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If you’re a veteran of the online gambling world, you might not yet have heard about Woo Casino. That’s because it only just came into existence in 2020. Can a new gambling site like that be trusted with your wagering business?

That’s what we aim to find out in the following Woo Casino review. On the one hand, we understand that many of you might be skeptical of a brand-new site when they are man tried-and-true gambling operations that have been around for a while. Yet we also know that some of you might be intrigued by a new offering and gravitate to it immediately.

When you’re choosing an online gambling site, whether it’s new or not shouldn’t be much of a factor. Instead, you should get down to the nuts and bolts of the operations. Ask the following questions of the site:

  • Is it safe to have an account at this site that contains my personal and financial information?
  • Are their games entertaining and varied and do they play without any glitches?
  • Can I gamble on the go at this site?
  • Will they offer me worthwhile bonuses if I give them my business?
  • How much can they be relied on to pay me on a timely basis if I win?
  • Is their customer service department helpful?

We’re going to get to the bottom of these and a few other burning questions in our Woo Casino review. And we’ll do impartially. Remember that we’re doing this for you, the customer, which is why our goal is to be as honest as possible.

You’ll see that when you read through this review of Woo Casino. We’ll lay out both the good and the bad along the way. At the end of it all, you should be ready to decide on whether or not this relatively new gambling site will turn out to be the right one for you.

Is Woo Casino Legit?

Woo Casino Live Casino Review

Sadly, this question needs to be asked of all gambling sites, because there are a lot of scammers out there. Certain key factors come into play when it comes to determining the legitimacy of a gambling site. Luckily, Woo Casino Canada comes out on the positive end of all of these characteristics.

First of all, it has a license to operate which it obtained in Curacao, a popular location for online gambling sites to seek this out. The site has cultivated partnerships with top game providers like Microgaming and Playtech, so you can expect reliable play. And there are encryption procedures in place so that your information is kept safe from unwanted eyes.

Finally, we’ve checked out the site for ourselves, and we’ve seen no indication of any scams or tricks. While Woo Casino has its flaws (like any gambling site) which we’ll discuss, we can without a doubt tell you that it’s legitimate. If you choose, you could play there and not have to worry about any nagging doubts.

The Good

Wonderful Live Casino Variety

Live casino action, where the games are administered by actual croupiers and dealers via streaming video, has become all the rage among online gamblers. And Woo Casino delivers the goods and then some in that arena. The variety of games offered is excellent, as is the connection between you and the casino employee.

Crypto-Friendly Site

A lot of sites give lip service to being cryptocurrency-friendly. But then they only include Bitcoin as a possible deposit or withdrawal method. Woo Casino goes way beyond that by allowing you to pay or be paid with many different digital coins in addition to Bitcoin.

Excellent Rewards Program

When you get on the site and see the phrase “Zoo Missions,” they’re talking about the rewards you can earn. Woo Casino features an impressive structure for rewards. If you’re somebody who is going to be playing at the site regularly, you can get solid extras that will enhance your experience and fatten your bottom line.

The Bad

High Rollovers

The bonuses offered by Woo Casino for new and existing customers are standard fare. But we found the rollover requirements to be a bit on the steep side. If you’re a casual, part-time player, hitting the playthroughs might be hard for you.

Interface Confusion

For the most part, Woo Casino is easy to use even for beginners. But there are some wonky parts of the interface that make it difficult to find the games you want. This is especially true when it comes to video poker, which is somewhat hidden away to the point that you might think the site doesn’t include it (but they do.)

No US Players

At the moment, the United States is not one of the regions where you can play at Woo Casino. That’s a bummer because we think that there is a lot that online gamblers would like about the site. Luckily, many other major regions of the world, such as Canada and Australia, can partake in the action.

Woo Casino Games

Woo Casino Games Review

We’re happy to report that Woo Casino does an excellent job in terms of the variety of games on display. What they could improve is how to present them. It’s a little bit confusing at times where you should go to get to the games you want to play.

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For Example:

You can find blackjack and roulette by searching in the live casino section. But there’s also a dropdown on the left-hand side of the screen with these two games that will take you to them. It’s a bit of overkill and can trip you up if you just want to get started in a hurry.

Also, there are games in the live casino section that seem to be automatically dealt. But these little quirks can be figured out once you’ve spent a little time at Woo Casino. Once you know where everything is, you’ll be pleased with the sharp graphics, variety of winning opportunities, and smooth play.

Woo Casino Slots

At Woo Casino, there are hundreds of slots from which you can choose. The site does a nice job of updating its selection, with the new titles included in a separate part of the menu on the main screen for easy access. The site also separates those titles which allow you to buy bonuses, a feature that many slot jockeys love because of how it ramps up the winning potential.

Woo Casino also provides its customers with plenty jackpot slots. You can find many different themes among the games, everything from adventurous titles to more traditional games. It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be longing for anything in the slots department that the Woo Casino site doesn’t have.

For easy access to the games that have the most buzz at the time that you play, check out the link to the most popular video slots they have available. Here are some of the titles advertised at the time we looked:

  • Majestic King
  • Book of Panther
  • Wacky Monkey
  • Crystals Digger
  • Sizzling Eggs
  • Master of Gold
  • Cleocatra
  • Under the Fifth Sun
  • Sugar Land
  • Mammoth Rampage

In addition, Woo Casino offers you tournament play with their slots. Tournaments start often at the site, so you can pretty much pick up on one whenever you log in to play. What’s exciting about slot tournaments is that you can often enter for little or no money up-front and still have a chance to win big if you can outlast all your competitors.

Woo Casino Blackjack

We liked the smooth play on the blackjack titles at Woo Casino. That was the case for both the automated versions of the game and the live casino titles. The dealers that we encountered at the site were friendly without getting overly chatty, meaning that you could concentrate on the game well.

Woo Casino doesn’t skimp on the blackjack variety either. A lot of people like to stick to the tried-and-true version of blackjack that you can find in most casinos and online gambling sites. But it’s nice to have other options, especially if you’re looking to make something more than even-money for your bet.

Take a look at some of the possibilities you can try when it comes to blackjack at Woo Casino:

  • American Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Lucky Sevens
  • 21 Burn
  • Single Deck
  • VIP Multi Hand
  • Super 7
  • Royal Pairs

Woo Casino Video Poker

As we mentioned above, the video poker at Woo Casino is a bit out of place. It’s listed in the live casino section and is found under the poker dropdown of that section. But it’s not a live casino game and it isn’t quite poker either, at least not the way most people think of it.

Regardless of that, it’s at least good news that Woo Casino offers video poker and does so in several different formats. Savvy online gambling sites love video poker because it keeps the house edge low. But it still gives you the chance to make a lot on a small bet with a rare hand.

In the case of Woo Casino, they give you some interesting twists on video poker that are a bit off the beaten path. Here are their choices:

  • American Gold
  • American Poker V
  • Joker Poker
  • Magic Poker
  • Turbo Poker

Keep in mind that Woo Casino also includes several games that can be played via their live casino that pits one person against the house. These are a bit different than video poker. Games like Caribbean Stud fit into this category and offer you another way to get a whiff of poker from the site.

What you won’t get are any poker tournaments. Woo Casino is not set up for the action. You can only play against the house.

Woo Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Woo Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Woo Casino offers the standard fare in terms of extras that they use to attract business. Truth be told, that’s not such a bad thing. A lot of betting websites get overly fancy with their offers until they become too confusing to even understand.

Check out the bonuses available to potential customers at Woo Casino:

  • First Deposit: 100% up to $100 and 150 free spins (Woo Casino promo code: WOO)
  • Second Deposit: 50% up to $100 and 50 free spins (Woo Casino promo code: WOLF)
  • Weekend Reload: 50% up to $100 and 60 free spins (Woo Casino promo code: RELOAD)

For the above bonuses, the playthrough requirement is 40x, which is a bit on the hefty side for online casino action. The minimum deposit needed to activate those bonuses is only $20, which isn’t too much to ask. There’s also a Wheel of Fortune bonus (Woo Casino bonus code: GOLD), which gives you a shot at a wheel spin for random prizes each time you deposit.

On the whole, the bonuses from Woo Casino won’t blow you away. But they’re easy enough to understand and are cheap enough that beginners can get involved. Just be prepared for those rollovers if you choose to activate one of them.

Woo Casino VIP Program

The cool thing about the rewards program at Woo Casino is just how high it goes. You can make it to a point where you’re rewarded 100,000 Euros, Australian dollars, or Canadian dollars by the site. It takes a lot of play to get there, but that’s still a lofty goal.

Overall, there are 21 different levels to which you can aspire when playing. As is the case with other online gambling sites, the more you play and bet, the quicker you’ll move up through the ranks. The chief rewards you’ll get as climb the ladder are free spins at different slots at the site.

We like the way that Woo Casino frames their rewards program as “missions” for their gamblers. That gives you a sense that you’re working towards something, which you can forget with your average rewards system. It’s a nice little touch that brings a bit of fun to the proceedings.

Woo Casino Banking Options

We mentioned above that this was a major strong point for Woo Casino. When you have a variety of banking options, you can choose the one that is just right for you and makes your life easier and less expensive. But when those options aren’t there, it can quickly become a frustrating experience.

At Woo Casino, you can choose from a wide range of credit cards, E-wallets, and cryptocurrency. The graph will tell you what you can use to deposit and withdraw money at the site:

Method Deposit Withdraw
Visa Yes Yes
MasterCard Yes Yes
Skrill Yes Yes
Neosurf Yes Yes
Interac Online Yes Yes
Paysafecard Yes Yes
Ecopayz Yes Yes
Neteller Yes Yes
Bitcoin Yes Yes
Ethereum Yes Yes
Bitcoin Cash Yes Yes
Dogecoin Yes Yes
Litecoin Yes Yes
Tether Yes Yes
Maestro No Yes
Venus Point No Yes

Woo Casino also promises that there won’t be any fees that they add to transactions. You still might have fees built into certain methods of payment or withdrawal. But it’s good to know that the site isn’t adding to it in any way.

Woo Casino Mobile Casino

Mobile gambling is available at Woo Casino through a mobile-friendly version of their site. This is easy to access through your internet browser and looked great on the smaller screen. You can play instantly without any hassle on the go.

If you choose, you can also download an app to play all the games via mobile. Some gamblers prefer this because it makes like easier to just click on a link on their phone when you’re ready to play. In either case, Woo Casino comes through.

Customer Support at Woo Casino

We’d love it if there was a direct phone line to talk to customer service representatives at Woo Casino. Granted, they’re not the only gambling site that doesn’t have this feature. But many do, so it is a bit of a letdown.

The good news is that they have a live chat feature that can take the place of a phone call. They’re quick to respond and helpful, which is all you want out of a customer service department. In addition, the FAQ section on their site is informative and will answer a lot of basic questions so you might not even need to reach out to them.


Woo Casino made a solid impression on us, which is something we don’t often say about a newer site. Everything from game selection through payment options to live casino play was top-notch. The folks behind the site took great care to get everything in order right off the bat.

That’s not to say that there aren’t improvements that could be made. The big one is adjusting how some games are included on the interface. But that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Woo Casino and all it has to offer.

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