What Casinos Are Doing to Stay Relevant With Young Gamblers

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Gambling has been around for thousands of years. Casinos are relatively new to the game.

Still, they have become a central part of how, when, and where we gamble. Casinos don’t rely solely on gambling to lure in players.

The all-encompassing entertainment experience is not only expected but demanded. Casinos must offer guests entertainers, spas, shopping, and adventure, in addition to gaming.

New gamblers are what keep the casinos thriving. That’s not anything surprising.

New customer acquisition is a critical component of any business. Here’s what the casinos are doing to stay relevant with young gamblers.

Providing Guests Unique Experiences

Many casino guests have a list of activities they want to enjoy. These can include things like different games, various acts, and clubs they want to try.

In the past, casinos have tried to combine these activities. The convenience of having all your experiences overlap may sound great to some of you.

Yet, many young gamblers prefer to keep their experiences separate. The younger crowd likes to have specific areas for each of their priorities.

For ExampleYoung gamblers prefer to keep their gambling and social activities separate. The idea of trying to pick up a date and keep tabs on the game is messy.

It’s the same for trying to combine shopping and entertainment. Young casino guests don’t want to be backed into having their shopping overlap the show they want to see.

Casinos are making this possible by offering unique experiences for guests. It’s essential that these don’t bleed into other activities.

Regularly Re-Inventing Gameplay

Casinos are keeping pace with the young gamblers by evolving the games. That includes updating the classics while offering new options.

One of the big pushes we’ve seen in the past five years is the electronic table games. These games allow the player to enjoy the fun with friends but are void of dealers or a crowd of strangers.

These games are a smashing success for a few reasons. First, they allow young gamblers to play the games without the intimidation factor.

Many players become self-conscious when playing casino table games. The electronic table games end anyone more experienced examining every move you make.

The games also allow groups of friends to pop on a machine, play a few hands, and move on. Casinos are placing focus on the shifting dynamic of their customer base.

If the industry doesn’t keep current, it will vanish. That’s a harsh reality of the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

As much as young gamblers are concerned with having different experiences. They also wish to have an atmosphere to match any mood.

A slot machine player wants to have an atmosphere that’s loud and electrifying. Loud buzzers and flashing lights are a staple of slot machines.

It’s the casinos’ responsibility to create that scene for the player. Young gamblers have plenty of choices when choosing a casino. They research properties top to bottom before booking a trip.

A blackjack player will want a more refined gaming area. Classic tables that are elegantly appointed will draw young gamblers into the casino.

Casinos should refine the area around table games without being boring. When players are comfortable, they’ll have more fun.

That equates to more money for the casino.

It’s imperative that casinos make the first move in giving young gamblers what they want. Otherwise, they’ll miss out on the flood of new gamblers.

Spending Dollars to Acquire the Younger Demographic

New customer acquisition is vital for casinos. Young gamblers are ready to swoon, but it will cost the casinos.

So, casinos dedicate a big part of their marketing to attracting young gamblers.

One of the most prominent image shifts in casino history came from Las Vegas. The transition from an adult playground to a family resort scene was huge for the industry.

Today’s young gambler seems to split in some ways. On one side, you have the singles group that prefers to have the adults-only casino experience.

This group is easy to cater to by selling the image of an adult oasis.

Then you have the young families that are more apt to drag the kids along on their vacation. These gamblers are well-suited for the family-inclusive image of the casino resorts project.

Either group is already fitting into the narrative that casinos are delivering.

There’s only minor tweaking involved to cater it to a younger clientele.

It’s also vital that casinos look for new and creative ways to reach their customer base.

Giving Players the Latest Slot Machines With Plenty of Choices

One major hurdle facing casinos is young gamblers’ reluctance to play slot machines. Fewer than half of all young gamblers play slot machines.

When you compare that to the over 70% of older gamblers that play slots, one thing is clear. Casinos must find a way to get the young gamblers on slot machines.

One step some casinos are taking is providing more skill-based slot games to players.

Note:The young gamblers grew up playing intense video games with tons of bonuses.

The completely random nature of slot machines doesn’t present them as a challenge. But adding an element of skill brings them something familiar.

Casinos get a significant chunk of their revenue from slot machines. If that source dries up, casinos will need to recoup that money elsewhere.

Making a More Concerted Shift to Table Games

Young gamblers tend to make their home at the table games. The reasons for this focus on the card and dice game are interesting.

One aspect of table games drawing in younger players is the ability to make choices. Sitting at a machine and waiting to see if you’ve won won’t fly.

Young gamblers want to influence whether they win or lose.

They aren’t asking for complete control, but some input is necessary.

Young gamblers also want to play with their friends. The social aspect of gathering around a game with a group is central to their casino experience.

Lastly, young gamblers are smart. They research everything and know table games have a lower house edge.

It doesn’t take long to understand how the house advantage works. By researching games online, they find the better odds and stick to those games.

If casinos refuse to accept the new direction gamblers want, they’ll be playing catch up. By then, we’ll label them as antiquated, and it may be too late.

That’s why casinos are making a noticeable shift to more table games.

Tournaments are another large draw for young players. The competition adds a lot of excitement for players. There’s also the chance to gain bragging rights on your friends.

Embrace the Latest Virtual Reality Capabilities

The virtual reality market is exploding. It’s estimated that by 2025 1 in 10 Americans will own a VR headset.

As you might expect, many VR fans are young. That means casinos need to hop on board early to avoid losing customers.

The virtual reality realm is challenging for land-based casinos. You can’t exactly have VR headsets available for all gamblers.

Besides, it would be disturbing to have gamblers going to the real casino to play virtual reality. So, it must be the online casinos that make a push for more VR gaming.

There are online slots in beta testing, and PokerStars has a VR poker room for customers. The addition of VR may be geared for the young gamblers, but it’s fun for the old ones too.

Make Greater Strides in the Mobile Gaming Arena

Mobile gaming is already popular with casino gamblers. The convenience of gambling from anywhere has opened the door for many new gamblers.

Yet, there’s a unique opportunity for brick-and-mortar casinos to join the party. Young gamblers are excellent multitaskers.

By offering a mobile gaming option, the casinos can capitalize on every dollar.

Guests don’t have to break away from the pool to play a few hands of baccarat. They can also enjoy their favorite slot machine waiting in line for a show.

Giving young gamblers the option to gamble from their mobile device is a surefire way to make more money.

How Are the Casinos Doing With Younger Players?

It’s crucial that casinos draw in the young gamblers. The gamblers between 21-49 are directly in the casinos’ sweet spot.

All business is good business.

Yet, casinos mustn’t put too much energy into the youngest gamblers. The disposable income increases substantially by going after an older customer base.

One trend among young gamblers is spending less time on the casino floor. These guests seem to focus on taking in the entire casino experience.

How casinos draw players to the floor and keep them is vital. If casinos can hold the attention of young gamblers, they’ll continue to rake in money.


There’s room for improvement, but that’s what has kept casinos relative for over a century. When we look at what casinos are doing to stay relevant with young gamblers, the future looks bright.

Things are always evolving in the casino, and their ability to keep pace is remarkable. If the young gamblers aren’t responding, the casinos will take a different approach.

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