Best Alternatives to Slots for Casino Players

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Looking for some slots alternatives but need help figuring out where to start? I present you with five great options in this post.

All these slot machine alternatives differ significantly from spinning the reels, but they share at least one or two traits in common with slot games. Some are based on pure chance, all are exciting and enjoyable, and some offer the potential to win life-changing money.

So, let’s dive into the best alternatives to slot games. I’m confident you’ll find at least one you’re interested in!

Casino Arcade Games

I’d been playing casino games online for years before I discovered real money arcade games. I’m glad I did because I turn to them regularly as one of my favorite alternatives to slots.

Like slots, casino arcade games come in many types. Crash games are hugely popular right now, but you’ll also find shooting games, sports-based games, and traditional games like pinball and Space Invasion.

You can play lots of casino arcade games and other slot alternatives at This casino offers a $6,000 welcome bonus plus 100 free spins on slots.

Video Poker

Unlike slot machines, which are games of pure chance, the best video poker games involve some skill and strategy. It’s one of the few games where you can flip the house edge negative and gain a mathematical advantage if you play the right variant with a perfect strategy.

So, what makes video poker games one of the best alternatives to slots? The visuals and the varying rewards for making certain combinations. You might get a small payout for a high pair or whatever the minimum is, or you might get a massive payout for a Royal Flush, which is the equivalent of a jackpot.

I recommend playing video poker at El Royale Casino. With over a dozen variants to choose from, this legit online casino accepts American players and offers generous rewards for both new and loyal players.


One of the top alternatives to slot machines is good old-fashioned roulette. Like slot games, roulette is down to pure chance with lots of different risk-reward bets you can make.

While slots involve spinning the reels, roulette involves spinning a wheel. These days, there are lots of new and interesting roulette variants, such as Lighting Roulette, that can pay you up to 500x per spin.

Fancy playing some roulette? I recommend doing so at Betway Casino. It has loads of live roulette variants and offers generous welcome bonuses when you sign up and make your first deposit. Betway is a UKGC-licensed casino with a stellar reputation for being safe and legit.


One of the best things about slots is the ability to win monster payouts that literally change your entire financial picture. You just never know when such a payout is going to come.

Keno is a numbers game with some similarities, making it a good alternative to slot games. You pick numbers and wait for the draw, just like a lotto game, and the more ‘catches’ you make, the bigger your payouts will be.

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While slots are about matching symbols, keno is about matching numbers. Keno is also a game of pure chance that doesn’t involve taxing your brain too much. If you make the right numbers of picks and catches, you could win life-changing payouts thousands of times your bet.

To try keno online, I recommend playing at Bovada Casino. Boost your bankroll with a $3,000 welcome bonus, use cryptos like Bitcoin if you prefer, and take advantage of one of the best casino loyalty programs on the web.

Financial Betting

I wanted to include something a little different on this list of the best slot machine alternatives.

Financial betting isn’t something everyday players engage in, but it’s one of the favorite ‘games’ to play online, and I’ve won a lot on a single trade more than once.

Financial betting involves picking the direction an asset, like a stock or commodity, like a barrel of oil, will go. Like slot games, you can make huge, outsized returns relative to your bet when you get things right, and financial betting is extremely exciting.

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Unlike slots, financial betting gives you control; you can learn how markets work and what makes prices move, greatly increasing your chances of making a winning trade. That’s why I think financial betting is one of the top alternatives to slots: more control with similar-sized payouts.

You can test the waters on some of our top financial betting sites. Most of them have educational guides to show you how to get started playing in the markets. is my top choice for wagers on financial markets. This trusted gambling site is US-friendly, accepts lots of cryptos, and has been online since 2006.

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