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Looking for some bets on Stranger Things Season 5? While it’s not due out until 2024, there are already markets offered by some of the top bookmakers online.

I explore the latest Stranger Things Season 5 odds and share my predictions in this article. The options are currently limited, but I will be on the hunt for more opportunities in the future, so stay tuned!

Stranger Things S5 Futures Bets

There’s only one category for Stranger Things Season 5 betting right now; who will say the first word or line of season five?

Let’s take a look at the current Stranger Things Season 5 odds at BetUS.

  • Eleven +250
  • Max Mayfield +375
  • Lucas Sinclair +450
  • Victor Creel/Vecna +550
  • Will Byers +800
  • Jim Hopper +800
  • Nancy Wheeler +1000
  • Dustin Henderson +1000
  • Mike Wheeler +1200
  • Steve Harrington +1200
  • Robin Buckley +1400
  • The Mind Flayer +1600
  • Any Parent of Dustin, Lucas, Will, Mike, or Max +1800
  • Joyce Byers +2000
  • Murray Bauman +2000
  • Colonel Jack Sullivan +2200
  • Owens +2500

As you can see, there are quite a few characters to bet on, but there are a few clear favorites. This is usually the case with entertainment betting, so I’ll focus on the five most likely to say the opening word or line in Stranger Things S5.


With kinetic and telepathic abilities, this character is based on survivors of the infamous M.K. Ultra experiments, according to the Duffer Brothers. She’s a little scary and mysterious, but she’s fast becoming a breakout character in the series and is the bookies’ favorite to open season five.

At odds of +250, bookies give Eleven an implied probability of 28.6% of being the character to speak the first word or opening line of the series. A $100 wager on Eleven could net you $250 profit if it turns out to be her.

Since she’s the central character of the series, this is one of the better options available. Also, let’s not forget that season 4 ended with Eleven at the center of attention.

Max Mayfield

Max was introduced in Season 2 of Stranger Things and quickly became a main character. She’s Eleven’s best friend and has an on/off romantic relationship with Lucas Sinclair. She’s constantly under attack by Vecna, which has been an ongoing thing throughout the series.

At odds of +375, bookies give Max an implied probability of 21.1% of being the character to speak the opening word or line of Season 5.

That’s not bad at all, especially considering her personal situation with Vecna. And yet, it feels like this storyline was mostly resolved last season.

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is the on/off boyfriend of Max Mayfield, two of the characters who discovered Eleven. Initially viewing her suspiciously, he grew to view her as a friend and ally trying to protect him.

He’s one of the main characters in Stranger Things and could well open Season 5 because he often states the obvious in the group.

Given how Season 4 ended with the group observing the results of Vecna’s destructive deeds, Lucas might be a good choice at +450.

Henry Creel/Vecna

The entity known as Vecna is responsible for a whole lot of carnage and chaos in Stranger Things, including multiple murders. He is the main antagonist in Season 4 and has psychokinetic abilities that give him the power to alter the perceptions of others.

Vecna has odds of +550 of being the character to say the first word or line of Season 5. This is a reasonable price for someone so central to the story.

Will Byers

Will Byers is a major character in Stranger Things. He’s the best friend of Lucas Sinclair and Max Mayfield, and he’s the stepbrother of Eleven. A former shy boy who liked to play Dungeons and Dragons, Will was transported to another dimension by a humanoid predator, changing him forever.

Will Byers is not the bookies’ favorite to open Season 5 with a line. Given his status as a main character, +800 seems a bit high and could be a good value bet.

My Stranger Things Season 5 Betting Pick

I’m betting on Henry Creel/Vecna to be the character that says the opening line in Stranger Things Season 5. Of course, this is a guess. I don’t have any insider information and haven’t seen the script (unfortunately), but given the way S4 went, I have a gut feeling about this one.

I know it’s not the bookies’ favorite, but at odds of +550, there’s a serious return if I’m right. The main villain is always a good option, so I’m going for it.


Where to Bet on Stranger Things Season 5

You can bet on Stranger Things Season 5 at BetUS. It’s one of our top-rated online betting sites, and yes, it’s US-friendly. There’s a free bet for all new signups who make a qualifying deposit, and it pays quickly and fairly when you win.

BetUS also offers action on lots of other entertainment and sports events. You’ll always find competitive odds and will be treated to free bets and other perks regularly.

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