Big3 Championship 2023 Odds, Predictions, and Betting Picks

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The Big3 Championship 2023 betting odds show one of the reasons people love the league – there’s no clear favorite! The season is at the halfway point, and it’s time to try and figure out who is going to win the title.

Will Trilogy defend their championship and win a third consecutive trophy? Will Killer 3’s sustain their momentum and dominate the rest of the league? Is there a sleeper team that could rise to the occasion? I want to dive into my 2023 Big3 Championship predictions to find out.

Big3 Championship Odds for 2023

  • Killer 3’s; +450
  • Power; +550
  • Tri-State; +600
  • Trilogy; +650
  • Triplets; +700
  • 3 Headed Monsters; +900
  • Ghost Ballers; +1000
  • Ball Hogs; +1000
  • 3’s Company; +1200
  • Bivouac; +1200
  • Enemies; +1400
  • Aliens; +2000

The main favorite in the latest betting odds is Killer 3’s, a team that finished runner-up in the Big3 Championships in 2019. Next up is Power, a previous Big3 champion, followed by Tri-State and Trilogy.

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Analyzing the Big3 Championship 2023 Favorites

Before you bet on the Big3 Championship 2023, you should study the top teams in the league. The contenders typically have the best shot at winning the title.

In the Big3, Trilogy and Power are seemingly in the mix to win a title every year. However, the emergence of Killer 3’s in 2023 has been nothing short of phenomenal. There could even be a first-time champion this year.

Killer 3’s

  • 2022 Record: 5-3
  • Head Coach: Charles Oakley
  • Key Player: Franklin Session

The key to victory this season for Killer 3’s has been Franklin Session. He’s arguably the best all-around player in the Big3. He can score, play defense, and facilitate the offense. Session gives his team a chance to win whenever he’s on the court.

Overall, the Killer 3’s play with a lot of chemistry on both ends of the court. They know how to create scoring opportunities and can play defense as well as any other Big3 team. The Killer 3’s also often win by out-rebounding their opponents and limiting their mistakes.

Winning a championship is well within reach for the Killer 3’s because they have the most balanced team in the league.


  • 2022 Record: 5-3
  • Head Coach: Nancy Lieberman
  • Key Player: Cuttino Mobley

Here’s another team you could potentially target when betting on the Big3 Championship 2023. Power finished second last year and are seeking redemption. They lost against Trilogy, with a final score of 51-35 in the game.

Since Week 1, the offense has looked unstoppable for Power. They have three games in which they’ve exceeded 50 points, which is pretty impressive. Cuttino Mobley has been their main playmaker and the team’s captain since 2021.

There’s also head coach Nancy Lieberman, known for making the most of her roster. She keeps her players fresh and knows how to utilize their strengths. Lieberman will also have to rely on the team’s shooting efficiency to win games down the stretch.


  • 2022 Record: 4-4
  • Head Coach: Julius Erving
  • Key Player: Jason Richardson

2022 didn’t work out in favor of Tri-State. They broke even with a record of 4-4 and finished sixth in the final standings for the season. The team has been a lot better in 2023, especially since Jason Richardson is vying for the MVP.

Richardson is having one of his best seasons in the Big3. He’s averaging 18.8 points and 8.0 rebounds per game, which is among the league leaders. Richardson is deadly from open shots, forcing the opposition to guard him closely.

Winning the Big3 Championship means that Richardson must play his best basketball. He’s been responsible for galvanizing Tri-State this season, and his contributions have been pretty massive. Without him, the team isn’t a true contender.

Tri-State must also play smart basketball to win the title this season. They’ve got crafty players who’re good at sharing the ball and engineering opportunities. The outside shooting has been below-par, though, and this could be a problem.


  • 2022 Record: 6-2
  • Head Coach: Stephen Jackson
  • Key Player: James White

The defending champions will try to run it back once again. Trilogy is now the first official dynasty in the Big3, and the goal is to keep it that way. The team is also led by head coach Stephen Jackson, former NBA champion.

Trilogy captured its second consecutive and third overall Big3 title in 2022. The team’s most reliable player is James White, who’s been with Trilogy since 2017. His incredible chemistry with Jackson allows them to deliver a solid game against every opponent.

The defense has been the biggest strength of Trilogy. In the 2022 championship game, they essentially bullied their opponent and kept forcing mistakes. Trilogy also limited Power to just four assists in the match, and it was a defensive effort for the ages.

Mixing in Isaiah Briscoe with the core three players of Trilogy will be the key to success. Playing stingy defense while allowing Briscoe to use his speed and versatility on offense will get the job done. Ultimately, I think Trilogy is still a pretty dangerous team.

Best Sleepers for the 2023 Big3 Championship

Now, I want to focus on the top sleeper teams before I discuss my final Big3 Championship predictions. You should always consider targeting underrated underdogs. Plenty of teams are capable of putting together a championship run.

  • 3’s Company (+1200). The best player in the Big3 currently plays for 3’s Company – Michael Beasley. He leads the league in multiple statistical categories, including points (21.0) and rebounds (11.5) per game.
  • Ghost Ballers (+1000). The Ghost Ballers have been much better than expected this season. They’re sneaky good at knocking down shots from the perimeter, but the defense has also been inconsistent.
  • Bivouac (+1200). Bivouac is an aggressive team defensively that’s really good at rebounding the ball. A boost in offensive efficiency will give them an edge and a shot at winning the title.

2023 Big3 Champions Predictions and Betting Picks

I expect to see Trilogy at the top again, winning a third consecutive championship. Stephen Jackson is an excellent coach who made it look easy last year. This team just has more desire than everyone else when it comes to winning.

Is there a team that can challenge Trilogy? Yes, but the motivation is still high compared to last year. Killer 3’s have an equally talented roster, but Trilogy is aggressive, tenacious, stingy, and uncompromising. This team simply has the will to win.

I also thought about picking Tri-State, but the team’s shooting isn’t as good as it needs to be to win the title. Furthermore, although Richardson has been pretty good this year, the team is terrible when he has an off day. Ultimately, I think Trilogy gets it done once again.

My Pick:
Trilogy to win