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Casino Loyalty

Whether you’re a high roller or a very occasional player, members of gambling sites are usually automatically enrolled into a VIP, rewards or loyalty club. There are very few websites that don’t offer some program that converts betting into a point system. The more that a player wagers, the higher he or she climbs through the ranks of the club.

There are some perks at all levels but, when you reach the top tiers, the benefits can be substantial like vacations, jewelry, and electronics.

Casinos and sportsbooks recognize the need to keep their players returning time and time again, and a loyalty club is a great way to do it. For anyone who wants to move up through the levels to take advantage of the big perks, sticking with one website is the way to do it.

When I review a casino, I always look through the VIP club information, and I’ve compiled a list of the top ten perks that I’ve seen these programs provide. If you’ve overlooked your status with some of these clubs in the past, these may inspire you to take advantage of some benefits that you’re owed. If you’ve been doing any consistent playing in the casino, poker room, or sportsbook, contact customer services for that site, and they’ll give you your balance and club level.

Points Convert to Cash

The ironic thing about these clubs is that it takes money to earn points, but then the points can be turned around and redeemed for money. A benefit to being a member at a higher status level is that the point conversion works more in your favor. Whereas an entry level member may have a redemption rate of something like 5,000 points for $1, a player at a higher level may only need to redeem 2,000 points for $1. Factor in that top tier players needed a bigger balance to achieve their rank so, they could be eventually cashing in a substantial amount.

Special Contests & Drawings

Promotions can work a few different ways depending on the site. Some clubs may have contests or drawings for VIP players only, and others may give VIPs a free pass into a game that other players need to earn their way in to participate. There’s a general rule of thumb that is top tier loyalty players will typically receive something better than everyone else. If everyone else earns two tickets to a drawing, a VIP will probably claim four. If the drawing is for top level members only, you can be sure that the prizes will have a wow factor to them. You won’t see a VIP-only drawing with a top prize of just $50. It’ll be something more substantial to show that these players are appreciated.

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays provide an ideal opportunity for casinos to give their players a special perk, and it doesn’t cost them anything to give away some free spins or a special bonus. As you move up the ranks, your gift becomes much more significant though. You’ll get a larger amount of free play cash or even a physical gift of some value.


Similar to the contests and drawings, VIP players can either receive exclusive invitations to the slot, table, and poker room tournaments, or they can get a free ride into an open competition for which other players must earn an entry. I just recently read about one that a casino sponsored and its customers needed to deposit something like $200 to receive an entry ticket but, if you were in the top two tiers of the rewards club, you got in with no deposit required.

Trips and Other Big Prizes

If you’re doing some major betting, you can get in on some major incentives. I was surprised at some of the gifts that some programs offer to club members. High rolling bettors are receiving jewelry, computers, TVs, autographed merchandise, holidays, and some of the bigger sites have even offered cars and motorcycles as rewards. Don’t let me mislead you, though. You have to do some massive betting to get in on these types of things. These are for the highest of the high rollers who, compared to most, can wager staggering amounts of money. You would have to figure that an operator isn’t just going to give away gifts to be nice, it doesn’t want those high stakes punters going anywhere else so, the enticements will be notable.

A Sneak Peek at New Games

First access isn’t a standard offering on all sites, but I recently noticed that a few casinos would unveil their brand new games as a perk to higher tiered members. It makes them feel special to be able to receive a personal invitation to play something that not everyone has availability to yet.

Free Withdrawals

If you use a website that charges for banking transactions, free withdrawals can be a huge perk especially if you’re someone that is constantly moving money in and out of your betting account. Not every casino or book does charge for these transactions, but there are some that can charge a flat fee as high as $70 per payout so free banking could put quite a bit more money in your pocket. It also gives you that flexibility to conduct as many transactions as you’d like without having to calculate the best strategy to save money on fees.

Expedited Withdrawals

A lot of gambling sites are now doing a better job of catering to their players and speeding up their payout process. But, it can still take several days to get cash from a betting account into your hands. So, speedy withdrawals for VIP club members is another benefit that you can use time and time again. If you’re a loyalty member with an operator that still takes weeks to pay, this benefit is even that much greater.

Higher Limits

VIP players are apparently betting big, and they need to be accommodated to stay at that level. So, often, top loyalty level players can take advantage of larger deposit and withdrawal amounts as well as VIP tables with much higher allowable stakes. These options may not be spelled out on the club page but, if you’re anything other than an entry level member, it never hurts to ask for your limits to be raised.

VIP Host

This one never sounded like much of a benefit to me, but players who have had access to their personal concierge have raved about the perk. Not only can the VIP host make special arrangements but, even if you need general customer service like assistance with deposits of payouts, you get a much faster response and personal attention.

Every site is different and has a unique club structure and different benefits but the ones I’ve provided are the most common. If you are looking to stick with one provider and see if you can level up to take advantage of more player perks, you may also want to consider a networked program.

For example, 888 has all of its sites, like and, merged into one big VIP Club with some very substantial gifts and perks especially for Platinum members.

You don’t have to be a high roller to get in on some of the bonuses and offers that these clubs provide but, if you’re not, it does make sense to devote yourself to one favorite casino, sportsbook, or poker room and let those points add up to something substantial.

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