Top Real Money Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting apps deliver the opportunity to make wagers on your favorite sports for real money and do it all on the move. All you need is a portable device and an account and you’re ready to go. Take a look at our choices for the best sports betting apps at the time of this writing.

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Rating 4/5


up to €122

  • Great live sports betting
  • Many banking options
  • Variety of live dealer games
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Rating 4/5


up to $200

  • Massive amount of markets
  • Pioneer in Esports betting
  • Statistics on site to help bettors
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Rating 4/5


up to $250

  • Solid menu of promotions
  • Easy banking process
  • Sharp-looking site

We’ve reviewed practically every major sports betting app on the market and these are the ones that we found to be the best of all possible choices. Read to find out the specifics of each one so that you can make an informed choice about which one you’re going to use.


Computer and Tennis Court

Bovada came into existence with mobile sports betting already on its mind. Unlike many online betting operations, which added mobile only after first establishing their main site, Bovada, when it arrived in 2011, already had its mobile app in place. Perhaps that’s why it’s so far ahead of most of its competitors when it comes to mobile wagering.

For many people, Bovada is the first name that they think of when they think of sports wagering. Here are some of the reasons why that’s the case:

  • Range of betting markets: For those who like to attack their sports bets in some way other than picking which team is going to win, this is a huge bonus. Bovada is extremely creative in coming up with different ways to wager. They have the most inventive props and aggressively seek out new ways for bettors to speculate on the action.
  • Excellent live betting chances: All of our top sports betting apps stand out in this area. Live betting lets you keep wagering on the game even after the action has begun. At Bovada, their oddsmakers keep the live bets coming at you fast and furious.
  • Easy interface: For new gamblers, it can be tough to figure out what’s going on with some apps for sports betting. They make it needlessly confusing to get to the bets you want to make. But Bovada makes it simple even if you’ve never gambled online before.
  • Top reputation: You’ll hear the name Bovada often on different sports broadcasts when commentators talk about lines. That kind of thing wouldn’t happen if Bovada was a small-time player. When you sign on with their sports betting app, you get to experience why they have such a great reputation.

Bonuses at the Bovada Sports Betting App

Bovada offers a strong bunch of bonuses for their top sports betting app. Here are a few of the major offers:

  • Bitcoin Sports Bonus: 75% match up to $750 with Bitcoin deposit
  • Sports Welcome Bonus: 50% up to $250 on initial deposit
  • Refer-A-Friend: Get a friend to sign up and get $275 to bet
These are solid bonuses that work for just about every type of bettor. The fact that they incentivize Bitcoin betting is a nice extra. If you have these digital coins, you’ll make out a little better than others with standard currency.

The Final Word on the Bovada Sports Betting App

As we mentioned above, Bovada is a name that has been on the lips of most sports fans at some point or another. If you sign up and play on their app, you’ll find out what the big deal is. And the app is ideal for both Apple and Android users, so nobody gets left out of the good stuff.


Computer and Tennis Court

This site has been around since 1994, which means it didn’t come too long after the internet first came into existence. That kind of experience is impossible to match when it comes to online gambling sites. And BetUS has brought all of that experience to bear by creating one of the best sports betting apps around.

This is an app that can be played instantly from your phone by just visiting the site on the device’s internet browser. When you sign up with the BetUS app, these are just a few of the benefits waiting for your there:

  • Wide selection of sports: It can be a real bummer when you get excited to bet on a certain game or sporting event and then find that it isn’t available on your app. That isn’t likely to happen with BetUS. They pretty much cover the globe with the different sports to which they offer you access on their sports betting app.
  • Experience counts: When you’re talking about close to three decades of experience taking bets online and paying out customers, it’s a situation where they’ve likely seen just about everything and nothing will surprise them. That can give you a sense of calmness about betting with them. There won’t be anything that comes up that they can’t handle or set straight.
  • Expert advice: If you don’t consider yourself an authority on a certain sport, that doesn’t need to disqualify you from betting on it. Thanks to the expert picks provided by BetOnline, you can utilize their advice. It’s a great way to learn about sports you might not know, which could allow you to become an expert down the road.
  • Horse racing betting available: Too many sports betting apps lump horse racing in with every other sport. It features a separate system of betting, and therefore there should be a separate race book for you to find your best bets. BetUs provides that for you so that horse racing enthusiasts can focus on their favorite sport.

Bonuses at the BetUS Sports Betting App

BetUS features some of the most lucrative bonuses and promotions among all apps for sports betting. Here are the ones that stand out the most:

  • 200% Crypto Bonus: 150% sports and 50% casino
  • 125% Signup Bonus: 100% sports and 25% casino
  • 100% Crypto Sports Bonus: Up to $2,500

Note:You can see that BetUS stands out by including coupled bonuses that give you something for both sports and the casino. That’s a great perk if you’re going to have an all-in-one style account. And if you prefer to stick with just sports, they have options for you in that respect as well.

The Final Word on the BetUS Sports Betting App

The three apps that we’ve mentioned are pretty interchangeable in that they are all extremely high-quality options. BetUS might stand out with the biggest bonuses of the trio. If that’s a priority for you, you should check it out when you’re shopping for a sports betting app.

Everygame has been a fixture in the sports betting industry since back in 1982. That’s right, they’ve been around even longer than the internet. Their online site began in 1996, and they’ve done justice to their brand with their website and app.

What makes Everygame one of the top sports betting apps? Check out some of the top features found at the site.

  • International flavor: Everygame stands out for its focus on more of an international sports betting menu than competitors like the ones mentioned above. You’ll see more of an emphasis on sports like soccer than at other apps. That makes it ideal for those who like to spread their wagering to many other sports besides those most popular in the US.
  • Low deposit amounts for wagers: You can get involved in some of Everygame’s sports betting bonuses for as little as $25. That means that even those who don’t want to invest a lot can still take advantage.
  • Excellent experience: With all the time they’ve spend over the past several decades handling sports bettors’ issues and problems, there won’t be anything that Everygame hasn’t seen. That will give you a nice comfort level when wagering with them.
  • Inventive betting markets: You’ll find an incredible array of wagers at Everygame. For example, there’s a whole section devoted to halftime wagers. More wagering opportunities means that you’ll have more chances to find value.

Bonuses at the Bovada Sports Betting App

Everygame does a nice job with the range and limits of their bonuses. Take a look at some of the top ones:

  • Signup Bonus: 100% up to $750 on first three deposits
  • $500 Present for Odds Hunter: Reward for highest winning parlay odds
  • 20X$50 Parlay Free Bets: One loss out of parlay qualifies for winning free bets
You can see that the clever variety extends to the bonuses. Parlays are extremely popular these days, and many of Everygame’s bonuses put the focus there. With parlays, you always have a chance at a massive payout for a small wager.

The Final Word on the Everygame Sports Betting App

It’s hard to find any weak points in the Everygame sports betting app. You’re getting the benefit of their extensive experience. But they’re also innovating, which gives you the best of both worlds.

How to Bet on a Sports Betting App

We’ve outlined the three sports betting apps that we feel stand out above all the other competition. But we also know that many of you might not know how the process works. The good news is that these top sports betting apps make the process intuitive enough that even beginners can usually figure it out.

But just in case you’re one of those folks who’s a little wary of technology and don’t want to mess anything up, let’s walk you through the sports betting app process from start to finish.

Find the App

It depends on how the app is set up to get the process started. So-called “native” apps are those that require you to download them onto your device. If the sports betting app is in this category, simply locate it in the app store of the device you’re using and hit download (this will be free.)

In most cases, sports betting apps tend to be just mobile-friendly versions of a larger gambling site. When this is the case, all you need to do is find the site on your internet browser. You’ll be able to start the process immediately without any download.


This shouldn’t take more than a minute or so. You just have to fill out some basic information about yourself, confirm your age so that you’re allowed to gamble, and perhaps verify the account with an e-mail address or text message.


You can’t bet for real money without first funding your gambling account. This will allow you to have a bankroll from which you can make wagers at top sports betting apps. Just choose one of the methods that the site allows, fill out the necessary data, such as a Bitcoin key code or a credit card number, and decide how much you want to download.

Choose a Bonus

Most sports betting apps will offer a “welcome bonus,” which is often a percentage given to you on top of your deposit. In some cases, you might also get free bets, odds boosts, or some other perks just for signing up. Choose the one you like, type in the necessary promo code (if there is one), and you’ll see the bonus show up in your account.

Find your Bets

From there, you’re ready to start looking for what bets you want to make. You might have to search through different sports to find the events you want and the odds and bets available on them. In the cases of big events like the Super Bowl, the app will likely have separate pages just for betting so that you can have easy access to them.

Make your Bets

Here are the choices you have to make at sports betting apps:

  • What game or event are you betting?
  • What type of bet within that game or event will you be making (win/loss, point spread, over/under, etc.?)
  • Which option will you be choosing within that bet?
  • How much do you want to bet?

When you fill out that information, you’ll see a digital betting slip with all of the information. Make sure it’s all correct before you make it all official.

Collect your Winnings

To get money out of your account that you might have won, you need to request a withdrawal. The top sports betting apps will make this process simple for you to undertake. Make sure that you check out the guidelines for withdrawals beforehand so that you understand what to expect when it’s time to make one.

Advantages of Sports Betting Apps

Why should you use sports betting apps to make wagers? Here are some of the chief advantages:

  • Safe wagering: If you use the best betting apps that we mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Nor do you have to worry about getting involved with illegal bookmakers. You can bet without peace of mind at these apps.
  • Convenience: You never have to miss out on a bet if you have a mobile sports betting app. No matter where you are, you just have to have a portable device with you, such as a phone or a tablet. When you don’t have the app, you have to be tethered to your computer to get your bets in on time.
  • Best for live betting: If you’re the type to make bets in-game, sports betting apps are a must. You just have to keep your device handy and keep checking the wagering offers that you get. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know when to pounce on odds that are advantageous to you.
  • App familiarity: Most people use apps for all manner of daily tasks, from paying bills to ordering food. That means that you’re likely familiar with how they work and how to use them. As a result, getting into sports betting apps won’t be too difficult for you.


We hope that we’ve enlightened you on the world of sports betting apps. Hopefully, you now understand how the apps work and the ways that they can help you out. And, more than anything else, we hope that you know which are the best sports betting apps on the market so that you can choose one with confidence.


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