The Great Game of Online Pachinko – As Much Fun to Play as It Is to Say

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It’s called what? That’s right guys, Pachinko. And it’s as much fun to play as it is to say. This game is a big hit in Japan, where it originated. Gambling is more tightly regulated there, causing this gem of a game to be less known that a lot of others.

With the boom in people choosing to play in online casinos, lesser known games have emerged. Games like Pachinko have transitioned from rundown back-alley casinos to the high-quality online versions you can find today. Read on to find out how to play, where you can find this game, and why I can’t stop playing it!

What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a mix of pinball and slot machines. The game starts with a pinball aspect. You purchase some balls at a set price each. From there, you release your balls into the play area. They will bounce around off obstacles and bumpers until they disappear.

As the balls fall into certain buckets, you will win more balls. If a ball falls into an upper or middle-level bucket, the slot machine aspect of the game is initiated. If you match three symbols on the slot reels, you win more balls.

The balls are your currency since each ball is worth a specific value. This can vary between games, just as there are slot machines in which a credit is worth a penny, a quarter or more — same principal here with your pachinko balls.

After you have completed your round of pachinko, you can then choose to play another round with the balls that you won, or cash out. If all your balls are lost without winning anymore, your game is over.

Where Can You Play Online Pachinko?

Playing Pachinko in person can be quite challenging. I am aware of one Pachinko Parlor in the United States in Wilmington, NC (however gambling laws restrict the payouts to prizes, rather than cash). For most of us, that’s not going to be an easy option. Since Pachinko originated in Japan and has yet to gain much popularity outside of that area, you aren’t likely to be able to play this game live and in person.

Luckily many casino sites now offer online Pachinko as an option to play. As always, make sure you are gaming with a reputable casino, with proper licensing. Look for one that has good customer service options, as well as deposit and withdrawal options that fit your needs.

Can You Increase Your Odds of Winning?

Much like slot machines, online Pachinko is a game of chance, not skill. There is very little you can do to improve your odds of winning. Notice I said very little, not nothing? That’s because, with the pinball aspect, you can have a little bit of control over your outcome.

If any of you have ever played a round of pinball, you know that the force you use to shoot the ball into the game field can have an impact on your results. This principle is the same with Pachinko. Even in online options, you can choose the force or speed with which the balls are released. Playing around with varying speeds might give you a slight edge in your odds of landing a ball into a winning bucket.

As far as slot machine statistics go, the house advantage of online Pachinko isn’t terrible (4.38% House Advantage). The casino house edge among slot machines tends to range between 3% to 20%. Online Pachinko falls very close to the low end of that spectrum.

Keep in mind that this is still a relatively high house advantage. If you compare Pachinko odds against Blackjack, you will find Pachinko is considered a much more statistically undesirable bet. With proper strategy, house advantage in Blackjack is around 0.5%.

If you can master the best force needed to release the balls into the field with optimal results, you might be able to lower the house advantage slightly. However, there is always the slot element in the end. You could be able to get more slot opportunities, but in the end, your results are simply a matter of luck.

Why You Need to Try Online Pachinko Today

Let’s just be honest; gambling is a losing venture in the long run for most people. There is always the chance to strike it rich with any game, and this is the same with online Pachinko. What draws me to Pachinko is simply how fun it is to play.

I think there is an entertainment value to be placed on which games you choose to gamble on. How you choose to gamble is a matter of personal preference. I choose a game that I have a blast playing, as opposed to one that I find boring. If I lose a few extra cents on the dollar, I’m okay with that.

For me, the pinball aspect of the game gives me a sense of nostalgia and adds something extra to an otherwise simple slot machine game. Whether there is any sort of advantage to be gained by controlling your ball release speed is somewhat inconclusive. It does, however, add a sense of control over your money.

The other aspect that drew me to online Pachinko is simply that it’s something different. I feel like I’ve played everything online casinos offer sometimes. This game is one that many haven’t heard of and can create a little change within your gambling routine.

Putting it All Together

If you’ve never played online Pachinko, it’s a must try. Between the reasonable house odds, easy to follow rules of gameplay and fun to be had, it could quickly become one of your favorite online casino games. With an increase in popularity, we might even see this game on the casino floors in the future.

If you’d like to try it (which I recommend), check it out at some of the top online casinos today!

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