Where Are the Best Places to Play Craps in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Casino and Craps Table

Las Vegas has no shortage of craps tables. You can roll the dice in many casinos throughout Sin City. With that said, you might pick whatever game is most convenient.

However, some separation does exist between Vegas craps games. Certain tables offer lower house edges and/or lower stakes.

The following guide discusses where you can find the most favorable real money craps games in Vegas. It also offers some tips for playing this game in Las Vegas.

What Makes a Good Craps Game?

Craps games seem to run together because they offer the same bets. Every table features pass line and don’t pass line wagers, which carry a 1.41% and 1.36% house edge, respectively.

However, certain games stand out from the pack for one reason or another. You can see the different ways that craps tables can shine below.

High Odds Bets

Odds refer to special wagers that pay at your true odds of winning. As a result, they don’t carry a house advantage.

You can place odds behind a pass line or don’t pass line wager once a point number is established. Here’s what different odds pay based on the specific point number and bet:

Pass Line (“taking” odds)

  • 2:1 payout on point numbers of 4 and 10
  • 3:2 payout on 5 and 9
  • 6:5 payout on 6 and 8

Don’t Pass Line (“laying” odds)

  • 1:2 payout on point numbers of 4 and 10
  • 2:3 payout on 5 and 9
  • 5:6 payout on 6 and 8

Some casinos allow you to place bigger odds bets than others. The larger the odds, the more you’ll reduce the house edge.

Here’s a look at how much the house advantage lowers by based on the odds multiple:

  • 0x Odds – 1.41% House Edge on Pass Line; 1.36% House Edge on Don’t Pass Line
  • 1x Odds – 0.848% (Pass Line); 0.682% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 2x Odds – 0.606% (Pass Line); 0.455% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • Full Double Odds – 0.572% (Pass Line); 0.431% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 3x Odds – 0.471% (Pass Line); 0.341% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 3x-4x-5x Odds – 0.374% (Pass Line); 0.273% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 5x Odds – 0.326% (Pass Line); 0.227% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 10x Odds – 0.184% (Pass Line); 0.124% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 20x Odds – 0.099% (Pass Line); 0.065% (Don’t Pass Line)
  • 100x Odds – 0.021% (Pass Line); 0.014% (Don’t Pass Line)

Of course, you need more money to bet bigger odds. If you’re a well-funded player, though, you’ll appreciate the chance to place larger bets and reduce the house edge.

Low Stakes

Low stakes go hand in hand with odds bets. A lower minimum wager lets you make bigger odds bets without risking as much money.

Here’s an example on theoretical losses to illustrate this point:

$1 Minimum Bet

  • The table sees 30 rounds/decisions per hour.
  • You place a $1 minimum pass line bet with 10x odds.
  • 30 x (1 + 10) = $330 wagered per hour.
  • 330 x 0.00184 = 0.61
  • You’ll theoretically lose $0.61 an hour.

$5 Minimum Bet

  • The table sees 30 rounds/decisions per hour.
  • You place a $5 minimum pass line bet with 10x odds.
  • 30 x (5 + 50) = $1,650 wagered per hour.
  • 1,650 x 0.00184 = 3.04
  • You’ll theoretically lose $3.04 an hour.

$10 Minimum Bet

  • The table sees 30 rounds/decisions per hour.
  • You place a $10 minimum pass line bet with 10x odds.
  • 30 x (10 + 100) = $3,300 wagered per hour.
  • 3,300 x 0.00184 = 6.07
  • You’ll theoretically lose $6.07 an hour.

You don’t even have to employ odds to appreciate these stakes. If you’re somebody who wants to enjoy craps as cheaply as possible, then you’ll like playing for less.

Plenty of Tables

Most craps tables accommodate up to 20 bettors. While this seems like a large amount, it’s not always enough during peak hours.

Casinos with multiple craps tables provide more opportunity to enjoy their games. A casino with two to three tables ensures that you have a good chance to play immediately, even during popular hours.

Most gambling establishments only feature one game. However, some casinos offer up to four craps tables. In this case, you’ll have no problem getting in to play.

What Are the Best Vegas Craps Casinos?

Numerous casinos throughout Sin City offer quality craps games. The following establishments, though, shine above all of the rest for one or more reasons. These casinos offer a combination of low stakes, high odds, and/or plenty of tables.

1 – Texas Station

Texas Station, a North Las Vegas casino, offers three tables with $3 minimum bets. The bonus is that you can also bet up to 10x odds.

Therefore, you can enjoy the full odds this casino has to offer for $33 ($3 + $30). If you’re a low roller—like many Vegas gamblers—then you’ll appreciate such big odds for a relatively small stake.

2 – Eastside Cannery

Located on the Boulder Highway, Eastside Cannery features a single craps table with $3 minimum bets. This table also offers up to 10x odds.

The lone drawback is that this great combination is only available on a single table. Texas Station, meanwhile, provides three tables with the same setup.

3 – Cromwell

You could easily argue that Cromwell features the best craps game in Vegas. After all, it’s the world’s only casino that allows up to 100x odds.

You do, however, need to bet at least $10 to play. This minimum wager leaves you needing to risk $1,010 for the full 100x odds ($10 + $1,000).

4 – Main Street Station

If you’re in Downtown Vegas and looking for the highest odds, then you should head to Main Street Station. It features the world’s second-highest odds at 20x. Main Station also offers three tables, which ensures that many spots are open.

You need to bet $5 to play on the craps tables here. This means you’ll need to wager $105 ($5 + $100) to enjoy the full 20x odds.

5 – Sam’s Town

Located on Boulder Highway, Sam’s Town features the same setup as Main Street Station. You can play for $5 here and look forward to odds as high as 20x. The key difference, though, is that Sam’s Town only offers one craps table.

6 – Club Fortune

A Henderson-based casino, Club Fortune doesn’t offer the biggest odds in the Vegas area (3x-4x-5x). It does, however, feature a $1 minimum bet. Club Fortune is the world’s only land-based casino with $1 stakes.

7 – (Tie) Over a Dozen Casinos

Many Vegas casinos feature tables with a $5 minimum bet and up to 10x odds. The casinos with this setup include:

  • Aliante
  • Arizona Charlie’s Decatur
  • Boulder Station
  • Cannery
  • Downtown Grand
  • El Cortez
  • Ellis Island
  • Golden Gate
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • Palace Station
  • Plaza
  • Rampart
  • Santa Fe Station
  • Silverton
  • Suncoast
  • The D

Tips for Playing Vegas Craps Games

By choosing any of the casinos above, you’ll already be off to a solid start with Vegas craps. However, you can improve your craps experience even more with the following tips.

Be Properly Bankrolled for Large Odds Bets

Las Vegas offers up to 10x, 20x, and even 100x odds. These higher odds greatly minimize the house edge so that you’re almost on even footing with casinos.

The only problem, though, is that you need a sizable bankroll to consistently bet big odds. Even if you want to wager up to $5 every round, you’ll need some serious funds.

You should do some math beforehand to figure out what kind of odds you can wager. Here’s an example on doing so:

  • You play at a table with a $5 minimum pass line bet.
  • You plan on wagering up to 5x odds.
  • The table sees up to 30 rounds/decisions an hour.
  • 30 x (5 + 25) = $900 wagered per hour
  • 900 x 0.00326 = 2.93
  • You’ll theoretically lose $2.93 an hour.
  • Your bankroll is worth $100.
  • 100 / 2.93 = 34.13
  • Your bankroll will theoretically last for 34.13 hours.

The key is to find odds that you can afford based on your situation. You certainly don’t want to risk 20x or 100x odds and quickly jeopardize your bankroll.

Look for the Lowest Stakes

Vegas casinos vary on minimum craps bets. Some establishments only require a $1 minimum wager, while others require up to a $10 bet.

You definitely want to look for the lower end of this range. Low stakes let you bet higher odds without risking as much money.

Of course, you don’t even need to make odds wagers to benefit from lower minimum bets. You can still play cheaply with don’t pass line and pass line bets at low stakes.

Understand the Trade-Off Between Low Stakes and High Odds

Ideally, you’d be able to play for $1 and bet up to 100x odds everywhere. The average casino would go broke at this rate, though, when considering their many other expenses.

You’re normally looking at a trade-off when it comes to stakes and odds. Many casinos either offer low minimum bets and low odds wagers or high minimum wagers and high odds.

Club Fortune, for instance, accepts bets as low as $1. However, they only allow you to bet up to 3x-4x-5x odds.

Luckily, some casinos are an exception to the norm. Texas Station and East Cannery are perfect examples because they both feature $3 minimum wagers along with 10x odds. You should take advantage of these outliers when possible.

Get There Early

Las Vegas craps tables can get crowded—especially when there’s a juicy game at hand. A table usually only takes up to 20 players at one time.

If there’s a particular game you’re targeting, you should show up to the casino early. You’re more likely to get onto the table earlier in the day without waiting.

Of course, you can always show up during prime time hours and wait for a spot to open. The obvious drawback, though, is that you’ll waste lots of time before actually getting to play.

Sign Up for the Players Club

Each Sin City casino has a rewards program in some manner. You should definitely sign up for any given players club to take advantage of craps rewards.

A loyalty program rewards you based on your estimated betting volume. The pit boss will monitor your play to determine what kind of comps you’re eligible for.

The bets you place will play a role in the rewards received. By sticking with pass line and high odds bets, you won’t get as many rewards as somebody who’s placing the field bet (5.56% house edge).

Nevertheless, you will receive some kind of comps. It’s still worth signing up and cashing in on these freebies.


Las Vegas has lots of great places to enjoy craps. As seen throughout this guide, though, some casinos are better than others for rolling the dice.

Texas Station and East Cannery are my personal favorites. Each has a nice mixture of low stakes and large odds bets. You can place a $3 pass line or don’t pass line wager and add 5x or 10x odds relatively cheaply.

The Cromwell is king when it comes to the absolute highest odds. While it does require a $10 minimum bet, it also lets you choose up to 100x odds.

Club Fortune is the best if you want to play as cheaply as possible. You only need to wager $1 per round to enjoy the craps action here.

In summary, Las Vegas provides many favorable craps opportunities. You should definitely consider visiting one of the casinos discussed here.

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