Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

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It’s a question a lot of people end up asking – Is online blackjack rigged? The truth is that the game can be frustrating for all of us when we fail to string together victories. However, bad luck can strike at any time, especially when it comes to online blackjack.

In this article, I want to discuss a little bit about why it’s reasonable to sometimes feel as though online blackjack is rigged, even if that’s not the case. I also want to debunk any myths or misconceptions about how the game works.

Here’s what you need to know to understand whether online blackjack is rigged or not.

Online Casinos Don’t Have to Rig Blackjack

The casinos don’t have to rig the game – house edge already ensures that they can make money from online blackjack no matter what. Depending on your skill level, the house edge is fairly low – the casino often only has a 1-2% advantage over players.

That doesn’t sound significant and it’s not when you take one customer playing one session. However, if you combine all players and all of their sessions, that’s a different story.

The house edge ensures that the casino will come out on top in the long run. Furthermore, many online blackjack players many a lot of mistakes. That increases the casino’s advantage and brings even more profits.


You shouldn’t confuse a casino’s house edge with a rigged system. Remember, online gambling sites are in the business of making money. Casinos are also fairly transparent about the advantage they have over regular players.

Online Casinos Are Regulated

Online casinos are subject to regulations one way or another. In most cases, a regional gaming commission is responsible for monitoring the activities of the casinos. Their job includes oversight of blackjack tables. This very fact alone disproves (mostly) that the game is rigged.


Gambling regulation is obviously very important when it comes to online casinos. It ensures that casinos will operate in a lawful manner and not cheat their customers out of money. Every player deserves to have a fair chance of winning money.

The good news is that the disreputable gambling sites are in the minority – they currently have minimal impact on the market. That vast majority of online casinos follow every law and regulation, which makes them safe to use.

Legit Online Casinos Use RNGs

RNGs (Random Number Generators) are a crucial component of online gambling. They’re responsible for ensuring that the outcomes of the games are completely random. The most reputable online casinos all make use of the RNGs to create fair gaming experiences.


Another reason why casinos make use of RNGs is to combat and prevent fraud. Every player is essentially receiving the same treatment, and anyone who tries to gain an unfair advantage likely won’t succeed in doing so.

Independent auditors also regularly test RNG mechanics in online casino games. This includes regular evaluations and auditing of various systems. The purpose of this, of course, is to ensure fairness in online gaming.

Rigged Casinos Don’t Last for Long

If rigged online blackjack games are occurring, the casino/venue is going to lose all its customers. Most players (especially blackjack veterans) will recognize when they’re losing their money under suspicious circumstances.

Futher Info:

Casinos are also careful to provide an equitable experience because they have to protect their reputations. With certain businesses, public perception is everything, and this particular principle as well applies to commercial gambling venues.

Casinos are also careful to provide an equitable experience because they have to protect their reputations. With certain businesses, public perception is everything, and this particular principle as well applies to commercial gambling venues.

If players learn of any fraudulent activity, they’ll take action and make it known about what’s going on. Online casinos risk everything when they decide to rig their blackjack tables and other games. In short, the casinos know that the players aren’t stupid.

Casinos Don’t Create Their Blackjack Games

Is online blackjack rigged? It’s not very likely, and that’s also because most internet casinos actually license the games via third-party developers. In other words, they’re not responsible for actually creating the blackjack games that they host on their websites.

With this particular piece of information, the issue then shifts to the integrity of the game developer. It’s certainly reasonable to have concerns about the companies creating online blackjack games, but you don’t really have to worry about them.

Gaming developers also make their money by creating reliable, high-quality products. They understand that, similar to the casinos, they’ll also lose business when their reputation suffers. Furthermore, these developers must also adhere to strict industry requirements and guidelines.

It’s not impossible to rig the games and it has happened before. However, it’s not the smart way to do business and most developers of online casino games know that perfectly well.


The bottom line is that online blackjack games aren’t rigged – the vast majority of casinos offer you a safe and fair experience. To avoid any unreliable gambling sites, I recommend that you check out the best blackjack casinos.

Take this opportunity to explore your options and discover different online casinos that offer you plenty of fair games to play. You can also claim various welcome bonuses and earn rewards that’ll maximize your bankroll.

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