9 Ways to Win $100K Gambling on Casino Games

9 Ways to Win $100,000 Gambling

Years ago I read an article published by Michael Bluejay about how much better the odds of winning a million dollars in a casino was than playing the lottery.

Bluejay worked with Michael Shackleford, also known as the Wizard of Odds, for several years.

His system was parlaying a $10 bet 17 times. In other words, you start with a bet of $10 and double up after each win. You have to win 17 straight bets to win a million.

Of course winning 17 bets in a row is an extreme long shot, but it turns out that it isn’t near as long as hitting the lottery, or even a big progressive jackpot slot machine.

The odds of doubling your way to a million starting with a $10 bet playing the player bet in baccarat or the don’t pass line bet in craps is less than 170,000 to 1.

But what if you only want to win $100,000?

What does this do to the odds?

If you use the Bluejay system the odds of doubling your way to $100,000 starting with a $10 bet playing baccarat or craps bets as described above improve to less than 20,000 to 1. If you start with a $20 bet they improve to less than 10,000 to 1.

Starting with a $100 bet reduces the odds to just over 1,000 to 1.

It’s clear that these are all long shots, but when you compare them to many lotteries that have odds of over 100 million to 1 to win the big prize they don’t look bad.

All of this made me start thinking about legitimate ways to make $100,000 gambling.

You can follow the method described above, or you can try one of ones I describe below.

Some of them are extreme long shots, taking a chance at one lucky break, and others have a better chance to work but may take longer.

The simplest way would be to bet $100,000 on a single event, like red or black at the roulette table, or on the player at baccarat, or on a sporting event.

But when I made the following list I made the assumption that you don’t already have $100,000 to gamble with.

1 – Slot Machines

Many slot machines have top jackpots that pay $100,000 or more. Some of the big progressives have a secondary prize that pays this much, and some of the machines that don’t even offer a progressive jackpot have top prizes this big.

The odds are long, but often you can risk $1 to have a chance at winning $100,000.

If you don’t get lucky and hit a big win the slots will consistently drain your bankroll.

2 – Keno

You can find keno games that offer a top prize of $100,000 or more for a bet of $1.

Keno has the worst house edge in most casinos so just like the slot machines it’s not a game where you’re going to grind out any profit. You need to get lucky and hit the big win in order to make any money.

3 – Win a Poker Tournament

Poker tournaments run around the world every day. Many of them have small buy in’s and small pay outs, but some have pay outs in the millions. Most of the WPT and WSOP events pay over a million to the first place finisher and many have final tables that all pay over $10,000.

It’s a challenge to win a poker tournament with hundreds or thousands of entrants, but if you’re a decent player your chances are much better than playing the lottery, slots, or keno.

If you enter a tournament with 1,000 players for $2,000 and the top 10 players all win at least $100,000 you have a one in 100 chance of hitting your goal. And if you win the tournament you’ll win considerably more than $100,000.

Poker tournaments are hard to win and it helps considerably if you’re a good player, but even as an average player you have a realistic chance to do well.

And even if you don’t make it to the final table and just sneak into the money you stand a great chance of doubling your buy in or more.

4 – Grind It Out at the Poker Tables

Everything I’ve talked about so far is based on longer odds. But if you can win on a consistent basis playing poker you can grind out $100,000. It just takes time.

A good poker player can win around one big bet per hour playing limit Teas holdem. So if you play $20 / $40 you just need to play 2,500 hours.

If you play 40 hours a week it’ll just take 63 weeks to reach $100,000.

If you play 50 hours a week it takes it down to just 50 weeks.

Of course many variables come into play. You may play at a different limit or play no limit holdem.

But the main point is if you can learn the skills and strategies needed to become a winning poker player all you have to do is play long enough and you’ll grind out $100,000.

5 – Sports Betting

Sports betting is another area that allows some bettors to consistently turn a profit. Just like poker it isn’t easy, but some punters do it.

The size of your bets and your ability to beat the sports book directly influence if you can make $100,000 betting on sports and how fast you can do it.

The keys are developing a winning system, managing your bankroll so you don’t run out of money on a down swing, and sticking with your system.

Though it isn’t quite the same thing, some bettors are able to develop winning systems betting on horses and dogs as well. The way to reach $100,000 is basically the same.

6 – Counting Cards

Just as some poker players are able to grind out $100,000 at the tables over time, some blackjack players who learn how to count cards can grind out a consistent profit over time.

Learning how to count cards isn’t as difficult as many believe. Anyone with average intelligence can learn fairly quickly, but using it effectively at the tables and getting away with it are also skills that you need to develop.

Even if you’re able to learn how to count cards and get away with it the profit is slow and the swings are still big.

At best you work with an edge of less than 2% and most of the time it’s closer to a half percent.

This means if your average edge is a half percent and your average bet is $100 and you play 100 hands per hour you make $50 an hour on average.

But one problem card counters face is they usually can’t play for hour after hour at the same table, or even in the same casino, like poker players can do. So it’s hard to play 40 or more hours per week. It’s possible, but it’s a challenge.

7 – Win the Lottery

I talked a little bit about the lottery in the first part of the post, and the odds are the worst you can find on this page. But for a small investment of a dollar or two you have the chance to win millions.

Some of the big lotteries have second place prizes of $100,000 or more, so the odds aren’t quite as bad if that’s your goal.

8 – Roulette

If you place a bet of $2,857.14 on a single number on the roulette table and win you’re up a cool $100,000. And the odds are only 37 to 1 against you, so it’s not out of the question for it to happen.

If you don’t have that much to risk you can bet $81.64 on a single number and let it ride if you win. If you win twice in a row you win just over $100,000.

9 – Video Poker

Jacks or Better video poker machines pay 4,000 coins for a royal flush, so if you play max coins on a $25 machines, making a bet of $125, if you hit the royal you walk away with $100,000.

The odds are long, but they’re considerably better than most slot machines and the lottery.


Now you know at least 9 ways to win $100,000 gambling. Some of them are long shots like playing the lottery, keno, or slot machines. But a few of them are more realistic like poker, blackjack, and sports betting. They just take more time.

The games you choose to play and the way you go about shooting for $100,000 depends on how you want to play. If you get a thrill out of the chance at a big return for a small investment you can find plenty of opportunities.

But if you enjoy grinding out a small edge over time you can do that too. Once you decide how you want to try to win $100,000 gambling you can get started any time.

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