Types of Players You’ll Meet in the Casino

Different Players

Casino gambling appeals to a vast cross-section of people. That’s one of the most enticing things about heading to the casino; you never know who you’ll bump into.

The people you’ll sit with at the tables can be just as random as the games themselves. However, you can predict some of your fellow gamblers’ next moves based on how they behave.

Of course, you never want to judge a book by the cover. So, fight the urge to place these players into stereotypes based on their appearance.

I’ve spent a lot of time with each of the seven types of players you’ll meet in the casino. Knowing what to expect can help you stay sharp and on top of your game.

The Slots Guru

Casinos love their slot machines. The games offer the casinos one of the highest edges in the casino, take up little floor space, and are consistently packed with players feeding them cash.

Combine those traits with the game’s rapid pace, and you have the most profitable casino games on the planet.

Many of the slot machines you’ll pass in the casino are occupied by first-time or novice gamblers. These players choose the slots because they feel safe here.

They might not have the skill set to venture to the table games but don’t see the allure of the bingo hall. It’s a large group of players that merely fail to understand the actual math behind slot machines.

Then, there are the avid slot machine enthusiasts. This group of players immediately hop out from the pretenders and those merely passing by.

The slots gurus adorn their machines with lucky trinkets. Imagine walking into your wild aunt’s work cubicle.

You never know what you may see the players using to tempt Lady Luck. Many of these devoted enthusiasts have won a sizeable jackpot in the past. They are trying to recapture that elusive glory.

Don’t be intimidated by the pros at the slot banks; they were once beginners. Some may even be willing to share some of that wisdom and experience with you.

The Casino Newbie

The casino newbie is one of the most significant sections of gamblers. That’s because the casino industry is constantly attracting new customers.

Whether somebody is heading to Vegas to celebrate their 21st birthday or to tie the knot, many of these newbies are excited to hit the casino floor for their first time. The only thing that may outshine their excitement is their nerves.

Casinos can be intimidating for experienced players; it’s easy for new players to be overwhelmed by it all. This is why many novice gamblers appear to be so lost or simply not enjoying themselves.

Usually, these new players are playing games they don’t completely understand. Here is where asking questions will be of tremendous advantage almost immediately.

First of all, asking questions lets the dealers and other players know you’re a noob. That alone will gain you a lot of leeway in terms of patience.

Veteran casino gamblers can become easily annoyed with a player that continues making rookie mistakes. This negativity can begin to fluster the newbie and only serves to compound the errors.

Next, the players or dealers may start lending a helping hand. You’ll be able to learn the game more quickly and be more comfortable with the games.

The beginners drive the casino industry in many ways. Newbies will typically leave the casino with a fat stack or completely busted; they haven’t grasped the concept that gambling is a marathon and not a sprint.

The Wild and Loose

The wild casino player usually has plenty of money to burn. Regardless of what brings them to the casino, the entire experience is a celebration.

They obviously prefer to win but are perfectly happy leaving it all on the tables. You’ll rarely find these players exercising best strategies and the term “bankroll management” is nonexistent in their minds.

Their main goal here is to shock and awe the casino into some significant wins. When they run out of chips, a quick trip to the ATM has them right back in the heart o the action.

These wild and loose players are among the most enjoyable players to sit at a table with for a session. Gambling is first and foremost an entertainment activity, and these players squeeze every drop of entertainment available from the casino.

Of course, extreme examples of this reckless behavior take the loose and fun style into the distracting territory.

The Complete Jerk

Unfortunately, some people suck. Some of these people make their way into the casinos. These players will constantly berate the dealers for losses. They’ll occasionally go so far as to blame their losing ways on fellow gamblers.

The casino jerks will go out of their way to not only deflect any responsibility for their poor decisions, but they’ll also cast blames on all those around them. I’ve seen these players go after the cocktail servers for bringing their drink at the wrong time.

Sometimes, the player is acting like a complete donkey because they’ve been overserved in the first place. The casino staff is always on the lookout for guests acting belligerent, and there is only so much that they’ll put up with.

Still, if a player is acting like a jerk, it’s not necessarily grounds for removal. I tend to not shy away from concentration.

Many times, I’ve called out a player that’s acting in an extreme manner. It’ll send them looking for greener pastures more often than not.

However, I’ve gotten into some rather heated disagreements with this approach. That’s why I suggest allowing the casino staff to do their job.

The Zen Master

I call this type of gambler a “zen master,” but what I really see in these players is an unwavering commitment to their process.

The zen master sticks to a consistent bet amount regardless of how the session is going. It won’t matter if this player is up $2,000 or down $2,000; their average bet size will never change.

Nor will these players allow previous results to influence their betting structure. You’ll never see these gamblers employ a betting system like the Martingale.

They have done the math over and again. This valuable information gives them an excellent idea of how long they’ll be able to stretch every penny in their bankroll.

The zen masters will rarely experience the extreme highs and lows of the wild and loose players. However, they will methodically stretch their bankroll to its limits.

These casino gamblers will never be in danger of bankrupting themselves due to a string of losses. Keeping them in the game and able to cash a lucky run at some point in the future.

The Over-Talker

Being a loudmouth isn’t generally regarded as a positive attribute. Still, there are plenty of casino games where bringing an extroverted personality can enhance the overall experience.

Most of the time, the over-talker will do their best at games like craps. The game naturally breeds a communal atmosphere where everyone will want to be in on the party.

Conversely, games like blackjack or poker may not be as welcoming to the loud player that wants to celebrate each win with a round of high-fives.

When you run into a player that’s making themself the star attraction, it’s often best to allow them their spot in the sun. Some players actually thrive with a loudmouth at the tables.

These exuberant personalities can provide some much-appreciated camouflage for card counters and other advantage gamblers. Your play may go unnoticed as the attention of casino staff is constantly aimed at the player jumping out of their seat with every hand.

On the other hand, many card counters would just assume the pit boss never glances in their direction. Much like different types of gamblers on this list, the over-talker is mostly harmless.

Still, if you find yourself distracted while at the tables, it’ll be better to move on. These players can be hazardous for poker players that are prone to going on tilt.

Bear in mind that your goal at the poker table is to make money, not knock players out of the game based on prejudice.

The Friendly Dealer

Once in a while, you’ll be blessed with a fantastic dealer. A friendly dealer benefits every single player that sits at the table.

Whether you appreciate that or not is an entirely different matter.

I still remember the dealer I was gifted my first trip to the blackjack tables. His name was Marvin, he was from New Mexico.

Marvin could instantly recognize me as a rookie and took the time to make sure I was falling in love with the game. I spent several sessions over four days at Marvin’s table; he left an impression.

This was over 20 years ago, and I like to imagine Marvin enjoying his retirement in the Florida Keys. When you’re fortunate enough to be seated with a great live dealer, learn everything they have to offer.

Be sure to tip them well for their trouble; dealing is far from the most straightforward job in the casino.


There is an almost infinite number of different players you may bump into during your travels. These seven types of players you’ll meet in the casino will all bring something to the table.

While each may not be your cup of tea, almost all have the ability to enhance your casino gambling session.

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