stats.

Nevertheless, you might appreciate if there was some way to check the results yourself. This is exactly where provably fair casinos come into place.

Through the use of blockchain technology, these games allow you to check results to ensure fair gaming.

Basically, you become the game-testing lab in this case.

Of course, you probably won’t check every single round because doing so would take the fun out of gaming. Just having the option to perform these checks, though, is enough to keep developers honest.

Besides allowing you to verify game results, provably fair slots’ other key feature is cryptocurrency. You can deposit with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to play.

Assuming you’re well-versed in using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., then you won’t have any trouble with this aspect. If not, then you shouldn’t have much trouble figuring out this process.

How to Verify Provably Fair Slots Results

You can check your results at provably fair casinos with the variables listed below:

  • Server seed (the casino provides this)
  • Client seed (your browser provides this)
  • Nonce (number that increases with each bet and identifies every wager)

Prior to officially placing a bet, you’ll receive an encrypted hash from the casino with a server seed. Once you receive the server seed, the casino can’t change the bet outcomes. Going further, these seeds are encrypted and prevent the casino from hacking into them to alter results afterward.

The client seed mingles with the server seed to determine your bet’s result. Afterward, you can unhash the server seed to ensure that the outcome is indeed fair.

All of this can be confusing if you’re new to blockchain technology. However, if you’re really serious about verifying wagers, then you might still be interested in going through the steps to do so.

These Slots Offer Extremely High RTP

You may be more interested in provably fair slots’ insanely high RTP versus how they let you check results. After all, these games can feature stellar payout percentages.

Most of the provably fair slot machines I’ve come across offer between 97% and 99% RTP.

These payout percentages are outstanding and on par, or better, than many table games.

Of course, traditional online slots can offer up to 99% RTP in rare cases. However, the average online slot features closer to 96% payback.

While 96% RTP is still much better than what most land-based slot machines offer (90% to 95% RTP), it’s not quite on par with what you’ll experience with provably fair gaming.

Why You Should Consider Provably Fair Slot Machines

If you haven’t tried provably fair slots before, then you’ll definitely want to consider then for a few different reasons. Here are the main selling points behind these games.

Verify Fair Gaming

You may completely trust online casinos and their developers, especially when they feature seals from iTech Labs, eCOGRA, or another testing lab. In this case, you won’t be so concerned with verifying fair outcomes.

On the other hand, you might be suspicious of the entire industry. This can especially be true when you’re having a bad run.

In such cases, it’s always nice to have the option to check slots results. You may not exercise the option, but it’s always there if you need it with provably fair games.

Enjoy High RTP

You definitely want to play online slots with high RTP as opposed to those with lower payback. After all, high payout percentages boost your winnings over time.

Note:Online slots aren’t bad in this department, with an average RTP figure of 96%. However, you can do even better with provably fair slots, which offer closer to 98% RTP on average.

Not many casino games provide higher payback than this.

Deposit and Withdraw With Cryptocurrencies

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, then you’ll appreciate the banking process at provably fair casinos. After all, they rely heavily on crypto banking.

Most of these gaming sites accept Bitcoin. Some specialize in an altcoin, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, or another. In any case, you should love the banking process if you enjoy using cryptocurrencies.

What Are the Drawbacks to Provably Fair Slots?

Provably fair slots do have some downsides to consider beforehand. Here are the biggest points that may give you pause about these games.

Provably Fair Games Aren’t Cutting Edge

You aren’t going to choose a provably fair slot for the graphics and gameplay. These slots are actually quite basic and don’t have many bells and whistles.

They still give you the chance to gamble on slots and win big payouts. However, they’re not going to feature the latest features or stellar 3D graphics.

You Have to Learn Crypto Banking

If you’re not already well-versed in Bitcoin, then you may not like the deposit and withdrawal process at these sites.

Important:You will need to know how to buy and send cryptocurrencies when using a provably fair gaming site.

Doing so isn’t overly difficult once you get the hang of it. However, you may face a mental barrier when deciding if it’s worth going through the learning process.

Cryptocurrency Bankrolls Are Volatile

With a crypto bankroll, you never know how much your funds are going to be worth the next day. After all, cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate by 10% or more in a single day.

You might embrace this extra gambling opportunity, especially since crypto prices have gone up over time. On the other hand, you may seek a stable bankroll that won’t drop in value by tomorrow.

Should You Play Provably Fair Games?

You should definitely give provably fair slots a try if you’re concerned about fair gaming. After all, you can use the elements covered before to determine if the outcomes are fair.

You’ll also enjoy some of the best payout percentages in gaming. Provably fair slots not only pay well compared to other online slots, but they’re great from an overall perspective.

You can look forward to 99% RTP or higher with certain games.

Of course, you can’t overlook the potential downsides either. Provably fair slots don’t look the greatest nor do they offer the most exciting features out there. Your bankroll can also fluctuate wildly at these casinos due to volatile cryptocurrency prices.


Provably fair slots may not be the most entertaining games from a visual standpoint. They do, however, offer plenty of reasons to play.

They essentially allow you to be a testing lab through blockchain technology. These games also pay handsomely compared to the average online slot.

With that said, you might consider trying a provably fair slot at least once just for a new experience. You may even find that you love the concept and stick with them in the long run.

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