Top 8 Highest Paying Slots in 2022

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With online casinos skyrocketing in popularity, more and more players are searching for the best-paying slots in 2022. High RTP (Return to Player) slot machines provide a good opportunity to win, especially if you combine them with a cool bonus.

Although you’re not always guaranteed a payout, you want to reduce the edge of the casinos as much as possible. I can help you do that with some suggestions for the highest RTP online slots available for you to play in 2022.

Good Girl, Bad Girl

  • Developer: BetSoft
  • RTP: 97.80%
  • Theme: Fantasy
  • Jackpot: Yes

Although this slot machine has a more traditional layout, the multiple game modes – Good Girl and Bad Girl – make it all the more interesting. More importantly, this game offers you a great RTP of almost 98%.

It’s fun to play too. Good Girl, Bad Girls includes plenty of special symbols and icons that earn you profitable payouts. Some of the animated imagery includes money wheels, cats, pitchforks, halos, and more.

It’s worth noting that the Good Girl mode has lower but more frequent payouts, and the Bad Girl mode can make the game more volatile but increase the stakes significantly.

This fun and timeless slot machine from BetSoft is unique because it alternates between Good and Evil – the game is simple, fun, dynamic, and offers you plenty of chances to win.

After Night Falls

  • Developer: BetSoft
  • RTP: 97.27%
  • Theme: Crime/Adventure
  • Jackpot: No

If you enjoy a storyline with your online gambling and video slots, After Night Falls has you covered. The game utilizes true-crime elements to make the experience more enticing.

In conjunction with the criminal theme of the game, you’ll discover clues to the case that you’re trying to solve. You also have the option to double up after every win, and the thief/criminal will help you recover more loot when you begin uncovering more symbols.

The major downside to this online machine slot is that it doesn’t feature a multiplier. However, the Moving Wilds triggered along the reels will earn you plenty of extra spins.

Ultimately, the bonus rounds, unique animations, and opportunities for free spins make After Night Falls a fun title. If you add the excellent RTP, it’s most certainly among the high-paying slots online in 2022.

7th Heaven

  • Developer: BetSoft
  • RTP: 96.50%
  • Theme: TV and Film
  • Jackpot: No

This is another slot machine creation that features adorable and silly imagery from Japanese Kawaii culture. Here’s what you need to know about the game, which is one of the highest RTP online slots in 2022.

7th Heaven offers you optimal betting ranges and the payouts do occur quite often. The mustachioed milk carton is going to win you the most money – five of them can earn you 2,500 coins.

Many gamblers do enjoy playing 7th Heaven for its light-hearted themes and symbols. In addition to the carton of milk, they include a fish, a tin of tuna, a mouse, a cat food bowl, a brush, and a bowtie.

Although the overall vibe of the game is a little cartoonish, you’ll still get to enjoy plenty of childish excitement when playing this slot machine. If you’re searching for something fun and casual, 7th Heaven is a great option.

The game is available in most legit online casinos that work with BetSoft.

Cleopatra’s Gold

  • Developer: RTG
  • RTP: 97.50%
  • Theme: Ancient Egypt
  • Jackpot: Yes

Like many of the other best-paying slots in 2022, Cleopatra’s Gold is easy to get started on. It features colorful imagery and action-packed reels that feature several unique symbols.

The beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra is the inspiration for this game – she represents the Wild symbol. She can replace anything and help you earn more combinations with double the payouts.

The progressive jackpot is among the main reasons why a lot of people like Cleopatra’s Gold, but I’d say that the 97.50% is what makes this game a good choice.

Mermaid Queen

  • Developer: RTG
  • Theme: Undersea Adventure
  • RTP: 97.50%
  • Jackpot: No

With another high-paying slot game developed by Realtime Gaming, Mermaid Queen depicts mythical creatures and majestic ships at sea. It provides you with a glimpse into the bottom of the ocean with 13 unique symbols.

Each mermaid symbol in this game acts as a wild, and it can earn you plenty of free games depending on when it appears. Scatter symbols will also land you free spins while massively boosting your odds of winning.

The maximum bet with this slot game is 50 credits, and you can easily win even on low bets. The gameplay is smooth, responsive, but it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.

Mermaid Queen is certainly among the best high-paying slots in 2022 because it has some of the best features you can find. The matching symbols and multiplier bonuses are simply too good to pass up for most players and the overall returns are excellent.

Champions Cup

  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Theme: Sports Stadium
  • RTP: 97%
  • Jackpot: Yes

This video slot game developed by NetEnt makes you feel as if you’re playing in a stadium full of sports fans! If you love sports and high-stake slot machines, Champions Cup has exactly what you need – a massive $50,000 potential jackpot along with thrilling bonuses.

When you land three golden cup scatter symbols, you’ll immediately begin unlocking free spins. You also win by landing more red wilds than the computer lands blue wilds.

Champions Cup is one of the most exciting sports-themed online casino slot games to play in 2022. The Free Spins Tournament and Penalty Shootout are unique features that offer you more opportunities to win cash prizes.


  • Developer: Thunderkick
  • Theme: Barbershop
  • RTP: 97%
  • Jackpot: No

Barbershop has a more social aspect to it – the game simulates the in-person experience of getting a haircut. However, the various symbols include customers and other barbershop essentials.

Many avid online gamblers love Barbershop because of the in-game mechanics, which include the Respin, Infinity Spin, and Bonus Symbols. All of these features significantly increase your chances of earning a decent payout.

The slots and reels are incredibly colorful, with plenty of high-value symbols that can form winning combinations. The overall RTP of Barbershop is 97%, so it’s safe to say you have a good chance of winning.

Jack Hammer 2

  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Theme: Private Detective
  • RTP: 97.1%
  • Jackpot: Yes

With the success of Jack Hammer vs. Evil Dr. Wuten, the developers at NetEnt delivered a worthy sequel to its predecessor. As Jack Hammer, you are up against Don Crabby, who’s kidnapped a helpless damsel by the name of Pearl.

The theme of the game is particularly unique: the quirky story has many special features and graphics that always keep you engaged. The game also includes five different free play symbols, which come with a 2x multiplier in place for your original round of free spins.

With five reels and 50 paylines, many online casino-goers enjoy the simple yet responsive gameplay. The story is fun to play, the characters are zany, and you’ll earn plenty of free spin symbols.

Best Slots Casinos Online in 2022

If you want to try even more of the highest RTP online slots in 2022, I recommend checking our top-rated online slot casinos. They offer excellent bonuses, all sorts of games with high RTP, and many other perks.

You can enjoy high-quality games in a safe environment and your chances to win are better compared to the industry average.

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