Best Cruise Ship Casinos to Enjoy Gambling

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What are the best casino cruise ships, and where do they sail from? Those are the core questions I’ll be answering in this post.

I picked these top-rated casino cruise ships from hundreds of options, and I made sure to include ships that sail from the USA (both coasts), the UK, and Europe.

If you like the sound of playing slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and video poker while cruising some of the most beautiful destinations on earth, look no further than this list.

Queen Mary 2

  • Type of Games: Slots, card games, casino poker
  • Official Website: Queen Mary 2
  • Starting Point: Southampton, UK

The Queen Mary 2 is a luxurious cruise ship from Cunard Cruises that travels from Southampton to New York. It has an elegant Monte-Carlo-inspired casino with expert croupiers on hand to teach you the basics of various games.

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What games are offered in the Queen Mary 2 casino? 50+ slot machines, blackjack, casino poker, and roulette are all available. There’s also a bar offering fine wines, spirits, and beer from across the globe.

This is a relatively small casino, but there’s enough to keep even avid gamblers entertained for hours at a time. The journey is one of the most iconic you can take, and that’s why I’ve included the Queen Mary on my list of the best casino cruises.

Carnival Magic

  • Type of Games: Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker
  • Official Website: Carnival Magic
  • Starting Point: Port Canaveral, FL

The Hat Trick Casino onboard the Carnival Magic seats 500 people at a time. It’s one of the largest casino cruise ships I’ve encountered and feels a lot like sitting in a Las Vegas casino.

This casino has hundreds of slot machines, craps, roulette, blackjack, casino poker games, and more. Like other casinos on cruise ships, there are gambling lessons for newbies and tournaments for more experienced players.

This isn’t just a casino – it’s an entertainment venue. There’s a bar with plenty of options when it comes to food and drinks, and there are live music gigs and nightclubs nearby.

Explore sunkissed Caribbean destinations like Dominica and Netherlands Antilles while enjoying the top casino cruise ships on the planet.

Allure of the Seas

  • Type of Games: Slots, cards, roulette, poker
  • Official Website: Allure of the Seas
  • Starting Point: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The casino on board the Allure of the Seas is called the Casino Royale. It’s substantial, making it one of the largest casinos on cruise ships I’ve encountered.

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What games does this casino offer? Slot machines, blackjack, roulette, craps, casino poker, a poker room, and a sportsbook are all available. There’s also a bar, lounge, and player’s club to relax and unwind in.

If you like slot machines, you’re in for a treat on this casino cruise ship. There are hundreds of machines, including progressive jackpot games. There are plenty of table games, too, but the main attraction on this Royal Caribbean ship are undoubtedly the slots.

If you like to gamble and want to cruise the Caribbean, there aren’t any better options than this!

Carnival Vista

  • Type of Games: Slots, roulette, cards
  • Official Website: Carnival Vista
  • Starting Point: Galveston, TX

The Carnival Vista Casino is a ‘Vegas style’ setup – it’s lively, to say the least. It’s large, with 484 seats and a plethora of casino games of all types to choose from.

What games can you play? There are hundreds of slot machines as well as gaming tables offering craps, roulette, blackjack, and some casino poker variants like Caribbean Stud.

For beginners, this casino has professional copiers who can teach you how to play. Once you get a feel for the games, or if you’re already a seasoned gambler, there are plenty of casino tournaments on board.

If you like the sound of soaking in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico while enjoying one of the best cruise ship casinos, this is the one for you.

Celebrity Edge

  • Type of Games: Card games, tables, video poker, slots
  • Official Website: Celebrity Edge
  • Starting Point: Valletta, Malta

Malta is the launchpad for many gambling cruises in the Mediterranean, and that’s where Celebrity Edge leaves from. This one is so good it won the Gaming and Destinations Magazine 2021 Best Cruise Line Casino.

What games does the Celebrity Edge casino offer? Just about everything. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, casino poker games like Three Card Poker and Texas Hold’em are all offered.

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Table games aren’t all the Celebrity Edge offers; there are also 45 video poker machines and thousands of slots. And yes, some of them have huge progressive jackpots that could make your European cruise a profitable one.

In my view, this is one of the top casino cruise ships, period. If Malta doesn’t suit you, there are various other starting points you can choose from. Visit the official website linked above for more information.

Preparing for Your Casino Cruise Ship

Taking a casino cruise can be exciting; it’s easy to imagine playing your favorite games while soaking in paradise. However, there are a few practical tips to consider.

  • Documents – It almost goes without saying, but it can be overlooked, so I’ll mention it. You may need visas to travel to some destinations on your casino cruise, and you’ll most certainly need valid travel documents. Prepare those well in advance.
  • Money – Most casinos on cruise ships have cages where you can buy and exchange chips, but some of the tables accept cash only. Think about how much you want to spend on gambling and figure out how much you can wager each day or night.
  • Smoking – Whether you smoke or not, be aware that there are smoking and non-smoking sections in each casino. Non-smoking sections offer fewer games, while smoking sections can be, well, smoky.

My final tip would be to get familiar with the casino games you want to play at top online casinos before you go. Refreshing yourself on the rules and testing a few strategies can only be a good idea.

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