6 Why Do Casinos Move Slot Machines Around?

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You probably have a favorite slot machine you enjoy playing at your local casino. However, you go there one day and notice that it’s gone! You’re wondering what happened and why the casino would move it.

You then look around and notice that your favorite slot machine is in a different area. It’s inconvenient and raises a question – why do casinos move slot machines? Also, how often do casinos move slot machines?

Well, here are the answers.

Reason 1: To Make More Money

This is the most obvious reason why machines are moved around. Casinos are for-profit businesses, and making money is the main goal.

Optimizing profits requires casino operators to look at every aspect of their business. If a certain slot machine isn’t performing well, it’s only logical to replace it or try to switch locations.

The casino could add a more established slot or promote a new title by placing the game in a good spot.

Casinos want you to believe that locations and placements of slot machines don’t affect their revenue. The fact is they do, and this is only one of the secrets of slot machines that casinos are trying to hide.

Reason 2: Replacing Old Machines with New Ones

Casinos are always updating their technology and replacing old slot machines with new ones to improve the user experience.

It’s standard for casinos to go through this process because they want to attract as many players as possible. Newer, updated machines often cater to younger casino-goers with flashy new features, easier user interface, and other perks.

Functionality also plays a role in replacing old slot machines with new ones. Casinos want to keep everything modern and streamline the experience for their customers. This is usually feasible by introducing new and upgraded technology.

Reason 3: To Promote Certain Games

It’s also not uncommon for casinos to favor certain games over others. There could be a multitude of reasons why they want to push a particular slot machine on their customers. Again, this all boils down to figuring out the best way to increase their revenue and profits.

The casinos and developers of the games usually agree on boosting the popularity of certain titles. It helps with marketing their products and learning what their customers like the most. Slot games very much cater to the playability they provide for casino-goers.

It’s also common for casinos to allow the developers to decide where the machines go. They’re searching for the locations that’ll yield the most revenue and attract the most players. In many cases, the developers place certain machines in the most visible areas or right next to another game.

Reason 4: Player Appeal Doesn’t Always Matter

The casinos will inevitably find out that you’ve discovered a winning slot machine that you really enjoy. It’s a machine that you also never want to give up because you’re getting lucky and taking home money. However, the casino will end up moving or replacing that machine at some point.

It’s worth mentioning that frequent customers often prefer certain areas in the casino over others. It could be superstition, luck, favorability, or many other reasons why they chose that area. Once they get to know their casino, they’ll also notice certain machines disappearing.

Reason 5: Location, Location, Location

Casinos often thoroughly analyze and scrutinize locations to determine the best positioning of their slot machines. The casino layout is something you need to be thinking about when you go gambling. You should also never settle on the first machine that you decide to play.

Keep in mind that these machines typically offer good or bad odds depending on the return-to-player percentage. Many people know that the probabilities can vary significantly from one game to the next. Savvy casino-goers often keep an eye on their favorite machines and follow them closely if they end up in new locations.

Reason 6: Designated Areas

It’s also known that casinos often create designated areas for newer and older machines. This way, they can promote any new gaming products that they have. This also gives them more leverage in redirecting customers to different sections of the casino.

These areas are often rearranged and moved into different locations. Many casinos make a habit of moving their slot machines once every few weeks. However, they also make an effort to find permanent areas for certain gaming titles.

Do Online Casinos Move Slots?

Placements are never random when it comes to slot machines at land-based casinos, and that’s true online as well. They can’t physically move a virtual slot machine, but they can rearrange their website. This happens for the same reasons that land-based casinos do it.

Online casinos typically promote the most profitable games and established fan favorites. These games appear at the top of their list of slots and other casino games or appear as featured titles.

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