A Guide to Keno for Beginners

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Welcome to my keno for beginners guide. I’m going to show you the need-to-know facts about this fun, instant-win game of chance.

I cover how to play keno, the different game variants available online, and give you some expert keno tips and tricks to get you started. Let’s dive in and see why keno is so popular.

How to Play Keno – Rules & Game Overview

A typical online keno game will go like this:

  1. You buy some keno cards. Almost all games allow you to buy more than one.
  2. Classic keno game cards will have 80 numbers on them. You need to select between one and 20 of them, depending on the variant you’re playing.
  3. Decide how much you want to bet and how many games you want to play. Remember that keno payouts will depend on how many numbers you choose, how many you match, and the amount you wager.
  4. As keno balls are drawn, your matches will be checked automatically when playing online. In many standard games, 20 balls will be picked.
  5. Your payouts will be issued automatically when the draw is over. Again, they’re determined by how many picks you made, how many numbers you matched, and the amount of your initial wager.

The rules are simply and you can learn to play keno in minutes. Let’s check what the different variants of the game bring to the table next.

The Different Keno Variants

There’s an ever-growing selection of keno variants online. They all follow the same basic pattern: match as many of your picks as possible to win cash prizes, but some of them have unique features.

Let me tell you about some of the most popular keno games online.

  • Power Keno – Every time you match one of your picks in keno, it’s called a catch. In power keno, if one of your keno bets catches the last ball drawn, you get a 4x multiplier on your payouts.
  • Caveman Keno – In this keno game, three special balls are selected before the main draw. If any two or more of the 20 numbers drawn match the special numbers, you’ll win a multiplier. It’s usually 4x for two matches and either 8x or 10x for three matches.
  • Mini-Keno – Whereas a normal game of keno has 80 numbers, this one has 40. Also, whereas a standard keno game draws 20 balls, this one draws 10. It’s basically a mini version of a classic keno game that proceeds at a faster pace.
  • Progressive Jackpot Keno – A percentage of every bet is placed in a pot, and the amount in it grows until one lucky player wins it. Like all jackpots, it could be awarded randomly, it might be linked to a specific number or series of numbers, or you might need to match 10 picks.
  • Live Dealer Keno – The rise of live casino games has been unstoppable in recent years, so it’s no surprise to see live dealer keno games like Mega Ball come online. Live dealers will entertain you as the balls are drawn, making it more like a real casino experience.

Keno Tips for Beginners

Before we start this section, I want to be honest and say that keno is a game of pure chance. A lot of guides covering keno for beginner players will try to tell you otherwise, but truthfully, there’s nothing you can do to fundamentally alter the odds.

However, there are some basic tips for keno that you can use to maximize your chances of winning at least a few games.

Study the Payouts

The first you want to do is study the payouts. Most online casinos will offer multiple keno variants. Study the payouts and pick the game with the maximum potential winnings.

For Example

Why play classic keno when you can play Power Keno for the same wager with a possible 4x multiplier if you catch the last ball drawn?

Find the Sweet Spot

Remember how I said your payouts are determined both by how many picks you make and how many you match? Keno experts feel that there’s a sweet spot.

Picking just one ball will only allow you to win payouts of 1:1, whereas picking 10 balls could allow you to win 1800:1 in some cases.

Futher Info:

However, it’s highly unlikely you’ll catch them all, and catching one ball from 10 picks will usually win you nothing. Picking four or five numbers allows you to win up to 50:1 payouts, and your chances of winning something are maximized.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Almost all no deposit chips and deposit match bonuses will permit you to play keno. Use the bonus funds on keno games.

Yes, you’ll have to wager it before you can keep what you win, but with a large keno payout followed by switching to low variance slots for wagering, you stand a good chance of keeping something.

Have Fun

If you’re only playing Keno to win, you will most likely be disappointed. The odds are stacked against you because of the high house edge.

That’s why I recommend lowering your expectations and enjoying the game. Keno is fun, fast-paced, and you can win big. These are the ingredients of a good experience in the casino.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some ideas for forming a keno basic strategy. Make the optimal number of picks, manage your bankroll, play games with the highest potential payouts, and always take advantage of bonuses.

Where to Play Keno Online

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to keno for beginners. Playing online offers several advantages over playing in a land casino. There are usually more variants of real money keno online to choose from, the minimum wagers tend to be a lot smaller, and then there are the bonuses.

Enjoy playing keno online, and remember to have fun. Don’t stress too much about strategy; just make your picks and hope for the best. This way, keno can be a lot of fun!

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