7 Ways to Gamble All Day on $100


Gambling is a fun form of entertainment enjoyed by over 1.6 billion people every year. These range from people who spend a few dollars a week on lottery tickets to people who gamble with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A few gamblers make money, but most of them lose over time. Most gamblers can be described as recreational gamblers. They enjoy playing as a form of entertainment but don’t play seriously.


One of the things that recreational gamblers often do is try to find a way that they can gamble longer on the same amount of money. It always seems like we run out of money before we’re ready to stop playing.

With this in mind, I decided to put together a post about 7 ways to gamble all day on $100.

$100 is a nice round number, but you can easily convert the things included below to fit your budget.

If you want to try to gamble all day on $50, you can find a few opportunities below.

If you want to play for more and find the best ways to gamble all day on $500 you can simply bet up to five times as much as I suggest in the sections below.

1 – Poker Tournaments

Thousands of poker tournaments run around the world every day with a wide range of buy in’s. If you add the ones that run online, you have thousands of more options.

Tournaments range from single table events to large ones with thousands of entrants. Most of the daily tournaments in land-based poker rooms have 20 to 100 entrants and last from a few hours to six or seven.

The single table tournaments running online around the clock usually take less than an hour to complete.

Once you pay your buy in you, get to play until you bust out or win. So you can often play a long time on a set amount of cash.


One way to play all day on $100 is, to find a poker room that has a morning and an evening tournament, both with buy in’s of $50 or less. Enter both tournaments, and you should be able to enjoy hours of poker without spending another dollar, and you stand a chance of winning more than you invested.

If you reach the money in either tournament, you’ll probably leave for the day with more money than you started with.

With $100 you have enough to play at least nine sit and go tournaments at the $10 + $1 range. This should be plenty to keep you busy most of the day. Depending on the set payouts, every one you finish third in should win you around $20, and each one you finish second in should win you around $30, and each one you win should return around $50.

So if you can win one, place second in one, and place third in one, you finish your day with as much as you started with.

2 – Keno

Keno is one of my favorite games if I don’t want to bet too much and don’t want to think about what I’m doing.

Most casinos that offer keno have drawings every five to 10 minutes, and they usually start at $1 each. You can bet on a series of drawings. This means you can bet $10 to cover the next 10 draws.

At one drawing every five minutes, that’s 12 an hour. Even if you don’t win anything all day, you can play for over eight hours.

Many casinos have added video keno machines in addition to or in place of traditional keno. These machines operate as fast as you hit the draw button, so you don’t want to play these if you want your $100 to last all day.

Of course, if the only keno available is the video kind you could just play a $1 every five to 10 minutes instead of playing as fast as you can and get the same results.

3 – Lottery Tickets

The first thing most people think about when it comes to the lottery is a ticket for the next big draw worth millions. You can buy these tickets for $1 to $3 depending on the game, but most of the only draw once or twice a week.

If you’re interested in quicker action, you can look for one of the other lottery options.

Most places that sell lottery tickets to the big draws, also sell scratch-off tickets or pull tab type games. You can also often find pick three and/or pick four games that run more often.

The prices vary by game for the scratch-off tickets and pull tables, but you should be able to find tickets for $1.

Buy 100 tickets and scratch one off or pull the tabs on one every five minutes.

Even if you play quicker if you don’t get in too much of a hurry you can turn back in your winner and get more tickets to play longer.

4 – Sports Betting

Most of us get stuck in our time zone and don’t think about all of the sporting events going on around the world 24 hours a day. With many sports books offering in-game betting now you can bet before the game and while you’re watching it.

Divide your $100 bankroll into five, 10, or 20 equal parts and place that many bets on the day.

You can place 20 $5 wagers throughout the day, which should keep you busy. And the odds are that you’ll win some of them so you usually end the day with some cash in your pocket.

If you simply flip a coin to pick the 20 games or bets, you’ll probably win eight to 12 of the contests. Of course, if you win 10 and lose 10, you still lose a small amount of money because of the vig the sports book charges, but you’ll still leave with almost as much as you started with.

5 – Bingo

Bingo is a solid choice when you want to extend your gambling time on a fixed budget.

You buy a packet of cards for a series of games and then get to play each game until the end of the series. It’s not uncommon to be able to play for two or three hours on $20 to $50.

Even if it works out to $20 per hour you can play five hours on your $100, and if you score a bingo during your play you can buy more cards.

If you look around and ask other bingo players where the best games are located, you should be able to find games where you can play for $10 an hour, so you can play all day.

6 – Penny Slots

Penny slot machines are advertised in land-based casinos and online, but many of them have multiple pay lines which force you to bet more than a penny a spin. It’s possible to find a machine every once in a while that will let you activate a single pay line at a penny, but most of them require a minimum wager of at least 10 to 20 cents.

The payback percentage of slot machines varies from as low as 2% all the way up to over 15%. And you usually don’t know the pay back percentage of the machines where you play, so you’re just taking your chances.

Another issue is if you just hit the spin button as fast as possible you can play up to 500 spins per hour. All of these things add up to the possibility of losing too much money in a short amount of time.

Even with all of this you can still play all day on most penny slot machines for $100 or less.

Here’ a chart using different bet amounts from 10 cents to 25 cents, different pay back percentages, and different spins per hour, which gives you an idea of the average amount you lose per hour.

Bet Per SpinHands Per HourPayback PercentageExpected Hourly Loss
10 cents$20090$2
10 cents$20095$1
10 cents$30090$3
10 cents$30095$1.50
10 cents$40090$4
10 cents$40095$2
10 cents$50090$5
10 cents$50095$2.50
20 cents$20090$4
20 cents$20095$2
20 cents30090$6
20 cents30095$3
20 cents40090$8
20 cents40095$4
20 cents50090$10
20 cents50095$5
25 cents20090$5
25 cents20095$2.50
25 cents30090$7.50
25 cents30095$3.75
25 cents40090$10
25 cents40095$5
25 cents50090$12.50
25 cents50095$6.25

As you can see from the chart if you play for 25 cents or less per spin you can usually make your $100 last all day. If you want to make sure it lasts, play for less per spin and play fewer spins per hour. The expected hourly loss rates listed in the chart are based on long term play, so it’s possible to lose more than the estimates per hour. The best way to extend your play is to take fewer spins per hour.

Enjoy your time playing slots, socialize with the other slots players, have a waitress bring you a drink every now and then, and do whatever else comes to mind that keep you from spinning too often.

It won’t happen often, but sometimes you can hit a nice combination while playing the slots and leave a winner for the day.

7 – Play Online

Online casinos offer many of the same games you can play in land-based casinos. You can play blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, video poker, slots, and more.

The advantages that online play offers over land based casinos when it comes to playing all day is the minimum bets are smaller, and you have complete control over the rate or speed at which you play.

When you play blackjack in a land-based casino, the lowest bets are usually $5 or $10 a hand, and you have to play at the speed the table is playing.

But if you play blackjack online, most places offer a minimum bet of only $1. And you can play as slow or as fast as you want. You can also find games that offer good rules, so if you use a strategy card while playing, you can often play with a small house edge of around a half percent.

When you combine all of these things, you can play all day on your $100 budget.

Here’s a chart of popular online games that you can bet $1 on including the decisions per hour, house edge, and expected hourly loss. Just like the slot machine chart above, the expected loss is on average. Your immediate results may be better or worse.

GameBetDecisions Per HourHouse EdgeExpected Hourly Loss
Blackjack$11000.05%50 cents
Roulette (1 zero)$11002.70%$2.70
Roulette (1 zero)$12002.70%$5.40
Baccarat Banker$11001.06%$1.06
Baccarat Banker$12001.06%$2.12
Craps Pass Line$11001.41%$1.41
Craps Pass Line$12001.41%$2.82
Casino War$11002.88%$2.88
Casino War$12002.88%$5.76

It’s easy to see if you keep your hands or spins or throws per hour down to a reasonable amount you should be able to play all day on a $100 budget.

If you get a blackjack strategy card to use while you play, you can check the best play on every hand which does two things that help you in the long run. It slows down the rate of play and helps you learn basic strategy.

Before you know it, you’ll have all of the most common plays memorized, and it won’t take too much longer to learn even the most difficult ones.

Even a game like single zero roulette or casino war with a higher house edge can be played for hours at low wagers.

A few video poker varieties are available online for bets of 5 cents per hand with a payback percentage over 99.5%. You need to always bet five coins per hand, so your total bet is 25 cents per hand, but just like the slot machines in an earlier section, you can play for hours as long as you don’t take too many hands per hour.

Here’s a chart with two of the best video poker games you can play online.

GameBet Per HandHands Per HourPay Back PercentageExpected Loss Per Hour
9 / 6 Jacks or Better25 cents100$10011.5 cents
9 / 6 Jacks or Better25 cents200$10023 cents
9 / 6 Jacks or Better25 cents300$10034.5 cents
NSUD Deuces Wild25 cents100$99.736.75 cents
NSUD Deuces Wild25 cents200$10013.5 cents
NSUD Deuces Wild25 cents300$10020.25 cents

This chart makes it look like video poker is one of the best ways to gamble all day on $100. While video poker does offer a low house edge combined with a low amount wagered per hand while playing online, it’s also one of the most volatile games you can play.

The long term results will come out close to the expected results, but in the short term, you can have wild swings.

Even in a game where you’re expected loss per hour is under 35 cents you can lose $5 or more per hour at times. This still lets you play for hours on a $100 bankroll, but don’t expect your short term results to equal the expected values in the chart above.


Now you know 7 ways to gamble all day on $100. You might not be interested in all seven ways, but every gambler should be able to find at least one or two things on the list they can enjoy.

Remember that the main thing that drains your bankroll in many games is how often you make a bet. Slow down, and it automatically gives you more time to play on the same bankroll.

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