Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Props: Odds, Analysis, and Betting Picks

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Did you know you can bet on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship? The bookies offer odds on what’ll happen next after the singer attended multiple Chiefs games in recent weeks alongside Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce.

Will the romance between Swift and Kelce last until Super Bowl LVIII? Is there any chance the two superstars will announce their engagement at some point in the near future? I want to share my predictions for a few Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce prop bets.

Will the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Romance End Before Super Bowl LVIII?

  • Yes; +200
  • No; -300

This is one of the most intriguing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce props. Is the romance built to last an entire NFL season? Not much is known about their relationship aside from the fact that Swift has attended multiple Chiefs games.

Is it known how Kelce and Swift met each other? The Kansas City Chiefs tight end went to one of Swift’s concerts from the Eras Tour back in July. He then took to social media and bemoaned about not being able to meet her.

Kelce also admitted he made her a friendship bracelet that contained his phone number. His brother Jason, who also plays in the NFL, suggested that Swift ignored him because she’s an Eagles fan. (Philadelphia lost to Kansas City in Super Bowl LVII.)

In September, Kelce commented on social media that Swift “rocked the stage” when she performed at Arrowhead. He then invited her to watch him play football in Kansas City. Swift accepted his proposal and attended the Chiefs Week 3 game against the Bears.

Even with all the memes and rumors swirling about their relationship, I think Swift and Kelce will stay together. When Swift attended Kelce’s game against the Bears, his jersey sales increased by 400%. The Swifties appear to be on board with the relationship.

My Pick:

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Announce Their Engagement Before the End of 2023?

  • Yes; +150
  • No; -200

Bookies are also offering odds on a potential engagement between Swift and Kelce before 2024. They’ve been together in public multiple times, but will one of them propose to the other? The relationship is pretty fresh, and I think they’re going through a trial period at the moment.

My assumption is the romance between Swift and Kelce is making progress. The singer has been in attendance at multiple Chiefs games this season. She’s also been seen with Kelce’s mother and Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes.

Was it surprising that Swift went to the Chiefs game against Chicago? I don’t think so because the rumor mill by that time was already in full effect. That same day, Kelce and Swift were also seen leaving Arrowhead Stadium together.

Kelce spoke about Swift’s appearance on his podcast and said that she looked “amazing” at the game. I think it’s apparent that Kelce is completely smitten with Swift. However, she is yet to comment publicly on the relationship.

Swift also attended the Chiefs game against the Jets in Week 4. She was there, of course, to support Kelce and Kansas City, and also brought her celebrity friends, including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

If I were a Swiftie, I’d like to think that Taylor is happy with Kelce and that things are flourishing. However, it looks way to soon for an engagement, so I prefer to go against that here.

My Pick:

Will Taylor Swift Sing the National Anthem at a Chiefs Game in 2023-24?

  • Yes; +170
  • No; -260

You can also bet on Swift singing the National Anthem at a Chiefs game in 2023-24. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide, and no other female artist has more streams than her on Spotify. If there’s anyone who’s qualified to sing the National Anthem, it’s Taylor Swift.

Has she ever performed the National Anthem at an NFL game? The answer is yes — she sang her rendition of it at the Dolphins-Lions game in 2006. Swift also commented that Ford Field “felt impossible for a place to be that big” back when she was 16 years old.

Swift also performed the National Anthem at the NASCAR Cup in her career. However, this also took place way back in 2006. She sang it at the Phoenix Raceway ahead of the Checker Auto Parts 500 race.

My guess is that Swift won’t be performing the National Anthem for the Chiefs this season. She recently turned down the opportunity to perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl LVIII. I doubt that her relationship with Kelce will change anything.

My Pick:

Will Swift and Kelce Appear in a Commercial or Advertisement Together Before or During Super Bowl LVIII?

  • Yes; +170
  • No; -260

One of my favorite Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce prop bets involves a potential collaboration. Will Swift and Kelce appear in a commercial or advertisement together at some point during the 2023-24 season? I think there’s a strong possibility that this could happen.

Both Swift and Kelce have a long list of sponsorships. Kelce has partnered with a host of popular brands, including Nike, State Farm, and DirecTV. Swift also has her fair share of endorsement deals with companies like Apple Music, Cover Girl, and Coca-Cola.

The cross-promotion of Kelce and Swift would also be a brilliant move for all parties involved. Kelce has gained over one million new followers on Instagram since the Bears-Chiefs game. Marketing experts also believe the “Taylor Swift effect” could earn him an additional $10 million.

You can’t deny that the relationship is a cultural phenomenon. The amount of money that’s also at stake is astronomical. From a marketing perspective, the NFL and Taylor Swift crossover is a match made in heaven.

I’m leaning toward yes in this market because the NFL views the relationship as a commercial endeavor that could be exploited further.

My Pick: