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Joker Poker is a popular video poker game that’s also a variation of Jacks or Better, which is available in most casinos. However, the inclusion of a joker card makes the game a lot more interesting. It utilizes a 53-card deck which brings a lot more opportunities for the players.

In this article, I want to offer you some key information on Joker Poker. I explain how the game works and provide you with some tips that’ll help improve your Joker Poker strategy.

The ultimate goal is to increase your odds of winning by recognizing patterns within the game and making better decisions when you hit the tables.

How to Play Joker Poker?

Before you begin playing Joker Poker, you have to know how the rules work. Although the concept is easy to grasp, I encourage you to learn and recognize all the nuances of the game.

Joker Poker follows the same format as most video poker games: you convert your money into credits before you begin playing the game. The conversions will vary according to the machine you’re using.


Similar to most video poker games, Joker Poker begins with you placing an initial bet and selecting the number of hands you want to play. Then, you’ll be dealt five cards and you have to determine which cards you want to discard/replace.

Your main goal is to get the best possible combination. The Joker Poker paytable might vary in the different casinos, but the top hands are usually identical.

Here are all winning combinations, from the strongest to the weakest.

  • Natural Royal Flush
  • Fiver of a Kind
  • Wild Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • Pair (Kings or stronger)

Once you decide which cards you want to replace, you select the Draw option and will then be dealt new ones. You can also keep all of your initial cards if you have a strong hand already.

To get good at the game and perfect your Joker Poker strategy, you also need to know how the wild joker card works. It can be used as any other card to help you form the strongest combination possible.

For Example

Let’s say your hand consists of two kings, a four, a two, and a joker. The joker card will improve your hand to three kings, versus merely having a pair.

Most payouts in Joker Poker begin with a pair of kings. However, the criteria will vary according to the casino where you’re playing the game. It’s also important to learn all the different poker hands and how they rank from lowest to highest.

Knowing How to Utilize the Joker Card

Part of your strategy to play Joker Poker video poker should be to make the best possible decisions when you’re dealt the joker card. You’ll encounter plenty of scenarios where the joker will dictate the way you plan your hand.

Here’s how you should play your hand when you’re initially dealt a joker card and you encounter these scenarios.

  • Always keep the following combination if you have a joker: three cards to a flush, three cards to a straight flush, three cards to a straight, three of a kind, a pair, or three cards to a royal flush.
  • Replace two cards if that leaves you with three cards to a straight flush or four of a kind (including the joker)
  • Replace all cards if you have a joker, and the rest of your hand has no pairs, no kings, no aces, or no potential for a straight or a flush.

Remember that the jokers are your key to success here. You’re almost guaranteed to win if you have one, so make sure to make the best decisions if that’s the case.

Knowing How to Play Your Hand Without the Joker Card

It’s equally important to know how to play your hand when you’re not dealt a joker card initially. Here’s what you should do when encountering these scenarios.

  • Keep all single pairs unless you have four cards for straight flush/Royal flush.
  • Replace the final card if you have four cards to a straight, flush, straight flush, or royal flush
  • If you have a three of a kind, replace the other two cards
  • If you have a four of a kind, replace the other card

Variations of video poker (similar to Joker Poker) require plenty of discipline in your decision-making skills. However, studying the Joker Poker strategy charts can also help you reduce the house edge to almost zero when you play Poker Joker with real money.

Joker Poker Strategy Chart

Before you hit the casinos, take some time to use Joker Poker strategy charts that are widely available online for the different variations of the game.

You can always play poker games for free online and consult the chart to determine the best course of action. That will help you recognize patterns in Joker Poker and similar games.

In certain scenarios, the chart will suggest multiple different ways to play your hand. However, I advise that you choose the option that’s the highest on the list.

Futher Info:

Although the strategy charts may seem complex, they’re actually easy to learn and memorize. The ultimate goal is to recognize every scenario and make all the right decisions. Keep in mind, though, that video poker includes of millions of combinations that can occur at any moment.

Where to Play Joker Poker Online?

Developing a strategy is a lot easier when you make use of the best video poker online casinos. All of them offer Joker Poker machines and many other perks when using their services.

This includes a safe gambling experience, smooth mobile versions, and the chance to earn extra rewards.

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