Best Time of the Month to Play Slot Machines

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Is there a best time of the month to play slots? I present the most common theories about when is the best time of the month to play online slots in this post.

I give you my honest opinion on whether any of the theories make sense. Spoiler alert – most of them don’t, but let’s dig deeper and begin with the most common time to play – after getting paid!

Payday - The Obvious Choice

The most obvious best time of the month to play slots is undoubtedly payday. Whether you’re paid at the beginning or the end of the month, it doesn’t matter.

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Why pay slots on payday? First, you’ll likely be able to make a larger deposit, maximizing your chances of winning thanks to more spins. Second, the bigger your deposit, the bigger your deposit match bonus + free spins will be, again giving you more chances to win courtesy of the house.

Payday is different for everyone, but it tends to be around the same time, meaning more people will be playing at the same time you intend to. Why is that a good thing? More spins mean more dings of the slot machines’ Random Number Generator, which has to pay out eventually.

It’s unclear whether slots pay out more often when many people are playing, but the logic behind the theory makes sense. More spins in a shorter period speed up the ‘wait’ until the next progressive jackpot is paid out. For this reason, some players like to play at peak times like payday.

During the Mid-Month Slump

Some players don’t buy the theory that peak times are the best time to play because more players in the casino mean a greater chance that someone else will win the jackpot.

For this reason, some players like to play in the middle of the month when players are beginning to feel the pinch and pull back a little on discretionary spending. They’ll pile in again when payday comes, but during the middle of the month, it can get slow at many casinos, at least during weekdays.

The logic of this theory is the polar opposite of the ‘play on payday’ theory. Players who play mid-month believe that fewer players mean less competition, so if a jackpot is due, it’s more likely to be you that wins it.

I can see the logic of this theory, too. Both make sense in their own ways, and you can choose the one that sits right with you.

Holidays (During Specific Months)

This one only applies to specific months like October and December when major holidays like Halloween and Christmas occur.

There are a couple of reasons to play during these times. First, slot software firms often release new holiday-themed games with fun features, and many of them arrange promotions with the casinos to drum up interest with players.

The second reason is promotions more generally; the best slot sites almost always have free spins, deposit matches, and other offers around the holidays.

Verdict: Is There a Best Time of the Month to Play Slot Machines?

This debate has been long-running, and as I said in the best time to play slots post, I think all of the popular theories are wrong. Aside from the point about promotions, which you definitely want to take advantage of, slots will pay when they pay, and that’s decided randomly.

Whether it’s the first few days of the month or the last, payday or the mid-month slump, and whether the casino is busy or empty makes little difference. When the Random Number Generator spits out the ‘trigger number,’ the jackpot is paid, which could happen at any time.

So, what’s the best time of the month to play slots? In my view, any time is good if you are reasonable with your money and enjoy the experience.

Furthermore, picking a trusted casino with enough exciting games is way more important than the day of the month. Wild Casino is an excellent example of a proven site with cool slot titles and promotions, so feel free to give it a go.

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