9 Best Books About Blackjack

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of authors have written books about the game of blackjack and how you can improve your skills. While the game is relatively easy to play, blackjack contains many nuances you must learn to gain an edge.

This article highlights the best blackjack books that include information on different strategies. I also explore the authors and how their methods are similar/different. Here are the books that can help you optimize your blackjack strategy.

Sklansky Talks Blackjack

  • Author: David Sklansky
  • Year Published: 1999
  • Publisher: Two Plus Two Publishing

David Sklansky is an American poker player who also writes about how to develop the best blackjack betting strategy. He often focuses on mathematics, statistics, and probabilities. Many veteran players are familiar with Sklansky and his methodical approach to poker.

This book has stood the test of time because it includes information and analysis on every possible hand in blackjack. Although Sklansky talks about math for a significant portion of the book, he does so in a way that’s easy to understand.

This book is about fundamentals and math, so it’s good for beginners and experienced players.

Blackjack Bluebook

  • Author: Fred Renzey
  • Year Published: 2003
  • Publisher: Blackjack Mentor

Here’s another book about blackjack, but it offers a more basic overview of how to improve your strategy. It also explains everything in very simple terms so that anyone can understand the concepts.

The book also includes information on multiple card counting systems. The author also focuses on strategy deviations that can help you gain the best possible advantage (without necessarily relying on card counting methods).

It’s a solid book for every blackjack enthusiast, especially for beginners who are looking to learn the basics.

Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter

  • Author: Avery Cardoza
  • Year Published: 1981
  • Publisher: Cardoza Publishing

A lot of books on blackjack discuss card counting. However, Avery Cardoza takes it upon himself to avoid the subject entirely. Instead, he teaches you how to reduce the house edge by following a more reliable and surefire strategy.

Cardoza also discusses the online gambling aspect of blackjack. This is something that many books about blackjack fail to consider because many popular titles were written before the internet came to prominence.

If you’re going to hit the best blackjack casinos online, reading this book first might be a good idea.

Blackbelt in Blackjack: Playing 21 as a Martial Art

  • Author: Arnold Snyder
  • Year Published: 1983
  • Publisher: Cardoza Publishing

This book contains plenty of wordplay and clever linguistic flourishes to illustrate how blackjack is a lot like martial arts. The author, Arnold Snyder, remarks that blackjack and combat sports are similar because they both require mastery and self-discipline.

Snyder also discusses and recommends several strategies that improve your chances of turning a profit. This includes various counting methods, such as the Red 7 count and the Hi-Lo Count. (The book doesn’t recommend getting into physical combat with other people.)

Blackjack, a Winner’s Handbook

  • Author: Jerry L. Patterson
  • Year Published: 1981
  • Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan

This book is now more than 40 years old, and one could also say that Jerry Patterson is something of a prophet. He discusses a lot of betting principles that remain relevant in the gaming world.

Patterson is perhaps the first person to write about two important ideas when it comes to gambling. Firstly, you should properly manage your bankroll at all times, and secondly, you should keep your emotions in check when playing blackjack.

“Blackjack, a Winner’s Handbook” has aged really well, so it’s certainly one of the best blackjack strategy books available.

Playing Blackjack as a Business

  • Author: Lawrence Revere
  • Year Published: 1969
  • Publisher: Kensington Publishing

This is one of the most revered books about blackjack in all of history. It’s also sold more copies than any other book in the gaming industry. It mostly recommends many basic strategies that anyone can implement when playing blackjack.

Many aficionados of blackjack have a special appreciation for this book. It was written a long time ago, and the style of writing, although old-fashioned and anachronistic, has a nostalgic charm to it.

Blackjack for Blood

  • Author: Bryce Carlson
  • Year Published: 1992
  • Publisher: Huntington Press

This blackjack strategy book is an amazing option because it has a little bit of everything. Also, if you want to become a professional card counter, this book explains exactly how to do it.

You’ll also learn how to disguise the fact you’re card counting. Keep in mind that technically it’s not illegal to count cards in blackjack. However, if the casinos find out that you’re doing it, they’ll promptly kick you out and ban you.

Carlson also delves into some of the practical ways in which you can improve your strategy. This includes tips on how to make your money last (bankroll management) and turn a profit (even if you’re more of a recreational gambler).

Million Dollar Blackjack

  • Author: Ken Uston
  • Year Published: 1982
  • Publisher: Gambling Times

Here’s another one of the top blackjack books, also originally published in the 1980s. It’s no longer in print, but you can find and purchase a used copy of it on the internet.

This book is also a great option because it offers step-by-step advice on how to play optimal blackjack. However, you shouldn’t expect to be winning millions of dollars after you read this book!

Play Blackjack Like the Pros

  • Author: Kevin Blackwood
  • Year Published: 2005
  • Publisher: Harper Collins

If you’re a complete beginner, this book will help you get started playing the game right away. It explains all the basic principles of blackjacks and how you play the game.

Kevin Blackwood writes in a way that’s very palatable for beginners, and he introduces you to reliable strategies that help reduce the house edge. He also tells stories of his success and keeps the technical language to a minimum.

Play Blackjack with Real Money

Now that you have more than enough sources to prepare, you should improve your blackjack strategy. If you want to put your skills to the test and gamble with real money, check out the best blackjack sites.

They offer multiple tables, blackjack with live dealers, and exciting bonuses. You can also play other popular table games, such as baccarat, roulette, and poker.

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