8 Best Books About Video Poker

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Looking for a list of the best video poker books available right now? Look no further because I’ve done the research and compiled one for you here.

I’ve tried to provide a list that’s suitable for everyone, covering everything from video poker rules and strategy to managing your bankroll and which players of all abilities can enjoy. Let’s dig in!

Million Dollar Video Poker

  • Author: Bob Dancer
  • Year: 2003
Bob Dancer is a video poker legend, and this is one of his best-known books. He entered Las Vegas with $6,000 and left six years later with over a million! If you want to learn his secrets, you will find them in this book about video poker.

This is somewhat of a memoir, recounting the six years he played video poker at different Vegas casinos and the various lessons he learned along the way. Since Dancer has the bank balance to prove he’s legit, this book is a great way to learn the secrets of a successful pro.

Frugal Video Poker

  • Author: Jean Scott & Viktor Nacht
  • Year: 2006
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Author Jean Scott makes a bold claim: that this is the most comprehensive video poker book ever written. It’s a detailed look at the basics, paytables, and video poker strategy.

However, this book isn’t just for beginners. It walks you through both intermediate and advanced strategies, teaching you how to look for opportunities like tournaments, progressives, promotions, and new games.

Video Poker for the Intelligent Beginner

  • Author: Bob Dancer
  • Year: 2009

This is another book by Bob Dancer. It’s for people with limited experience, as the title suggests. This is the best video poker book for beginners out there, and you can take my word for that.

Think of this book as a cheat code to go from beginner to at least intermediate by the time you read it. As I mentioned before, Dancer turned $6,000 into $1 million in six years, so you can trust he knows what he’s talking about.

The Video Poker Edge

  • Author: Linda Boyd
  • Year: 2005

The full title of this book is Video Poker Edge: How to Play Smart and Bet Right. As the title suggests, this book focuses on playing video poker intelligently and gaining a winning edge.

This book takes you through the basics, introduces you to eight video poker variants, and teaches you the correct response to every possible hand you might be dealt. This book even includes a bonus: strategy cards you can cut out and take with you to the casino or use when you play online.

Video Poker Optimum Play

  • Author: Dan Paymar
  • Year: 2010

This is one of the best video poker strategy books on my list. It’s been a best-seller for years, and it’s easy to see why: it takes all the strategy cards and charts you’ve seen and compresses them down into a few easy-to-remember text-based rules.

The book delves into the difference between tactics and strategy, common errors and how to avoid them, optimizing your play, and more. It’s heavy on the numbers, so if you’re looking for a video poker strategy book that proves what it claims with hard math, this is the one.

Video Poker Volatility

  • Author: James H. Haskell
  • Year: 2021

This book about video poker was born out of two questions: what games do pros play, and then, why are those games different from the ones I’m playing? Haskell investigated, and he discovered that pros tend to play less volatile games to avoid the swings.

As you might have guessed, this book is the result of the author’s research into which games are the least volatile – in other words, which video poker games are the best to play from a pro’s perspective. It’s one of the top video poker books to be released recently.

The Basics of Winning Video Poker

  • Author: Edward J. Allen
  • Year: 1992

This book has sold more than 150,000 copies and is one of the best books on video poker if you like to play in real-world casinos. It covers the basics of how to play and teaches you how to find the machines with the most frequent and large payoffs.
bankroll management advice.

Powerful Profits From Video Poker

  • Author: Victor Royer
  • Year: 2003

Victor Royer has written and published more than 50 casino reports, and he’s a professional consultant who casinos and gambling houses pay for advice. To say he’s qualified to write a book on video poker is an understatement.

Royer covers how to identify the best machine just by looking at it, how the games work, the ploys casinos use to lure you in, how to avoid common pitfalls, and more.

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