Betting on Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2023: Odds and Picks

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Nathan’s Hot Dog contest is one of the wildest 4th of July traditions! Pro eaters from all over the globe will gather again in 2023 to determine the best of the best. If you have a favorite, you can check the latest Nathan’s Hot Dog contest betting odds in this article.

They tell us a lot about the contest. Joey Chestnut is once again a massive favorite over the entire field in the men’s event. On the women’s side, defending champion Miki Sudo is the top contender entering the competition.

I share my Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest predictions and best bets in this post. Before I begin, the odds posted in this article are from BetUS. It’s one of the best sportsbooks online for both traditional and unconventional events.

Men’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner Odds and Prediction

  • Joey Chestnut; -2500
  • Geoffrey Esper; +750
  • Nick Wehry; +1000
  • James Webb; +1400
  • Darron Breedon; +1400

According to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2023 odds, Joey Chestnut is the overwhelming favorite. He’s risen to the occasion numerous times, winning 15 titles in the past 16 years. He’s essentially the Tom Brady and Michael Jordan of competitive eating, only better.

The only time Chestnut didn’t win during his current reign of dominance was in 2015. It was a major upset in which rival Matt Stonie dethroned Chestnut after eight consecutive victories. However, Chestnut has gone on to win seven consecutive titles since then.

The only eater who’s a threat to Chestnut is Geoffrey Esper. He holds numerous world records, including multiple Hooters wing-eating championships. Esper has finished runner-up in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest multiple times.

There’s really no other eater in the world that even comes close to Chestnut. He’s unquestionably the GOAT of competitive eating. Chestnut is always expected to win the contest and often finds a way to outdo himself.

Frankly, I wouldn’t bet against Chestnut under any circumstance. This guy dominates the contest every single year. His loss to Stonie back in 2015 seemingly motivated him to take full control of the hot dog-eating discipline.

My Pick:
Joey Chestnut wins

Women’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Winner Odds and Prediction

  • Miki Sudo; -5000
  • Michelle Lesco; +900
  • Any Other; +750

You thought Chestnut was an overwhelming favorite? Sudo enters the women’s event with a massive advantage over the competition. She’s the defending champion and eight-time winner of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

She sat out in 2021 because she was pregnant at the time but returned with a bang next year. Sudo would easily reclaim her crown by devouring 40 hot dogs.

It seems inevitable that the champ will defend her title. Michelle Lesco is the only real challenger, but she ate 14 fewer hot dogs than the champion in 2022.

I think another runaway victory is in store for Sudo. However, the odds are extremely short, so the bet isn’t worth it.

Joey Chestnut Total Hot Dogs Eaten Odds and Prediction

  • Over 74.5; -120
  • Under 74.5; -120

Chestnut set the record in 2021 by eating 76 hot dogs in the contest that year. However, he took a massive step backward in 2022, devouring 63 hot dogs. Everyone was expecting him to set the record once again.

The Over/Under on Chestnut this year is 74.5. This isn’t an impossible number to surpass by any means for the reigning champion. He’s exceeded 70 hot dogs on six different occasions. However, he’s gone over 74.5 only twice.

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Here’s what’s really crazy: no other eater has a totals line above 50.5 hot dogs. Esper, who now regularly finishes runner-up to Chestnut, ate 50 hot dogs in 2021. In other words, 74.5 is an extremely high line.

There’s always pressure on Chestnut to outdo himself every year. He holds 55 world records, and his competitive fire is seemingly inextinguishable. Many people wonder about Chestnut’s limits in terms of what he can actually consume in 10 minutes.

When betting on Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you can never underestimate Chestnut’s eating abilities. He can always set a new record. The legendary eater has proven us wrong so many times that betting against him seems almost foolish.

However, this is extremely high, even for the legend himself. I don’t expect him to eat 75 hotdogs or more, so I’m going for the under.

My Pick:
Under 74.5 hot dogs

Nick Wehry Total Hot Dogs Eaten Odds and Prediction

  • Over 47.5; -120
  • Under 47.5; -120

Is Nick Wehry as good as Chestnut? Absolutely not, but he’s still a solid competitor who can scarf down a lot of hot dogs. He’s also the husband of Miki Sudo, who’s essentially the female version of Chestnut.

I believe Wehry can exceed 47.5 hot dogs. He gets exponentially better almost every year in the contest. In 2019, Wehry ate 36 hot dogs before consuming 39.5 hot dogs the next year. In 2021, he had his best performance ever in the contest, taking in 44 hot dogs after 10 minutes.

Breaking 47.5 hot dogs won’t be easy for Wehry, but his trajectory leads us there. Can he improve upon his performance enough to hit the Over? Yes, which is why I think this is a sneaky good Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest betting pick.

My Pick:
Over 47.5 hot dogs