Top March Madness Drinking Games

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March Madness is a great opportunity for you and your friends to get together and celebrate. The games are usually fun enough, but there are many other ways to spice things up and add more excitement to the festivities.

The best March Madness drinking games will liven the experience no matter the teams that win or lose. Even if you’ve got a lot riding on your bracket, everyone wins when you’re having fun.

Make sure that you’ve got plenty of alcohol on hand so that the entire party can join in! Of course, you should also be responsible. Don’t drink too much, and never drive under the influence. The idea is to have some fun, not ruin your life!

Chug a Beer Whenever “High Basketball IQ” Is Mentioned

It’s a bad habit of announcers to keep repeating exaggerated tropes, and “high basketball IQ” is one of them. What does that statement mean, exactly? It refers to a player who’s really smart and has a cerebral understanding of the game.

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We've also seen several players in the past who were labeled as “high basketball IQ” athletes. Some notable examples include Notre Dame's Ben Hansbrough and Florida's Chandler Parsons. The irony is that neither of these two players went on to have amazing NBA careers.

So, when you hear the expression “high basketball IQ” from an announcer, you chug a beer. The game is really that simple, and you’ll be surprised by how often you’ll hear that descriptor. You may want to stock up if an Ivy League team is playing.

Someone Chugs a Drink Whenever They Mention Their Bracket

Here’s another interesting basketball drinking game for March Madness. The NCAA tournament is all about bracketology – predicting the winners of every match up until the championship. It’s what makes March Madness even more exciting as a spectator.

The truth is that it’s virtually impossible to predict every match correctly. This doesn’t stop the fanaticism surrounding March Madness and the quest to create a perfect bracket. It’s something that every die-hard college basketball fan strives to achieve.

The rules of this game are also simple. Whenever someone mentions their bracket, they drink a beer, a shot, or something else. You’ll be surprised to find out that the urge to discuss it is overwhelming. Do your best to wait until the end of the day before you give it any thought.

Drink Every Time a Player Misses a Free Throw

This is another really fun March Madness bracket drinking game. College players are remarkably inconsistent at free throws, so you’ll definitely be drinking with this one. Remember that certain players are also much more accurate than others at the line.

The NCAA tournament also features plenty of nail-biters every year. The games often come down to the wire and are decided by a single point. Why does this happen? College players tend to miss more shots from the free-throw line while under pressure.

Call it whatever you want – nerves, anxiety, inexperience, or lack of talent. Whatever it could be, missed free throws will happen, especially in the final minutes of a game. It’s a simple fact of life!

Now, I don’t recommend drinking an entire beer or a shot every time a player misses a free throw. That would be foolish because you’d get drunk pretty quickly. Instead, take a sip of whatever you’re drinking when it happens. This ensures that you can play the game all night.

Finish Your Drink When There’s a Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

Not everyone knows that the best buzzer-beaters often happen in college basketball. It’s by far one of the most exciting parts of basketball, especially during the NCAA tournament. It’s also one of those moments that can decide an entire season.

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Not only are buzzer-beaters common, but they’re also inevitable. The NCAA tournament always guarantees a few matchups in which you can expect the final shot to determine a winner. They call it “March Madness” for a reason, after all.

Again, the rules are simple – finish your drink whenever a buzzer-beater takes place. You don’t have to chug an entire beer with this particular game. Just polish off whatever you’re in the middle of drinking and grab another one!

Take Three Sips Whenever There’s a Double-Double

I’m also a big fan of this March Madness drinking game. Double-doubles in the NBA occur pretty regularly. However, they’re not as common in college because the rules and format of the game are a little different. Also, college players aren’t nearly as good as NBA players.

And yet, everyone has to bring their A-game to March Madness. The more versatile players who can do it all are more likely to rack up huge numbers. Earning a double-double also demonstrates dedication, resilience, efficiency, and skill.

Here are the rules: for every player with a double-double, you take three sips of your drink. Remember, you likely won’t see a ton of them go down. Even some of the most talented players on the court don’t achieve double-doubles regularly.

Take Three Sips Whenever a Player’s Parent Appears on TV

We can all agree on one thing: moms and dads are awesome – especially the ones who are super supportive. In recent years, more parents have been featured on TV while in the stands. They cheer on their children competing in March Madness.

Let’s look back at recent history. In 2008, NBA superstar Steph Curry was in college and played at Davidson. The Wildcats went on an incredible run and advanced to the Elite 8 before falling to the Kansas Jayhawks. Curry’s mom, Sonya, also got a ton of airtime that year and became a part of the story.

When you see a player’s parent, take three sips of whatever you’re drinking. Oh yeah, if you see both mom and dad, make it double and take six sips. This makes things even more interesting because it’s a gamble every time a parent appears on TV.

Other Ways to Make March Madness More Interesting

While playing your favorite March Madness drinking games, you can also wager on the outcomes. Bettors often make a lot of money from their predictions. The best March Madness betting sites will cover every game while offering excellent prices!

We also recommend starting a betting pool with your friends, family, or co-workers. This adds another element of fun and excitement to the entire experience. We even wrote about how to make a March Madness pool if you’re interested.