5 Best Tips for Clearing Casino Bonuses and Rollover Requirements

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One of the biggest advantages of online casinos compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts are the countless bonuses and promotions. You have plenty of ways to earn extra cash and it’s important to take full advantage to increase your chances to win money in the long run.

And yet, the offers you can find are not straightforward. The gambling sites add all sorts of conditions because they can’t afford to give away free money.

It’s pivotal to understand how the promotions work, so you can extract the most value. That’s especially true for welcome offers and I share my top five tips for clearing casino bonuses in this post.

My bonus clearing strategies can help you get the most of each promo with the least effort.

Explore Your Options

Most online casinos promote a specific bonus intensely, but they often have alternative options that might be better for you. For example, many gambling sites have multiple offers for new customers such as the following.

  • Standard Bonus – There’s one standard bonus that’s promoted the most and is offered to all customers by default.
  • Crypto Bonus – You can often find special crypto bonuses that come with more favorable conditions if you use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or similar for your deposit.
  • High Roller Bonus – If you plan to make a large deposit, you can sometimes find bigger bonuses designed for high rollers. They might come with less favorable terms, though, so that’s something to consider too.
  • Bonuses for Certain Games/Sections – It’s not uncommon for the casinos to offer different deals for their sections with live dealers or for specific games. If you plan to focus on them anyway, the alternatives might be better than the standard deal.

There could be even more options and it’s pivotal that you check them out in order to maximize your returns from casino bonuses.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully

The next thing you need to do is explore the terms and conditions carefully. All online casino bonuses come with some strings attached and that’s to be expected.

The gambling sites can’t simply give you the money because they would go bankrupt.

In fact, a lot of people were exploiting the favorable conditions in the early days of the online casino industry which is the reason why we have way more restrictive terms nowadays.

You should always check what the casino in question would want from you in regard to a certain offer. Here are the most important terms and conditions you need to explore.

Wagering Requirements

Almost every single casino bonus on the internet comes with certain wagering requirements. It means you have to bet the extra cash a fixed number of times before you can request a withdrawal. For example, a 30x requirement for a $100 bonus would mean you have to place wagers worth $3,000 before you can cash out. Sometimes the wagering requirements are for the bonus cash only but in other cases, they are for both the bonus and the deposit.

Qualifying Deposits

If you are about to target a deposit bonus, you should make sure that your deposit will qualify for the offer. The online casinos sometimes exclude selected banking options and there’s always a minimum amount you have to add to get the cash.

Qualifying Games and Contribution

You can’t play all games when you’re working on the wagering requirements of most bonuses. It’s essential to check what’s available to you and how much of your stakes will count.

Max Wagers Accepted

Some online casino bonuses come with limitations on the maximum wager you can place while clearing them. The goal here is for the casino to avoid cases where only a few bets are enough to cover the wagering requirements.

Expiry Time

Most online casinos bonuses expire after a certain period, so you must clean them before that moment is reached. In most cases, you will have a month or so, but there might be exceptions.

The terms shown above are part of almost every online casino bonus out there and they are the most important factors to consider. However, there might be additional conditions, so make sure to carefully read the information at your disposal.

Don’t hesitate to contact customer support too if something’s not clear and you have additional questions.

Decide How Much You Want to Deposit

At this point, you have all the information you need about the bonus you’re about to target. It’s time to conduct a plan and make some decisions before you proceed.

The first one is related to your deposit. The goal would be to pick an amount of money that’s both affordable to you and will get you the most value. Ideally, you want to grab the maximum free money available.

For Example

For example, a 200% up to $1,000 offer would require you to deposit $500 to get the largest amount possible.

Adding more money to your account is pointless, while adding less means you would miss out on potential value.

Of course, it’s always important to stick to a deposit that’s comfortable for you. You should follow all of the best practices related to casino bankroll management too.

Pick the Games With the Lowest House Edge

Before you make a deposit, you should decide on which games to play. If having fun is your top priority, you shouldn’t think about that too much and simply focus on the options that you like the most.

If you want to be practical about it and make the best of the casino bonus at your disposal, you should pick the games that bring you the best value while you’re clearing the wagering requirements.

You can calculate your potential returns based on the Return To Player or RTP of the games. The higher it is, the lower is the house edge. Some casinos publish the numbers for the different titles, so that’s the easier option. Just check them out and make a decision.

If you can’t see the exact RTP, that’s a bit of an issue. Here’s what you can normally expect from the most popular categories out there.

  • Slots – Slots come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s hard to know what the house edge is. In some cases, it could be only 2-3% which is awesome for clearing casino bonuses. In others, the number could go up to 10-15%. Usually, titles with progressive jackpots are the ones with the worst RTP.
  • Roulette – Roulette games with one zero usually come with a house edge of around 2.70% and the number goes up to 5.26% if there are two zeros on the board.
  • Blackjack – There are plenty of blackjack variations out there and the RTP of most of them is above 98.5% which is excellent. However, there’s a strategy involved here, so getting the most out of the blackjack tables requires you to make the best decisions all the time.
  • Video Poker – Another great option, but there are two problems here. The first one is that most casinos exclude video poker from their promotions. The second is that you need to follow the optimal strategy to get the highest RTP possible.

You should avoid games like keno and scratch cards where the house edge is notoriously high. Most table games and poker variations are usually decent options if they are allowed by the terms of the bonus.

Don’t Play for the Sake of the Bonus

This is my last advice for clearing casino bonuses for you and the logic behind it is very simple. The online casinos have terms and conditions that make it close to impossible to make a lot of money from their promotions.

Even if you do your best, you still are not expected to make significant profits unless you get lucky. That’s why you shouldn’t just play for the sake of the bonus. Make sure to use you to improve your returns and complement your overall experience.

Our page on casino bonuses features excellent promotions in reputable online gambling sites that you can grab right away. They open the door for a lot of extra cash and you can try my tips for clearing casino bonuses to get the most of them.

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