Betting Odds and Predictions for Squid Game Season 2

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The first season of Squid Game initially premiered in 2021 and quickly became one of Netflix’s most-streamed original shows ever. It was only natural for the company to deliver a second season that should hit the streaming service somewhere in 2024.

What do we know about the upcoming season? Not much, but the bookmakers offer different betting markets, which is a good reason for me to share my Squid Game Season 2 predictions. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the show, and I’m excited to explore a few different scenarios.

BetUS offers Squid Game Season 2 betting odds on several interesting scenarios. I covered only the ones I like the most, so feel free to visit the sportsbook and explore all options.

Will Seong Gi-hun Replace the Front Man?

  • Yes; +225
  • No; -350

The latest betting odds on Squid Game Season 2 suggest there’s a slight chance that Seong Gi-hun will replace the Front Man. The main protagonist in the show initially entered the games to turn his life around.

If you recall, Gi-hun took home a massive prize after he won the competition. However, he also suffers from the trauma the games caused him. The last moment we saw the character in season 1 was when he was going to visit his daughter in America but had a sudden change of heart. Instead, he stayed in South Korea with a weird look on his face.

There’s also the Front Man – a shadowy figure who’s the overseer of the Squid Game. The Front Man was revealed to be Hwang In-ho, a former player during the first season. In-ho won the games back in 2015 and was the brother of detective Hwang Jun-ho.

Not much is known about the Front Man and the duties that come with the position. The implication is that In-ho wasn’t the first person to be the Front Man. This means that Gi-hun could presumably take over the role at some point.

Here’s my question: Can Gi-hun become evil? It’s not an easy question to answer. He’s shown that he can be despicable when he’s at his worst.

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You also can’t overlook the death of Oh Il-nam – the founder of the Squid Game. His passing will cause massive repercussions within the organization he created. Many fans of the show believe that In-ho will now take on even more power and run the entire thing.

The group in charge of the Squid Game also relies on secrecy and loyalty. The loss of Il-nam will be a major tipping point for the organization. The power structure will inevitably change without him running the show.

There are a lot of questions with no answers, but we have a few confirmed bits of information to work with. For a start, we know that Gi-hun will return to the Squid Game.

Lee Jung-jae, the actor who plays the character, said he would be “in the arena again” when speaking with People Magazine. Some believe he will be there as a player, but I don’t think this statement excludes the Front Man role.

The Squid Game Season 2 betting odds for such a scenario are tempting. I see enough evidence to give it a go for another reason. Gi-hun could adopt the position to try and bring the whole thing down from the inside.

My Pick:

Will Seong Gi-hun Enter Another Squid Game Competition?

  • Yes; -270
  • No; +180

The Squid Game Season 2 betting odds suggest Gi-hun will again enter the game. That makes sense because Lee Jung-jae already gave us a teaser of what the storyline will look like.

Like most TV shows, the ending of Squid Game Season 1 had ambiguity. However, it’s clear that Gi-hun wants to put an end to the Squid Game. If he returns to the arena, his main objective will be to sabotage the organization.

Will there be a surprise twist during Season 2? Jung-jae admitted to People Magazine that “it would be no fun” if the show became predictable. Ultimately, it’s not really known what Gi-hun’s involvement in the next Squid Game competition will be.

From what we know about the concept, former players don’t return to compete again. That’s why I’m willing to take a risk and bet against Gi-hun entering the game for a second time.

My Pick:

Will Seong Gi-hun Enter and Win Another Squid Game Competition?

  • Yes; +160
  • No; -230

Here’s another one of my predictions for Squid Game Season 2 involving Gi-hun’s destiny. He survived the competition during Season 1 and won the prize money. However, Gi-hun also witnessed a lot of devastation in the process. Now, he’s after the people who run the game.

Gi-hun will be the main protagonist again for Season 2. However, fans are now wondering how he’ll fare in the competition. Will it be more difficult to survive? Who’re the players that’ll get selected for the next Squid Game? Again, not much is known about what could happen.

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Sabotaging the Squid Game is part of Gi-hun’s revenge arc. That means the brutal competition will be the focus in the second season. Gi-hun’s plan is still pretty unclear at this point, but winning isn’t what he’s after.

Many fans are also hypothesizing that Season 2 will provide us with a prequel of the Front Man character. Everyone wants to know how In-ho rose to prominence. There’s also speculation that Gi-hun and Front Man could join forces.

I already shared my thoughts that Gi-hun likely won’t enter the competition in the traditional way. Even if he does, I expect the protagonist to try and sabotage it instead of going after the win. At least one of the conditions for this market won’t be met, so -230 is high enough for me to go for it.

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