Can You Trick Online Casinos into Giving You More Comps?

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Earning comps is one of the best parts about online gambling. You can collect cashback, free slots spins, and more by playing at internet casinos.

Comps are awarded based on your real money play. Placing larger bets at a high volume is the easiest way to increase your rewards.

Of course, playing past your comfort level is terrible from a bankroll management perspective. This may leave you wondering if there are other methods to reap more rewards from your online casino play.

One potential way is to fool the casino into giving you more rewards. Tricking the casino can work in land-based gambling establishments, so why not at internet casinos, too?

Keep reading as I discuss if you can actually fool online casinos into handing over more comps.

How Do Online Casinos Award Comps?

Signing up at an internet casino is the first step to earning freebies. You need to select the signup button on the homepage and fill in the required details to register for an account.

You’ll also be prompted to agree to the casino’s general terms and conditions and verify the account through your email address. Once these tasks are completed, you’ll be a member of the gaming site.

The next step is to choose one of the available banking options and make a deposit. After all, you must play for real money in order to qualify for comps.

Actually placing bets is the final step to earning rewards. Each gaming site determines your rewards based on the total betting volume you offer.

Here’s an example:

  • The casino offers $1 in cashback for every $1,000 wagered
  • You bet $5,000 total
  • 5,000 / 1,000 = $5 cashback

The exact rewards you earn differ based on the internet casino. Generally speaking, though, online casinos offer cashback, free spins, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

The size of rewards you get depends upon your status in the loyalty program. The lower tier gets basic comps, while high rollers receive the best offers.

Regardless of your loyalty status, all you must do to get comped is make real money bets. The online casino’s software will monitor your bets and reward you accordingly.

Again, your VIP status plays a large role in how well you’re rewarded. Here’s a fictional example of an online casino VIP plan:

  • Crazy Circus Casino features Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum VIP levels
  • Players receive 1 comp point for every $1 bet on slots
  • The points-for-cash rate is as follows for each level:
    • Bronze = $1 for 1,000 points (1,000:1 ratio)
    • Silver = $1 for 950 points (950:1 ratio)
    • Gold = $1 for 900 points (900:1 ratio)
    • Platinum = $1 for 800 points (800:1 ratio)

You can always try to move up in status if you’re unhappy with your current comp rate. Just note that you’ll also have to play a lot more to make this happen.

The Problem with Fooling Internet Casinos into Giving You More Rewards

Earlier, I mentioned how tricking land-based casinos into giving you more comps is a frequently discussed topic. The nature of how brick-and-mortar casinos track table game comps is the reason why it’s possible to con them into giving you more freebies.

Here’s the gist on how land-based venues determine your comps:

  • You sign up for the player’s club
  • The casino gives you a player’s club card
  • You give this card to the dealer and tell them that you want to be rated
  • The dealer hands your card to the pit boss
  • The pit boss comes over and watches your first few wagers
  • They’ll periodically come back around to monitor your bets. They’re focusing on your bet size and the amount of time you spend playing

It’s an imperfect science how land-based casinos rate table game play. Therefore, it’s possible to trick pit bosses into thinking that you’re playing at a higher rate than you really are.

I’m going to discuss some tips for doing so later. However, I first want to get to the bottom of if it’s possible to do the same in online gambling.

Unfortunately, you can’t deceive an online casino into giving you more comps. Gaming sites don’t have pit bosses manually tracking your bets.

Instead, the software can monitor every single bet you make. The only way to get more comps than you deserve is if there’s a software glitch that allows you to rack up more freebies.

I’ve never heard of this happening, though, meaning you’re very unlikely to trick online casinos into giving more rewards than you deserve.

How to Raise Your Online Casino Comps Naturally

You may not be able to trick online casinos into giving you more comps. However, you can increase your rewards through natural means.

Playing a high volume and making big bets are the easiest ways to increase your comps. Here are a few other methods for collecting more rewards.

Research the Best Online Casino VIP Programs

Most internet casinos are fairly competitive with each other in terms of comp rate. However, you can find a few gaming sites that stand out in comparison in the industry.

The best way to ensure that you find a quality online VIP program is by visiting casinos yourself and comparing their comp rates. Of course, this method is extremely time-consuming.

You can save yourself time by doing Google research and reading articles/rewards to see which casinos are offering the most comps. Your goal should be to find an exchange rate better than $1 for 1,000 comps at the lowest VIP level.

Play Online Slots

All online casino VIP programs encourage you to play games with high house edges, like online slots, keno, and scratch cards. They do so by increasing the amount of rewards points you earn per dollar wagered on slots/keno/scratch cards.

Of course, playing casino games with a higher house advantage just to earn better comps isn’t a good idea. The theoretical losses you face will be far greater than the comps you stand to earn.

But if you already like slots, then you can at least look forward to more comps than when playing table games like baccarat and blackjack.

Here’s an example:

  • An online casino offers 1 comp point for every $1 wagered on slots
  • The casino gives 1 point for every $10 wagered on table games (baccarat, blackjack, craps, European roulette, etc.)
  • You must gamble 10x the amount on table games to get the same rewards as slots players

Also note that some online casinos don’t even give rewards points for table game play. Check a gaming site’s VIP section to make sure that any game you play qualifies for rewards.

Increase Your VIP Status

Internet casinos offer the lowest rewards to new customers. But the amount of comps earned can quickly be increased by moving up to a new level.

The only problem is that you have to offer the casino more play to increase your status. You may even need to collect a certain amount of points every month to maintain the level.

This is all perfectly fine if you move up the ladder naturally. However, don’t force the issue by playing far more than you’re comfortable with just to gain a higher VIP level.

You Can Trick Land-Based Casinos into Awarding You More Comps

It makes perfect sense why casinos only want you to receive the right amount of rewards. They’re businesses, and they can only give out so many freebies and still collect profits.

However, you may be eager to learn ways to boost your comps without betting more. I’ve already explained that this is impossible in online casinos without some sort of glitch.

But you can use different methods to boost your land-based casino comps. Here are some ways to increase your rewards without breaking the bank.

Bet More When the Pit Boss Is Watching

Pit bosses are casino veterans who have a good feel for how much you’re betting per hand. They also know the average number of hands seen at each table per hour.

The pit boss combines these elements along with how long you’ve been playing to determine your comps. You’re not going to receive many rewards if the pit boss rates you as a $10 player.

Of course, they have a difficult job in trying to rate every player across the casino. This leaves an opening to trick them into thinking that you’re betting more.

Here’s an example:

  • You’re playing baccarat
  • You tell the dealer/pit boss you want to be rated
  • You immediately begin betting $100 per hand
  • The pit boss watches your first three bets and records the amount
  • The pit boss leaves
  • You quickly lower your bet to the $10 table minimum
  • You increase your wager to $100 whenever the pit boss comes back

The pit boss will quite possibly rate you as a $100 player if they don’t notice you changing bet sizes. Even if they do see you betting different amounts, they might rate you as a $50 gambler.

Tricking them into offering a higher rate gives you a big boost in rewards. Here’s an example of how many more freebies you can collect:

  • You normally bet $10 per hand in blackjack
  • The casino comps you at a 0.05% rate
  • You play 500 hands
  • 500 x 10 x 0.0005 = $2.50 in rewards
  • You increase your wager to $100 when the pit boss is watching
  • You’re rated as a $100 player
  • 500 x 100 x 0.0005 = $25 in rewards

Keep in mind that this is by no means a foolproof method for collecting more rewards. The pit boss could see you varying your bets, talk with the dealer, and find out that you’re mostly betting the table minimum.

However, tricking the pit boss into thinking that you’re betting more is the most legitimate method for getting more out of your play.

Make Riskier Bets in Front of the Pit Boss

The house edge is another factor that pit bosses can use to determine how many rewards you deserve. Placing bets with large house edges increases the amount of comps you stand to earn.

Making wagers with high house advantages makes it seem like you’re taking on greater losses. Of course, you only want pit bosses to think you’re making these bets on a regular basis.

Here’s an example of making worse wagers to pick up more comps:

  • You normally make don’t pass line bets (1.36% house edge) in craps
  • The comp rate is 0.05% on these wagers
  • You instead make hard 10 wagers (11.11% house edge)
  • The pit boss increases your comp rate to 0.2%
  • You’re now getting 4x the rewards on your play

I’ve simplified the craps rating system for the purpose of this example. But you can figure out why pit bosses reward you more under the assumption that you’re facing bigger theoretical losses.

Rat Hole Your Chips

Casinos don’t want players losing big and vowing never to come back. Therefore, they commonly offer more freebies to big losers to help retain their play.

You can sometimes make the pit boss think that you’re having a worse night in order to capitalize on this scenario. “Rat holing,” where you gradually pocket your chips, is the best way to pull off this scheme.

Rat holing is by no means illegal because you’re allowed to take your own casino chips at any time. Nevertheless, you want to be secretive when pocketing them.

The pit boss may see your chips quickly vanish and think that you’ve lost lots of money. It also helps if you throw in a few complaints about how much you’ve lost when they’re around.

You can further sell your losing night by going to another table and buying in with cash. This makes it seem like you lost all your money at the other table and are now forced to buy back in with more money.


Unfortunately, you can’t deceive online casinos into giving you more comps. Their software monitors every single wager, meaning you can’t vary your bet sizes and expect to earn more.

The good news, though, is that you can use a few other means to collect extra rewards. Playing slots, moving up in the VIP program, and researching the top loyalty plans can all lead to more freebies.

Ideally, you’ll find an online casino that rewards you more per dollar wagered than their competitors. Of course, it takes some work to find the best programs.

If you’re really itching to fool casinos into giving you more comps, then head to a land-based establishment.

Pit bosses rate you based on your first few bets. You can therefore raise your bet size when they’re watching, then lower it when they leave and still reap higher comps.

Making bets with high house edges and rat holing chips are also means to increase your rewards. Just be aware, though, that no method is foolproof when it comes to tricking casinos. A pit boss could see right through your scheme and comp you at the lowest level.

In summary, internet casinos are still worth playing at even though you can’t trick them into giving you more rewards. Plus, you can increase your comps simply by playing more, moving up in the VIP program, or finding the top VIP plans.

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