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Do you know you can bet on aliens visiting Earth and other markets related to space? That’s probably not a surprise because evidence of extraterrestrials and alien life continues to surface around the world. Now, you have the chance to predict when the world will confirm their existence and back your prediction with a wager.

This article covers the top aliens betting markets and includes my analysis. I also want to share my predictions and discuss all the possibilities. Remember, alien life has yet to be confirmed, but that doesn’t mean extraterrestrials aren’t out there!

Aliens On Earth

  • Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Forms to Be Found on Earth In 2023; +25000

It’s the question of all questions: are aliens real and will we find them on Earth someday? There’s a lot of speculation about when and where the official encounter will occur. The public is generally becoming more receptive to the idea that alien life is out there.

The interest in alien existence has also intensified once again. Footage recently uploaded to Twitter, also known as the Kumburgaz video, depicts UFO flying over Turkey. It’s regarded as 100% authentic by several notable experts.

Former intelligence official David Grusch, who became a whistleblower, revealed that the government allegedly found a crashed UFO spacecraft. The Pentagon denied these claims, although Grusch indicated that the government is trying to reverse-engineer the technology.

Is Grusch telling the truth? He’s actually a pretty credible source – the guy was once in charge of the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) Task Force. His job was to retrieve and investigate vessels or vehicles of non-human origin.

Grusch has said he’s seen “interesting photos” and read reports confirming his claims. He firmly believes that human beings aren’t alone in the universe. Grusch has also stated that there’s a disinformation campaign to mislead the public about UFOs.

Here’s the other thing to consider: Human beings are fascinated by the idea of extraterrestrials and alien phenomena. Almost everyone wants to believe that aliens are real. Plenty of alleged encounters with UFOs have already taken place!

The betting odds of aliens visiting Earth in 2023 indicate that it likely won’t happen, and I tend to agree with the bookmakers. UFO sightings allegedly occur all the time, but there needs to be government transparency. Otherwise, there won’t be any official confirmation any time soon.

Life On Venus

  • Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life to Be Discovered On Venus In 2023; +50000

Here’s another interesting alien betting prop. Will alien existence be confirmed on the planet Venus by 2023? There’s been a lot of speculation among scientists that Venus could harbor extraterrestrial beings.

Here’s what we know about Venus: The planet could potentially support microbial life. However, the average temperature on Venus also exceeds 860 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, the hot gaseous atmosphere creates an excessively dry and hellish landscape.

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There’s still not a lot that’s known about the environment on Venus. However, the heat and air pressure are so extreme that human life couldn’t survive for a second. Even if human beings were to send a probe to Venus, the equipment would likely malfunction upon arrival.

In 1982, the Soviet Union sent a spacecraft to Venus. The purpose was to produce images of the planet’s surface. The spacecraft was able to transmit data for roughly two hours before it ceased operating.

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that alien life exists on Venus at all. A recent study debunked the claim that extraterrestrial beings could be present on Venus. The original discovery that phosphine was found in Venus’ atmosphere was disproven.

Can there ever be a scenario where alien life is found on Venus? I think it’s very doubtful that such a discovery will be made in the year. The truth is that Venus doesn’t have the natural resources to support most lifeforms. There isn’t even water vapor in the clouds.

First Country to Find Alien Life

  • USA; +1200
  • China; +1500
  • India; +1500
  • Russia; +1500
  • Brazil; +1800
  • Indonesia; +1800
  • Nigeria; +1800
  • North Korea; +2000
  • Pakistan; +2000
  • Bangladesh; +3000

When betting on aliens visiting Earth, you should also consider where the official discovery will occur. Will it be the United States? Canada? Russia? There’s no real way to know, but plenty of sightings are happening around the world.

First, let’s consider the countries with the most purported UFO sightings. They include the United States, Canada, France, China, and Spain. There have been over 100,000 reported sightings in the U.S. alone since 1947.

The country with the greatest fascination with aliens and UFOs is obviously the U.S. Between 1947 and 1969, the country saw over 12,000 alleged UFO sightings. One of the most infamous events was the alien spacecraft crashing at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

Canada is no stranger to witnessing UFOs, either. The country’s most notable event happened in Manitoba on May 19, 1967. Stefan Michalak ventured off toward Falcon Lake, where he allegedly saw a spacecraft. Michalak was injured by a blast of air that caught him on fire.

Russia is another country worth targeting in this market. Although they also tend to be secretive about UFOs, sightings happen pretty often. The most recent incident occurred in April when a UFO was spotted near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

Also, in early 2023, a Chinese spy balloon and other objects were shot down over the United States. It was a bizarre episode involving several aerial objects. The U.S. government claims that private companies and institutions use them for research purposes.

Ultimately, if I had to pick a country in which the alien discovery occurs, it would have to be the U.S. Americans are obsessed with extraterrestrial beings, and the country is home to the most UFO sightings on record. I think the U.S. will manifest its destiny once again.

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Where to Bet on Aliens Coming to Earth

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